How to Become a Better Icon and Logo Designer – an Interview with Jon Hicks

This is the third Boagworld Show sponsored by TemplateMonster.

You won’t believe your ears when you hear who is at the studio today. It’s legendary Jon Hicks! Yes, the guy who created the Firefox logo!

As you might have already guessed, the interview is about how to become a better icon and logo designer.

The concept of this podcast is similar to that of the previous ones - to get free advice and consultancy from very clever people about areas where we’re weak and a bit rubbish.

If you are weak in logo design, app design and branding kind of area, listen to this podcast. Do you think anybody is able to give better tips for logo and icon design than the man who did all branding, and obviously, did every piece of kind of logo and app design? Basically, if you’ve heard of any cool app, Jon is the man that’s done the icon. He designed them, and then someone else animated them.

But that’s not all; he is doing a lot of work on stuff that generally doesn’t get seen. It’s kind of more experimental stuff. And his team does a lot of mocking up of new features and ideas in CSS and HTML.

In this interview Jon will share terms of their approach, thinking and practice of their work. He will also dwell on the difference between how you approach icon sets, applications and logos.

You will get to know that there are basically two divisions: logos and icons as well as what is the difference between them.

It’s really fascinating to hear these differences, and how it all works.

We are sure that the show will be very informative and show you the best way to design icon and logo. It’s absolutely brilliant stuff. However, you are free to make your own conclusions.

Have a nice listening!

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