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In modern pop culture, Halloween is a very important holiday. It is widely known and even if people do not celebrate Halloween they know about it and will be glad to spend free time at a Halloween party. After all, Halloween is very popular.

If you are a designer you have to prepare your projects using corresponding Halloween templates. First of all, you need new design elements. Every detail is important, even fonts. This is why we recommend you to check out these spooky fonts top list.

We’ve gathered different products here. You will find here spooky fonts, vintage fonts, and some more. Of course, when it comes to design it is difficult to say that some spooky font is better than that Halloween font since every designer has his own vision. In case you can’t find a product for your designs you should dive into our marketplace to check out some fonts. There are tons of fonts and you will definitely find something nice.

Top Spooky Fonts For Your Halloween Design

Hallocute Fun Display Font

Hallocute Fun Display Font.

Hunter Halloween Textured Font

Hunter Halloween Textured Font.

Spooky Bundle | 17 Halloween Fonts

Spooky Bundle | 17 Halloween Fonts.

Banxors Blackletter Display Font

Banxors Blackletter Display Font.

Hallowed Crawler - Rough Font

Hallowed Crawler - Rough Font.

Hallowebons - Spooky Typeface

Hallowebons - Spooky typeface.

Haunted Witch Halloween Display Font

Haunted Witch Halloween Display Font.

Spookyman Halloween Display Font

Spookyman Halloween Display Font.

Font - Hollow Spooky Handwritten

Font - Hollow Spooky Handwritten.

Night Stalker - Rough Font

Night Stalker - Rough Font.

Night Stalker is a spooky font suitable for the realization of any Halloween project idea.

It is easy to use and perfect for an enormous variety of applications, such as websites, business cards, magazines, social media posts, advertisements, headlines, flyers, and much more.

It features fonts provided in OTF, TTF, & WOFF formats, Basic Latin A-Z, numbers, symbols, and more.

Ngebrush - Handwriting Font

Want to add a lick of fresh paint to your design? Then Ngebrush is your best choice. Take a look at this elegant and simple handwritten font and use it to your advantage.

Wizard - Texture Display Font

If you are looking for a vintage option, Wizard might be the best choice. It works great on both PC and Mac. Also, it includes numerals, punctuation, and accents. 

Frethrick - Sans Serif Font

Go for Frethrick and get a font with a scary and elegant feel. It is perfect for logo designs, magazines, social media, and the like. Check what it offers to get you that perfect combination. 

Good Zombie - Playful Display Font

The playful look of Good Zombie makes it perfect for designs that want a unique look that stands out from the crowd. It comes in uppercase & lowercase, numbers, and alternative style stylistic sets. And it works on most design software. 

Werewolf - Horor Display Font

Werewolf is another popular horror display font for you to try. It has a cute and playful design that works on PC and Mac. Use it for packaging, posters, photography, or book covers. Poke around its features to ensure that your message is passed across frighteningly.

The Lord Music-Decorative font

The Lord Music will sure create chills in every viewer. This decorative serif font has a collaboration of beauty and elegant look. You will have every letter in three alternatives, so the choice is wide. Use it for a title, headline, branding, or tagline. At last, the font supports over twenty languages.

Black Pumpkin - Horror Display Font

Want to add some scary fur-like texture to your design? See how Black Pumpkin will help. It has a cute and playful design that will add some extra vibe to your Halloween event or another design project. Check its features and turn your design into a scary one.

Craved Story - Engraved & Solid Serif

Craved Story is another popular Halloween font to consider. That solid serif font looks stylish and elegant on PC and Mac. It supports over thirty languages, which is great. It is better to use it if you want to create a bold, scary design for Halloween.

Black Magic - Playful Display Font

Black Magic is one of the most stunning Halloween fonts on the list. It has a playful design and comes with special characters, alternates, numerals, and everything you need to create a real scare. 

Hello Monster - Playful Display Font

Looking for a subtle, scary font? Hello Monster will help. Numerals, accents, and punctuations you will find these and even more. It is a nice choice for Halloween events or any other horror-themed design.

