Google Ads Campaign Creation Service: a Revenue Growth Opportunity for Authors

Are you looking for a strategic approach to increase your audience and boost revenue? Here's what you need. Our Google Ads Campaign Creation service simplifies the complexity of online advertising and offers new avenues for revenue growth.

As part of a Media Marketing Package, this is a must-have for TemplateMonster authors.

Problem-solving Approach

Our Google Ads Campaign Creation service has been fine-tuned specifically to meet the needs of TemplateMonster authors, focusing on a seamless and financially beneficial process. Here's how to benefit from this opportunity.

  1. Previously priced at $159, our Google Ads Campaign Creation service is now free for authors. This $159 fee can be redirected to your advertising campaigns, giving you more flexibility in promoting your products.
  2. Put aside the hassle of setting up a Google Ads account - we’ll take care of that. You can focus on the creative aspects of your work while our PPC specialists handle all the steps of the process.

The Data-Driven Advantage

While the primary focus is on promoting your work, the unique aspect of this service lies in the affiliate earnings potential. Let's look at the most likely scenarios.

  1. With our campaigns, authors have an opportunity to earn as affiliates. For instance, imagine promoting your latest products through Google Ads and earning a 30% commission for each sale generated through those campaigns.
  2. Our comprehensive reports not only showcase campaign performance but also provide valuable insights into your affiliate earnings. Authors can analyze which promotional strategies yield the highest returns and tailor future campaigns accordingly.

Real-Life Scenario

Consider Author A, who utilized our Google Ads service to promote their new product. As a result of strategic targeting and compelling ad copy, Author A saw a 30% increase in sales of digital products during the campaign period. Moreover, as an affiliate, they earned an additional 30% in affiliate commissions, significantly boosting their overall revenue.

How Does the Service Work?

F2F Consultation

Our manager, Tatiana Murray (tatianamurray(@), engages in a personalized discussion to understand your promotional goals and preferences, feel free to contact her, alternatively, you can submit this Paid Promotion Inquiry Form.

Budget Allocation

Following alignment on budget and promotional preferences, our PPC expert will optimize campaigns to maximize results.

Performance Analysis

As well as providing detailed reports, the PPC specialist will shed light on your earnings as well.

Feedback Loop

Insights and feedback play a crucial role in refining future campaigns, ensuring that they align with your objectives.

Case Studies of Google Ads Campaign Creation Service

Case Study 1: WordPress Products Promotion

Google Ads Report | Promo Period: January 15–February 22, 2024

Summary data

What was done?

  • We’ve implemented a Performance Max ad campaign for the promotion of WordPress products.
  • We’ve developed eye-catching advertising banners.
  • Two short promotional videos were produced.
  • For precise targeting, we’ve defined a specialized target audience.
  • Analytics tracking and conversion configuration for GA 4 have been implemented.
  • Optimized the existing advertising campaign for enhanced performance.


With this comprehensive approach, WordPress products gained significant visibility and engagement. During the promotional period, click-through rates and conversions increased due to customized audience targeting and optimization. In addition, the author earned additional commissions as an affiliate.

Location stats

Case Study 2: Web Templates Products Showcase

Google Ads Report | Promo Period: January 22–February 7, 2024

Summary data

What was done?

  • We’ve created compelling advertising banners to showcase web templates.
  • Two promotional videos were created.
  • For precise targeting, we’ve defined a specialized target audience.
  • Promoted web templates products with a Performance Max campaign.
  • Analytics tracking and conversion configuration have been implemented for GA 4.
  • Improvements were made to the existing advertising campaign to improve its effectiveness.


Through targeted advertising, web templates were highlighted to increase engagement and conversions. As a result of the campaign's strategic launch, visibility soared and conversions increased. According to Case Study 2, six affiliate sales were directly attributed to Google Ads during the promotional period. In addition to promoting product visibility, our advertising efforts directly affect affiliate sales.

Location stats

It’s Time to Order Google Ads Campaign Creation Service

This isn't just about promoting your work; it's about strategically maximizing your earnings as an author. If you're ready to explore this avenue, reach out to Tatiana Murray (tatianamurray(@), and let's embark on a data-driven journey that promises both creative fulfillment and financial success.

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