Going Minimal Is the New Level of Sophistication in Websites

We are going through an extraordinary phase of website designing where minimalism is celebrated in every aspect of the website. Simplicity is what adds grandeur to a design and by being surprisingly modest with your choice of colors and patterns you enforce magnetism of a different kind on your website and your users.

But did you think that minimalism was too easy a task? Does it sound way too simple for just about anyone to achieve it in a couple of clicks? The truth is that minimalism requires way more attention to detail than a flamboyantly designed website. There is no place to hide your flaws. Everything on the website is easily visible so there will be no concessions for floppiness on a minimalist or modern website.

Since adaptability is the need of the hour in a bone-crushingly competitive environment, embracing minimalistic designs for your website can help you grow your user base and improve your reach on the internet. Here’s what you can do to adapt a modern design for your website:

1. Let White Space Rule The Design

Lots of white space is the thumb rule in creating any type of minimal or modern website. Many prefer calling it negative space because white is not the only color used in such websites. You can pick any color for the background, but reduce noise by keeping it limited to a background that hints at simplicity. Like our watercolor backgrounds which are modern, simple and perfect for a minimalist website.
white space
The design should relegate all forms of the showy display to come down to a version where boldness speaks out loud in stark simplicity. Minimalism is at the top of every web designers list because it gives a website an interestingly confident persona by using the least number of elements required.

2. Theatrical Typography vs Simplistic Typeface

When it comes to typography we’ve got two different viewpoints. There is one group of designers who strongly slant towards simple fonts which are in keeping with the website’s simplistic outlook, and on the other hand, we have a community of designers who are biased towards extraordinarily bold and brazen typeface which instantly catches the attention in a blatantly simple background.
We feel that it depends on the personality of the website. While some websites are meant to be fundamental in nature so that they can be understood easily by people of all ages and all walks of life, others need complex layers to make them attractive enough for creative users.

3. Achingly Simple Navigation

Modern templates are no longer inclined towards heavy and complex designs that may look too complicated for the users. They are embracing the idea of simple navigation where users do not feel lost in a volley of icons and patterns. Instead, they can easily maneuver themselves from one page to another to explore the rest of the website.

Clean navigation improves the visual appeal of the website. It gives users the ability to easily find what they are looking for. Simplicity is not synonymous to mundane. At this time, simplistic designs are a lot more powerful than complex ones.

4. Bold and Vivid Imagery

In a minimalistic website, you need one hero piece that stands out and gives meaning to the entire website. Use large and bold photos on the home page of your website. Images can speak a lot more than words. They tell a story that words may not relate as beautifully. Give your users one image that captures their interest.
Modern backgrounds play an important role in minimalistic websites. They can bring a whole new dimension to your home page. But the idea is not just to limit it to the home page. Pick interesting images for other pages too and remember to keep them related to your overall theme.

5. Pick Icons That Match The Design

The range of minimalism in the universe of web design has brought a wave of icons that complement minimalistic designs. Pick icons that are suitable for the design you have chosen. A plain white background can use a number of pastel colors as well as black icons. Interesting icons sets like Slimicons Line Icons can augment the appeal of your website and give it a cool look.

Of course, there is the need to match them with the background and the actual personality of your website, but when you pick the right set of icons, it can make a huge difference in your website. Keeping things simple also means that you have to be picky about the icons you use and the number of icons that show up on your website. Too many of these may spoil the modernistic look that you may be aiming for.

6. A Harmonious Concurrence Of All Elements

Harmony is required in every aspect of the website. When it comes to visuals, you may want to align the website horizontally or give it a radial symmetry or approximate symmetry. Some designers may be able to pull off a beautifully asymmetric layout, but that means that they know exactly where to draw the line when it comes to beauty crossing over into chaos.

We are seeing a lot of designers pick flat design templates because it complements minimal or modernistic designs very gracefully. No matter what kind of layout you pick, it is important to make every facet of your website agree with each other. When a user finds fluidity in the website, there is a higher probability of them to stay on the website for a longer period and even lead to a conversion.

7. Soothing Palette of Colors

Minimalism brings in a sense of comfort for users. Since the internet requires you to be bold and loud about your brand so that you can reach out to your potential customers, it may sound odd that we ask you to pick a soothing palette. The idea is to stand out, but not by choosing ostentatious designs. Instead, you make your website stand out by staying simple in an ocean of gaudiness.
When the user reaches your website, they should find it clean and organized. With new websites joining the internet every day, users get to see a lot of chaotic mess, and they stop when they finally find something that escapes the frenzy to provide them with a confident layout that is precisely appealing in words, images, and navigation.

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