Black Brush - Brush Display Font

The bold nature of Black Brush adds a glint of horror to your design. It also supports multi-languages, which is great for posters, flyers, and other design- projects. It is time to give your design a spooky look.

Geskon Halloween Font is a mystery font

Geskon Halloween font will give your design that spookiness and scary look, making it ideal for your project. It will look best on invitations, banners, posters, or the like. Show off your creative talents with Geskon.

Witch Party - Playful Display Font

Witch Party stands out from other playful Halloween fonts for reasons. It has a bold, wicked look that makes it perfect for thriller or horror-themed designs. Want even more? You will never run out of creativity.

Anehik Display Halloween fonts

Looking for a font that will give you all the extra spookiness? Then we have something special here for you. Anehik will make your Halloween event or design full of fun. It is easy to use even if you need to create something that gives people shivers.

Bhoory Halloween Font is a bold font

Bhoory is a bold Halloween font that will help to create a scary design. It is one of the best Halloween and horror-themed fonts on the list. With Bhoory, you will have a weird way to show off your creative talents. 

KEHUNIX This Halloween Font

KEHUNIX is a fresh Halloween font dedicated only to horror-themed design. It contains all you need to get that perfect spooky look for your design. Use it to add an extra vibe to invitations, posters, book-covers, and more. Create a great layout with no limits.

Haweni font Halloween has never been so much fun

Haweni is the best font if you want to achieve a Halloween-themed design. It looks elegant and lush, creating a lasting sensation in your viewers. You will find it easy to use Haweni without all that hard work.

Getih West It’s a Halloween font

Getih West will help you create a spooky effect on your design. This font is so versatile that you can use it for any other topic-themed design. Get a beautiful title and create an epic, breathtaking quirky design with Getih West.

Hideous - Horror Display Font

What if you need to create a bloody effect on your design? No worries, Hideous is here to help. That stunning horror font will give your design a scary feel. You get a choice of numerals, accents, and ligatures to get creative. 

Merisk Modern Vintage Font

Merisk is a vintage font that will make your design look true and attractive. It comes with visual elegance, smoother curves, and beautiful ligatures. And it supports multiple languages, which is great. It’s time to transform your design with Merisk.

BlackLagoon Halloween Fancy Font

Black Lagoon is another Halloween font on the list. It is suitable for Halloween and other project designs. It also comes with full numerals and upper and lowercase, so there are no limits. Its bold and glossy look will light up your design for sure.

Pumpkin Party - Playful Display Font

Pumpkin Party - Playful Display Font.

Pumpkin Party combines cute and casual Halloween vibes in a playful font. 

You can perfectly use it for logo design, magazine, packaging, posters, flyers, t-shirts, book covers, special events, and many other design projects.

Its features include uppercase and lowercase, numerals, punctuations, accents (multilingual characters), an alternative stylistic set, and much more.

Bakersville - Font

Bakersville - Font

Despite not being a font specifically designed for Halloween, Bakersville perfectly resembles it due to its colors and writing style.

You can use this font for whatever design project you desire to realize, including menus and packaging.

Also, on the product page, you can write your customized text, preview the font style and size, and decide whether the font style meets your requirements and preferences.

The Holler - Halloween Font

The Holler a Halloween Font.

The Holler is a spooky Halloween font that lets you bring each of your scary creation ideas to the highest level.

This font is accessible in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Word.

Also, it includes web font, standard glyphs, ligature and alternate, PUA encoded characters, and even multilingual support.

Rolling Go Font

Rolling Go Font.

Rolling Go is a sweet and friendly Halloween font. It fits any design idea, including advertising, posting, headlines, banners, logo design, websites, and more.

You can see this font in action on the product page by looking at the attached pictures and/or using the preview text tool.

Ballowien - Horor Display Font

Ballowien - Horor Display Font.

Ballowien is a Halloween font with scary but also elegant and funny characters.

It is just right for any type of creative project (t-shirts, parties, card invitations, flyers, websites, and much more).

Ballowien comes in uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, symbols, numerals, and unique ligatures.

