The Ultimate List of HTML5 Games

Alright guys, here comes the whole new stage in our HTML5 research. But this time it's it is going to be a lot more fun than ever before! Actually we know that HTML5 has caused a real social media boom and there is a lot of different information concerning this topic. Also there is a common thing about many web users - now they can tell you what the main features of HTML5 are. And every kid knows that there's a rivalry between HTML5 and Flash, Adobe and Google etc. etc. And if HTML5 and Flash are at war, than we should definitely examine some of the HTML5-based games (let's face it - everyone knows more than enough about Flash games).

So all this being said, in today's post we're presenting a mixture of fun and useful information because all of the HTML5 applications that you'll find here are great proofs of the great HTML5 and JavaScript performance. Thanks to the new "canvas" tag now we can play games via web browser that supports this tag. This collection shows that HTML5 can one day really become a great alternative to Flash web games and we hope that in the nearest future we will be able to see a much wider variety of HTML5 web games - because now, in June 2010 it was pretty hard to arrange the list of 20 games. And on the other hand this is what makes this list really ultimate! Alright now, enjoy those games and be sure to let us know what your favorite one is!

* * *

Wolfenstein 3D

This is a Javascript and HTML5 implementation of id Software's 1992 game called Wolfenstein 3D. Good old Wolfenstein now shoots nazis in your web browser (HTML5-compatible one of course).

html5 games wolfesntein

* * *

Adventure Land

Adventure Land is an iPhone game where Fred Jones does Mario-like tricks in Adventureland. Coins, owls and jumps - everything here is just like in good old days.


* * *


This is a classic space shooter - asteroid game (you know what do we mean). One of the most interesting features here is the ability to switch between retro and modern graphic modes.


* * *

Classic Bricks

HTML5-powered version of mega popular game Classic Bricks - need to say more?

html5 games classic bricks

* * *


You know this guy for sure, don't ya? So far it's the only game that has 2 HTML5 versions (you may have heard of the second one, it has caused a lot of buzz as a Google doodle). Anyways, the point of the game is simple - all you have to do is to avoid the enemies and eat dots!

html5 games Capman

* * *

PacMan from Google

Alright, we know that you guys really mad about this game so we decided to include another version of this game - the famous Google's tribute to 30th birthday of PacMan.

html5 games Google pacman

* * *

Chip Defender

Another stunning tower defensive game where you have to protect your tower and destroy the "passing by" enemies with the help of different guns, towers, lasers, turrets etc.

html5 games chidefender

* * *

Crystal Galaxy

This is a good space shooter game with nice HTML5-based graphics. Killing enemies and travel trough the space is really awesome with HTML5 and JS.

html5 games crystal galaxy

* * *


JSVecX is a javascript port of the VecX Vectrex emulator (Vectrex is an old 8-bit video game console that was available in the early 80's).

html5 games JSVecX

* * *

Leave Me Alone

This is a platform game from the good old 80's similar to Mario. Now it has received a second life thanks to HTML5.

html5 games leave me alone

* * *

Map Demo Game

This is a geography puzzle game where you are given a blank geography map without the names of any countries or states - so you have to fill it up using your knowledge of geography.

html5 games map demo game

* * *

Jigsaw Puzzle

It's a special HTML 5 edition for all puzzle fans. There are over 15 images that you can choose to solve.

html5 games puzzle

* * *

Same Game

Everything is simple here - you click on the different colored dots, and as long as there are at least 2 dots of the same color touching each other, they will disappear. The goal is to eliminate all of the pieces on the screen.

html5 games same game

* * *


Snake goes HTML5! This game has excellent graphics and many interesting tricks, upgrades and extra levels.

html5 games slither

* * *


Solitude is a classic shooter game from the 80's designed with the help HTML5 resources.

html5 games solitude

* * *

The Legend Of Sadness

Do you remember Zelda game for Nintendo? Well here is an HTML5 clone called The Legend Of Sadness - really cool adventure-rpg game.

html5 games the legend of sadness

* * *


This one is a rather difficult HTML5 arcade shooter recreated from similar game which was popular in 80's.

html5 games thurst

* * *


Excellent 3D Tetris that will remind how addictive this game can be.

html5 games torus

* * *


“T-spin” is a a clone of the classic arcade game - Tetris. It has different game modes from past games, including versions from 1988, 1989, 1998, 2000, 2005, and 2006.

html5 games t-spin

* * *


"Perfect" 80's graphics repdroduced by HTML5 makes this space shooter really vintage.

html5 games ufo

* * *

Well, this is it for now. We're sure there will be new HTML5 games soon and if our thirst for HTML5 knowledge will remain until then (we're pretty sure it will) we will definitely try to gather those new ones for you too. This stage of our HTML5 research without a doubt was the most amusing one, we're happy this technology is this much versatile. In the meantime feel free to let us know what your favorite HTML5 game is and what other funny HTML5-based stuff you've seen.

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