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What do you need for creating top-notch mobile design? Skills, experience, creativity are essential points, but there is one more thing that will make this trio really powerful, and it’s inspiration. The idea of how to create something stunning is the starting point of any good work. Here is a treasure book with great ideas for mobile web designers who are seeking for inspiration. Open its first page, and you’ll not lay it aside until you finish it.

It’s all about trends, themes, styles in mobile web designs. What will you find inside? The greatest examples of live designs, more than 700, that will point out the right direction to follow. The book covers such topics as frameworks, navigation, design styles and elements, site types and a number of others. In-depth look at all these points will help you understand what you need to be always afloat in ever-changing world of mobile web. This informative guide is written by real expert in web design sphere - Patrick McNeil, author of the Web Designer's Idea Book series.

Source: The Mobile Web Designer's Idea Book: The Ultimate Guide to Trends, Themes and Styles in Mobile Web Design

Katarina Klementi

Katarina is a content writer, one of those who create all-that-inspirational sometimes technical posts for TemplateMonster blog.

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