Midnight Terror - Horror Font

Midnight Terror - Horror Font.

Midnight Terror is a spooky font with a solid stroke brush style that is perfect for realizing the most frightening projects. 

They took inspiration for the font design from old film posters from ancient times.

Some of its features include multilanguage, punctuation, stylistic alternates, standard ligatures.

Halloween Display Font

Halloween Display Font.

Halloween Display is a cute and original Halloween font that allows you to realize the most disparate creative ideas and make them stand out.

Thus, you can use it for many purposes, including flyers, websites, logo designs, posters, products, etc.

This font features uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers. Also, it includes .otf, .ttf, .svg, .WOFF.

Ghostily Spooky Halloween Typeface Font

Ghostily Spooky Halloween Typeface Font.

Ghostily is a spooky font with a playful feel, perfect for Halloween events and fun projects.

You can use it for a wide variety of projects, such as social media posts, labels, packaging, product designs, invitations, and so on.

It includes web fonts, many glyphs, ligatures & alternates, and is accessible in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, even works on Microsoft Word.

Also, it is simple to install and comes with multilingual support.

Srangat Font

Srangat Font.

Srangat is an elegant and clean Halloween writing font that lets you bring your holiday projects to the highest levels.

You can use it for any kind of project design, including posters, banners, packaging, headlines, websites, advertising, and more.

View the images shown or try out the preview text tool on the product page to see this font in action.

Resquro Halloween Font

Resquro Halloween Font

Here’s one of the modern Halloween fonts, which is excellent for cartoon-style designs. It has small details, like jagged edges, that make this solution look more attractive. The letters have different heights, so your text will become dynamic and less formal. It’s an excellent solution for creating flyers or postcards.

It includes numerous glyphs preserving its style, making it an all-in-one solution. The characters are PUA-encoded, and they can be accessed without any additional software. The alternative characters are divided into several Open Type features. It’s easy to install, and it works perfectly with software for designers.

Bregudul Font

Bregudul Font

It features that classic horror movie touch. The characters are stretched and slightly skewed. The lines are smooth, and they form some smooth shapes. It looks clean. It comes with glyphs and numeric symbols, so this product is great for different projects. You can use it to promote a Halloween party as well. Ttf, otf, and woff file formats are available.

Dead Night Font

Dead Night Font

Such spooky fonts are suited for various designs. You may use it with invitation cards, flyers, or even posters. It has a dripping effect combined with slightly jagged edges of letters. It may look like something used in old horror movies. This solution comes with various glyphs, and it’s multilingual, so this is an option for multiple designs. It has PUA-encoded characters that you can access without any special software.

Bacar Font

Bacar Font

The letters’ edges aren’t perfectly smooth. There are small bumps. The shapes also have little transparent spots. All these features make this product interesting. It’s excellent for invitation cards. It may not look scary, but it combines with the cartoon style. It features alternates and ligatures. It has PUA-encoded characters, which can be used without any special software.

Halloweb Font

Halloweb Font

This is one of classic-looking Halloween fonts. The characters have some small sharp details to make them attractive. It has two styles – the regular and the one that is decorated with a spider web. It’s excellent for different designs. It comes with punctuation symbols, numbers, and ligatures. This solution is provided as otf, ttf, and woff file formats.

The Baleak Font

The Baleak Font

The characters have small scale noise, and they look great whether you use the large or small size. It’s great for various designs. It incorporates numerous glyphs. This solution features alternates, ligatures, and PUA-encoded letters that a designer may access without any special software.

Assassin Font

Assassin Font

The spooky fonts like this one are great when you need something with small details. It has some noise, so the shapes are rough. It has a subtle dripping effect. It’s great for various design projects because it comes with numerous glyphs. It includes alternates, ligatures, and PUA-encoded characters that may be accessed without any special software. This solution is multilingual.

Sangkury Font

Sangkury Font

The letters have smooth, clean edges with some additional elements. The shapes don’t have anything special about them, but it looks balanced and clean. It can be a great option to use with flyers, invitation cards, T-shirts, or posters. It incorporates stylish alternates, ligatures, numbering, and punctuation.

