Guide to Establishing Content Marketing with WordPress

‘Content is the king’ and the current digital marketing sphere has proven it to be true. Marketing is no longer a salesmen job. All websites want the best visibility, the maximum number of visitors and the fastest conversion rates. Organic traffic is the need of the hour and content marketing is the best way to get this done.

If the sort-of big terms that we have used above are new to you, you are lucky to have reached the right blog post. If you aspire to set up a blog or a new website, you should consider learning the A-Z of content marketing. In this post today, we will help you with a detailed guide as to how you can market your WordPress content with the help of content marketing tools.

What’s the Hubbub all about? Let us dive in.

What is Content Marketing?


If you have designed your content without a proper strategy, it will tend to be of no good use. It is vital to creating content that meets your marketing goals because that will get half of your work done. Good content is so vital that custom content is being created by almost 88% of B2B marketers. Also, 86% of businesses use content marketing.

Simply explained, content marketing is the strategy of putting efforts into your website’s content for the purpose of online marketing. Promoting your brand has some pre-requisites and content marketing is the most important one. By the way do not hesitate to grab our free eBook Content Marketing 101: The Must-Know Essentials

How Content Marketing blooms your business?

Content marketing provides gradual results. When you create information for this purpose, it must be relevant, engaging and potent enough to drive in even the most unwilling of the lot. Only when quality leads are generated, should you be confident that your content marketing strategy is working. When done rightly, content marketing

  • Creates immense brand awareness.
  • Communicates with customers indirectly.
  • Creates social standing.
  • Drives in site traffic.
  • Improves site conversion rate
  • Much more.

Content Marketing strategy involves approach and execution. It revolves around creating content, curating it and then populating it. Now, let’s talk about the detailed guide of how employing content marketing can benefit you at large.

Crafting the Strategy of Content Marketing

You cannot initiate content marketing just like that. It does not simply mean producing quality content and then publishing it on your website. The strategy entails the timely execution of a well-planned checklist. This checklist can contain your content essentials, like quality audio, video, post, website layout, the use of the right colour scheme, the web hosting service etc.

Your idea of content marketing can be aimed at either generating email leads or just creating a generic brand awareness of your existing/new business. As an example, we have the following points.

  • Creating informative and SEO-optimized blogs.
  • Create the opt-in forms so that the users can be converted into potential leads by grabbing their contact information.
  • Creating a simple editorial calendar, which should be customised for releasing the blog posts on the same date, it should have the name of authors, categories, tags, content type and social promotions.
  • Use plugins like Post calendar, Edit flow etc. These plugins are free of cost and help you in customising your content.

The power of Keywords

There is no denying the fact that ‘Keywords’ are the game changers. They are the stepping stones to creating outstanding content. However, choosing the right keywords must be the top priority of any content marketing enthusiast. Apart from being relevant to your industry or business, these keywords need to be trending and just be two to four words in length.

Content marketing can only pitch you good rankings if your website’s content ranks well for the respective keyword. So, make sure that you research well and choose the most generic yet non-specific and the most popular keywords.

When your website will rank well, only then will you be able to generate more visitors and hence materialise your leads into actual conversions for the product or the service that you are offering.

Using plugins to your advantage

You can use the following plugins for your content marketing:

With 30 million downloads, this amazing plugin should be your ‘must-go-to’ for site optimisation needs. It also supports XML sitemaps for improving your site’s SEO. With this plugin, website owners and bloggers can provide the right exposure to their digital properties.

To help you retain incoming visitors on your website, this plugin will make it easy for you to create your opt-in forms. The best email marketing plugin in the market, OptinMonster lets you increase your content’s visibility.

If you want to build a great list of email subscribers and then share your updates with them, this is one of the best plugins. The plugin will let you employ social media networks to generate traffic. Once this is done, your content marketing efforts will bear fruits.

There are many plugins available in the market which can help you grow your business. If you have an eCommerce website then plugins like WooCommerce, iThemes Exchange, Shopp etc. are very useful.

Social Media Sharing:


Nowadays, social media has become the best platform for sharing your content on a wide platform. There is a huge scope of building a set of audiences through social media networking, as well as generating website traffic and conversion of potential customers by the clicks that follow.

Plugins like Social Media Flying Icons help in promoting your content by encouraging the site visitors to follow your content updates and share them through the social media icons on your site. If you make your posts accessible for the customers, then they can share it easily on the social media. This plugin is free of cost and creates floating share buttons which are attractive and easy to use.

Email marketing

Building a proper list of email addresses is essential for email marketing. When you build a pop-up for your website, then you get to know those customers who have purchased your product or who are your potential customers.

If you generate an email list then you can easily kick off content marketing. The content should be formed in such a way that it makes an impression on people and inspires them to sign-in for your newsletter service. Various plugins are available in the market free of cost by which you can build the email list, like OptinMonster, CM Popup banners, SumoMe etc.

Tracking and Analyzing

Crafting the content with all the major considerations in mind, your last and final step should be to analyse the result of your content activity. Google Analytics Metrics is a tool used for getting an insight on how the content marketing tools are performing and how they can be improved.


Holding true to Bill Gates’ prediction from 1996, awesome content is now the most sought after element in the digital domain. Through this blog post, we have tried to provide a detailed set of information regarding content marketing.

Just remember that a well-structured content with optimised SEO and the use of the right plugins and the social media marketing tools can do wonders for your website’s marketing. Content marketing is a strong promotional technique and meant to be strategically used.

If you have queries or feedback, kindly feel free to share them in the comments below.

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