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How to Hide ‘Author Bio’ Box in WordPress?

Welcome to the next chapter of our WordPress hacks. In today’s tutorial you will learn to hide (or completely remove) the Author Bio box from you WordPress website.

We will use a free plugin called Show Hide Author.

Developer: Marios Alexandrou
Price: Free


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To install this plugin go to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard.

Now search for the Show Hide Author plugin, install and activate it. Here is what it looks like in the search results.

After you have installed the plugin you can go to its settings and choose where to display the author’s name, and where not to. Simply uncheck the respective boxes to fine-tune the settings. Save the changes after you are done.


If you want to remove the Author Bio box for good, or the plugin mentioned above doesn’t work with your theme you will have to delete it manually via the WordPress Editor. To do so, right-click the box and press Inspect Element (in Mozilla Firefox) or Inspect (in Google Chrome).

wordpress themes

The Inspector frame with the page source code will appear. Check out the div class of the element. As you can see, in our case it is “post-author-bio”.

Once again:

Go to the Appearance > Editor in your WordPress dashboard, press Ctrl+F to enable search, and find this div class in the CSS file of your theme. Now add the following line as shown on the screenshot:

display: none;

Save the changes. From now on the Author Bio box will not be displayed in your posts.

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    Transactional advisors hardly ever, when, Fiduciaries. your own interests are not always the same as theirs.

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    A ZResources Symptom Checker WebMD Blogs Podcasts must be Questions Answers Best Hospitals Find a Doctor Children’s Conditions A Z Surgeries and Procedures Featured Topics Symptom Checker COVID 19: look at your Symptoms charmdate review Now Slideshow Get Help for Migraine Relief

    News Experts Health News Why Getting COVID on Purpose Is an unhealthy Idea The Pandemic Has Changed Us, Permanently Breastfeeding May Benefit Moms’ Heart Health Can Supercomputers Really keep up with the Human Brain? Ordering knick knacks Online? Good Luck Finding nutritional value Info

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    offered Topics Special Report COVID at 2 Years: a world Upended, A Future Unclear Get Our Newsletters Health information, dropped at Your Inbox

    Mobile Apps subscribers Privacy and MoreMultiple Sclerosis Center Is Your Treatment Working? News Reference Slideshows Videos Questions Answers MS Community Medications Find a Neurologist multiple sclerosis Guide Overview Risk Factors Symptoms Diagnosis Tests Related Conditions Treatment Care Complications Living With Management Support Resources Related to multiple sclerosis Living Better With MS Brain Nervous System Brain Lesions Essential Tremor Fatigue MS in Children Pain Management Schilder’s Disease Sleep Problems More Related Topics

    ms NewsNew MRI Technique Might Help Spot MS Sooner By Cara Murez

    HealthDay ReporterFRIDAY, jan. 7, 2022 (HealthDay broadcast) Researchers in Austria say a new MRI technique may lead to faster diagnosis and treatment for people with ms.

    the technique can detect biochemical changes in the brains of people with MS early in their disease, according to findings published Jan. 4 in the journal Radiology. “The visualized changes in neurochemistry of normal appearing brain tissue correlated with the patients’ problems,

    ms, A disease of the nerves, Affects nearly 3 million people all over the globe. it is incurable, And it can fatigue, Pain and impaired co-ordination. physical rehabilitation and medications can slow its progression.

    witout a doubt, MS can be detected in lesions in the brain’s white matter on daily MRIs. These lesions are from the loss of a protective coating around nerve fibers known as myelin. This is tissue damage visible to the naked eye but finding the damage when it is still microscropic or at a biochemical stage would be better.

    an advanced imaging technique, recognized as proton MR spectroscopy, Can detect contents produced during metabolism that have potential relevance for MS, they say.

    They used this to compare biochemical changes in the brains of 65 of those with MS with those of 20 healthy individuals. They employed an MRI scanner with completely 7 Tesla (h) magnetic field.

    The team found reduced levels of an amino acid mixture called N acetylaspartate (NAA) In subjects with MS. Lower levels of NAA have been linked to impaired integrity of neurons in the mind.

    this kind of career MS also showed elevated levels of myo inositol (MI), A compound needed to cell signaling. Higher levels can indicate substantial inflammatory disease activity.

    Researchers said the results show a potential role for the new MRI technique in imagining MS pathology beyond demyelinating lesions. She said the changes detected through this new imaging technique may have significant clinical packages.

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