Black Ink Font

Black Ink Font

Suchlike spooky fonts are perfect when you want to get the classic horror movie style. It uses the dripping effect. The edges are smooth, and everything will look adequately, even if the size is large. This option is for various projects – it features numbering, punctuation, uppercase, and lowercase letters. Ttf, otf, and woff file formats are available.

Jacmax Font

Jacmax Font

The letters’ edges are rough and jagged. The shapes aren’t uniform – some parts are wider. The letters are slightly deformed. It’s a good option to create a scary design. It comes in ttf, otf, and woff file formats. This solution includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

Joanna Combs Font

Joanna Combs Font

This option is good if you want to get the paint stokes effect. The lines have transparent spots, but the overall shapes look clean. It may be a good option for your design projects to create the necessary spooky effect. It comes with properly spaced PUA-characters, so this is a versatile option. The archive includes otf, ttf, and woff file formats.

Old story typeface Font

Old story typeface Font

When you look at this font you will realize that its main purpose is to be a decoration for kids design products. Yet, at a second glance, it is obvious that Old story typeface font has some big potential. It looks like a knitted pattern and when you lower the contrast it is obvious that Old story typeface is a spooky font. And this is why it is in our Halloween fonts toplist. You can edit colors, size and contrast in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Shining Night Font

Shining Night Font

For most of us, the word cabaret means something bright, elegant, and colorful. This is why even Halloween needs design products made in cabaret style. And if you are looking for top-notch Halloween font made in cabaret style then Shining night is definitely what you need. It is vintage and original. And most importantly this product includes 13 stylistic alternates and useful font layers. 

Just go to the product page and check out images to see how good Shining Night can be.

Witch girls | Script Halloween Font

Witch girls | Script Halloween Font

Witch Girls is a script Halloween font designed by professionals. It is also multipurpose and depending on a background and color scheme it can be eye-catchy, fun, colorful, or spooky. Since we need a font for Halloween you need a spooky font. And you can easily use Witch girls for this purpose. Even if you simply edit color in Adobe Photoshop to white and then place this font on a black background you’ll see that Witch girls font suits Halloween design stile. And if you need a Halloween design for kids then make this font yellow and add more pumpkins on a background. It always works.

Blackway - Handbrush Font

Blackway - Handbrush Font

Blackway is a truly multipurpose font. It looks stylish and will be perfect for fashion-related projects. Yet, if you play a bit with Blackway you’ll see that it is a great option for Halloween design projects. Especially if you intend to create a design like in noir comics. This option is quite elegant and stylish. So, if you do not have a ready plan for now we recommend you consider a noir design with Blackway Handbrush font.

Qunomy | Helloween Theme Font

Qunomy | Helloween Theme Font

Qunomy is another font developed for Halloween. It has a recognizable Halloween spooky fonts calligraphy style and you can use Qunomy in web design, greeting cards, banners, posters, and so on. 

Developers included a few images on a product page so you could see how well it suits Halloween pumpkins. And you to high quality and detailed texture this Halloween spooky font looks will be eye-catchy.

Due to developers’ creative work uppercase and lowercase letters ae different ad it will make your project even more eye-catchy. This font includes ligatures, punctuation, and numbers.

Quiet | Magical Helloween Font

Quiet | Magical Helloween Font

In modern times people often use Calaveras on Halloween parties. Calavera is a Mexican “sugar skull”. And you can easily find an image of Calavera online. And it seems that developers of Quiet spooky Halloween got inspiration from Calaveras. There is something common in them. And trust me is you want to use Calavera for your project then you need a Quiet magical Halloween font. 

However, Quiet is a multipurpose font and there are a thousand ways to use it in your Halloween design project.

Wolven Shevana Font

Wolven Shevana Font

Here we have a more elegant font. It will be spooky if you use it for Halloween design purposes, but it will also add some sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. Such font is a perfect choice for parties and beauty salons. Even a fashion shop can get an elegant and spooky design using this font. Check the product page to find out more and check the images. You will see that Wolven Shevana looks great on any type of background. Yet, for the Halloween design we recommend you use a dark background. In this way you’ll make it look spooky, magically, and even more elegant.

