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How to Write a Startup Story of Your Brand?

How many of you remember the famous speech by Steve Jobs at Stanford University  that he gave almost a decade ago in 2005? If you are an entrepreneur (no matter if you established your business years ago, just stepped up with your startup or an inspiring entrepreneur), you must have heard that speech at least once and felt a connection with it.

He wrapped up the entire speech in just 15 minutes and narrated his life and brand development story with just 3 points. So, what makes that speech so amazingly inspirational that it has got more than 26 million views and they are just increasing with each passing year?

As summarized by Forbes in one of its publication, the 15-minute commencement address by Steve Jobs had all the elements that a finely crafted speech should have as per the TED Talk standard too - It was structured in a simple manner, had an emotional connect and was inspirational.

And this is exactly how your brand’s startup story should be crafted!

Now you must be wondering that he had a story to tell and that is what got the ball rolling in his favor, but how would you create a story as inspiring as his? Well! it is not about what story you have to tell the world about your brand, it is about how to tell your story. And being the online marketing experts, we have listed a few easy tips for you that can work as a check-list while you are writing your own startup’s story.

1. Know Your “Why” First


Remember when you enter a market which is already full with competition, people want to know that why you did it and what exactly your inspiration or objective have been (except just earning profits of course) before going on to tell them that what you are doing and how you are doing it.

Was it something you have been planning to do since your college years or did some idea inspired you so much that you just wanted to go ahead with it? You should know your why and your story should be created around it.

2. Follow the KISS concept


In this fast-paced world where people do not like to spend more than 3 minutes on any web page unless the story is really appealing to them. Then also they will not stay to read your story for more than 10 minutes. So, Keep It Short and Simple (KISS) when you are creating your brand’s story.

Use infographics or create small videos that tell your story. Incorporating visual aids in your brand’s story can really keep the readers engaged and they will know about the things with ease by just have a quick look at those illustrations rather than having to read long paragraphs.

3. Focus on the Real Estate


When you hire an employee or invest in a person, one of the most significant answers you would want from them is “Why should we choose you as oppose to other candidates”, your customers what to know the same. They are looking for the reason that why should they invest their time and money in purchasing your products and services when there are so many other options available too.

Make them feel connected and prove them the authenticity of your brand by highlighting that why are you doing this business and what is it that makes you better than the others in the market. Do not make the mistake of letting your story get buried in the “About” section of your website.

4. Test and Test Often


Nobody can tell you for sure then what would click with your audience the best and what would get the people to pause and think that they want to know more about your brand and what you have to offer. Even though you get it proofread from the experienced writers, your audience response will matter the most at the end.

Try using alternative beginning and closing lines for your brand’s story on different platforms to see what works the best. Do not just go and repeat the same pattern at every place and in front of everybody – experiment before you approve.

5. Make it Relevant

Your brand’s story is not just for your customers. It is going to be read and shared by the different set of the audience including your employees, press, investors and influencers. So, create a story which appeals to everybody who is going to come across it.
In fact, write a different story for every set of people that you are sharing it and include what is particularly relevant to them. For instance, your customers would want to know how you are better than your competitors whereas your employees are more interested in knowing the culture at your workplace.

Summing It Up

Just having an elevator pitch prepared would not do the trick. Remember that Apple and Steve Jobs would not have been such big brands if there was no story to work as a catalyst to connect the customers with the brand names.

Customer experience is definitely very important and you should be focusing on that to grow your business, but a brand’s story is what creates the foundation of trust between a brand and the interested parties. So, it’s important that you invest in a getting your startup story crafted by marketing professionals.

As famously quoted by the chief marketing officer of Virgin Group, Ian Rowden - “The best brands are built on great stories.” So, build your story to create your brand name!

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6 responses to “How to Write a Startup Story of Your Brand?”

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  4. Nice article, would like to share our Startup Needs a Great Story.
    Here’s How to Develop One
    1) Build your mission around your customer’s conflict.
    2) Empathize with their emotions.
    3) Understand why your version of this story is different.
    4 ) Use your story to spark action.
    5) Simplify your story.
    6) Tell the same story everywhere.

  5. Awesome Article Ashish, Nicely written and informative.

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