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Is it really possible to improve your writing by reading one book? Sadly, no. Good writing takes time and practice. Still, this particular e-book is a great way to start?

The book is called “Writing with Style: Tree Concepts and Two Stages”, and it offers exactly what its title says. It covers three concepts that every aspiring writer needs to keep in mind, and it guides you through the basics of content research and writing process.

In this book, we will focus on real-life examples of well-written (and not-so-well-written) content. We will show you the key ingredients of every successful content piece by scrutinising the articles from BBC and Guardian.

We will cover fluency and coherence, and tell you how you can ensure it that your writing has these two qualities. Finally, we will prove you that readability is something more than a metric that you can track with Hemingway App or some other online tool.

As far as this book is mostly targeted at site owners, it will provide you with actionable tips related to doing research for Web content. Given the fact that every content piece published on the Web has to compete with thousands of other posts, knowing how to identify your key competitors is a must. Analysing your competition is one of the topics discussed in this guide.

Why Read It?

If you’re about to launch your first website and planning to create content yourself, this guide is a must-read. The tips for improving your writing that you can find in this book are practical and relatively easy to master. What this means is that reading it will help you make progress fast.

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