Grim Reaper - Horror Font

Grim Reaper - Horror Font

As the name implies Grim Reaper is a quite spooky font. And it will be helpful for designers that have to create a Halloween design. They fit perfectly different types of design. You can make a cup with this font, decorate kids magazines, create cartoon design, and so on and so on.

Biker Font

Biker Font

As the name implies this font has its own purpose and style, it was made to look suitable for bikers. And this is why if you have a biker bar, biker website, or biker hoodie that requires font for decoration this font will be useful. 

Even more, since it is a spooky font Biker will be a great option for Halloween. And you can easily use it for design projects with skulls, pumpkins, and so on.

Insane Fear Font

Insane Fear Font

This spooky font has two main purposes. It is perfect for metal bands and for Halloween. After all, it is really spooky and brutal, if you need proof of its brutality then check out images on a product page. Author has added a few images to show the potential of Insane Fear spooky font.

This spooky font has 5 different clean and rough fon layers and a full collection of letters, numbers, and punctuation. In addition, the Grim Reaper illustration is included.

MEJA Block Font

MEJA Block Font

This dark and spooky font looks highly original. If you’ll try to find a name for its style it is probably that you will be lost between old hip-hop style, pop culture “soviet” style and modern 8 bit style. In any case, as it is shown on a product page images you can use this font for a Halloween design. And after purchase you can use it for many other projects too. For electronics advertisements, for example.

It has a full stack of glyphs and characters that allow you to create a logo, gift card, poster, package, or a huge banner. Or you can decorate your website. 

It is all up to you.

The Spooky Time Font

The Spooky Time Font

The Spooky Time font is a classic example of a font that was developed specially for Halloween. If you check the product page and images included on the product page you will see how well this font adapts to various backgrounds and still reminds visitors about Halloween.

Any designer can use this font in order to create a new product. Just launch a Photoshop and insert this font in your project. You can also play with colors, but we recommend you to use white, black and orange colors. Though it is totally up to you and you can play with this font as you wish.

Blood Bold - Fun Halloween Two Font

Blood Bold - Fun Halloween Two Font

This Halloween font is not a classic example of a spooky font. It is more fun and original. And it will be especially useful if you want to create a design for kids. After all, kids want some fun and if you develop a design for them you have to create something eye-catchy. 

Although Blood Bold can be called a spooky font too. Especially if you play with the design a bit and add more scary staff. You can make something like a Mickey Mouse The Haunted House cartoon. In this case Blood Bold will be a perfect option. 

In addition, this spooky font comes in two variants: 

  • Blood Bold font with blood tip decorations
  • Blood Bold without blood tip decorations

Selling Your Spooky and Halloween Fonts

TemplateMonster is eager to work with talented designers and artists from all over the world. To make your product appear in our marketplace, you should become an author. The process is quick and easy – please check out this page to learn more. It includes questions and answers to get the idea of what to do.

The commission rate is 65% for exclusive and non-exclusive items.

Uploading Halloween and Spooky Fonts

Before uploading your digital product, you need to prepare promotion images. Demonstrate your solution, its ligatures, punctuation marks, numbers, etc. Make sure you have a zip file archive with your product. The process is straightforward:

  • Navigate to the “Products tab”;
  • Select “Upload New Product”;
  • Choose the category and then hit the “Next” button;
  • Fill all the fields. Some fields are required to be filled, while others can be left empty. Please be attentive as it may help people to find your product. It may increase your selling rate.

You can set the price, license options, and specify whether your product participates in sales and affiliate programs.

Halloween and Spooky Fonts Affiliate Program

Don’t ignore our affiliate program as well. You can have a stable source of income by joining our program. This is a good option for bloggers who want to monetize their blogs, marketing consultants, web-designers, and web-developers. Joining it is also quick and easy – please check out this page. You can earn up to 30% commission!

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