Intense: Multipurpose HTML Template with Zillion Pages

Once upon a time, in a distant galaxy, the great minds of the IT civilization gave birth to Intense… Their brainchild is not another cut and dried template. It is an HTML 5 website template of a dream, a professional solution for professionals, a universal tool that can make up for all the missing elements you have. And recently it has gone through a big renewal and became even more attractive and efficient! Take a trip to the world of web design perfection with Intense.

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First, let’s find out what Intense is all about on the part of TemplateMonster. This is the way our developers present years of hard work on the quality of HTML templates. It reflects multiple experiments we successfully carried out and functionalities we invented as a result. They meet all the quality standards of today and the requirements of popular platforms. With this innovative solution, our team sends a challenge to other providers of HTML templates. Intense is the reason for you and other users to return over and over to TM for more new gimmicks.

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5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Intense

Intense is a complex HTML template delivered in an all-embracing pack of pages and features. Here are 5 milestones that deserve special attention and will help you realize the power of this interstellar solution.

Intense and Updates

Intense is the first HTML template by TemplateMonster with constant updates. This massive product requires close attention and constant improvements. After the initial release, Intense will get regular updates in the form of new pages, skins, and child themes. Every two weeks you will receive an upgrade for your HTML theme. Not only will you be able to keep pace with web innovations, but also expand your opportunities dramatically and completely for free.

Intense and Initial Release

Let’s find out what you can probe at the initial stage. Here are the major things included in the first package of the Intense complex HTML template.

  • Intense Classic HTML template. The good-old Intense everybody is used to, with all its pre-made pages, plugins, scripts, skins and child themes.
  • New Intense Template, fresh from the oven, with up-to-date design and great new features.
  • 100+ Pre-designed Pages. With such a wide range of pages, it’s possible to create any layout you can imagine. The template package includes 19 different types of portfolios/image galleries, 23 variants of blog listings and single posts, various shop layouts, components, and functional pages.
  • Admin Template. It will allow you to change the appearance not only of your website but the administrative dashboard too.

Beginning from release day, this pack will grow to deliver you more features, skins, child themes, etc.

Intense and DIYers

Have you eve heard of BEM methodology? It is an approach to creating web pages and other web products. The bigger object is divided into smaller blocks that could be used separately. The new Intense Template was created with the usage of the BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) approach. This means that all the pages of the theme are divider into blocks like footer, header, testimonials or contact form. You will be able to take any block you like and use it for any child theme. The usage of such a methodology makes it a lot easier to adapt the template to various CMS, such as WordPress or Joomla. It also allows experienced developers to use Intense without any issues for the custom websites, built from scratch.

Besides that, Intense can fit the needs of literally any user, be it a restaurant, model agency or business center owner. Its modern and minimalistic design is highly versatile and could be customized to fit various purposes.

Intense and Developers

Intense Classic is a flexible instrument for web developers, as it can minimize their work. By now, the template’s pack contains about 250+ pre-designed pages for anything you can imagine or even the things that stay beyond your imagination. Check out its major pages grouped into blocks below.

10+ Homepage Layouts

Intense offers 10+ homepage versions of different kinds. You can choose from default and one-page homepage types, sunset and simply chic skins, and various intro areas designed for promos, fast registration, appointments, etc. The initial pack contains 6 homepage varieties. Let’s check some of them.

Sunset Skin

intense complex html template

This skin is a content-packed solution that features a full-screen header, embedded video, counters, filterable gallery, partners, and team blocks.

Simply Chic Skin

intense complex html template

Here is an elegant skin notable for black and white aesthetics spiced up with blue accents. Its split layout allows you to bring different types of content into focus simultaneously.

20+ Header Variants

To design the header of your site, you can choose from 20+ variants. In addition to the default header, you can use a sidebar toggle, floated, and top panel. Whichever variant you pick, you can keep it in the light or dark tone. The default variant can also be transparent. In the initial pack of Intense, you can access 7 header styles.

Sidebar Toggle

intense complex html template

This header type keeps menu options in a burger menu attached to the left upper corner.

Floated Header

intense complex html template

The floated header keeps menu options on a horizontal bar that extends to the full width on a scroll.

Transparent Header

intense complex html template

The transparent header shows menu options in the background of a full-screen intro image, which provides a well-balanced look.

10+ Footer Variants

As for the finishing touch of your site, you can experiment with 10+ footer variants, 2 of which are available in the initial pack. Here they are.

Default Footer

intense complex html template

The default footer is supplied with a logo, social links, newsletter form, latest news, and links to the main pages of your site.

Variant 2

intense complex html template

The second variant of the footer has your address, testimonials in a carousel, social links, and contact form.

20+ Portfolio Templates

The Intense complex HTML template offers a diversity of ideas to showcase your works. Feel free to choose from grid, masonry, wide and full-width layouts. For easier search, visitors can filter your projects by categories that can be shown in vertical and horizontal lists. It’s possible to arrange your projects in a different number of columns. There is also a separate page for a single project. In the initial pack, you can access 10 portfolio templates.

Grid, Vertical Layout

intense complex html template

This portfolio type shows images in a grid with a vertical list of categories.

Masonry, Horizontal Layout

intense complex html template

In this portfolio type, images are shown in a masonry style and complemented with a horizontal category list.

Wide, Vertical Layout

intense complex html template

Here, images are separated from each other with some intervals.

Full-Width, Four-Column Layout

intense complex html template

In this portfolio version, images are merged together without any intervals and take up the full width of the layout.

Single Project

intense complex html template

The single project page features a carousel of images shown one by one and complemented with text. Under the carousel, you can also display the project manager and related works.

Custom Effects

You can supply portfolio images with various custom effects. Not only do they add zest to the entire look on hover, but they also reveal additional details. Check out some of them below.

Zoe Effect

intense complex html template

With the Zoe effect, you can unveil the project title along with some extra options such as rating, commenting, etc.

Janes Effect

intense complex html template

This hover effect reveals the project title, short description and CTA button on the left, in the form of a sidebar.

Apollo Effect

intense complex html template

The Apollo effect gives a bluish tone to the image on hover and displays and a small portion of text.

20+ Blog Templates

Running a blog is a huge benefit for both customer engagement and SEO, that’s why Intense offers a lot of blogging solutions. From classic and modern to timeline and events, you can experiment with various layouts. It’s also possible to add a sidebar to the left, right and both sides or go without any sidebars at all. Each blog style has its own design for a single post page. Take a more detailed look at some of the blog templates below.

Blog Classic, Left Sidebar

intense complex html template

The classic blog layout displays post previews with a date, author, and categories. You can also add a search, Flickr feed, more categories, archive, and tags to the sidebar.

Events, Right Sidebar

intense complex html template

There’s a special template to spread the word about your upcoming events and review the past ones. Post previews are shown with colorful elements showing the date and “read more” button. The sidebar can keep a calendar, recent events, and Flickr feed.

Blog Modern, No Sidebar

intense complex html template

In the modern version, post previews are shown along a vertical line with dates and authors’ photos.

Blog Classic, Single Post

intense complex html template

The single post page of the classic style has a full-width image area. It is followed by a text area with an author’s column, where readers can follow him/her on social networks and take a look at all his / her posts. For greater dynamism, this layout has a parallax block. Under the post, readers can access share buttons, categories, related posts, and comments.

Blog Wide, Single Post

intense complex html template

In this version, the layout is split into two parts. On the left, there’s a large, parallax image, while the right part has the main post, related posts, and comments.

10+ eCommerce Templates

The Intense HTML5 CSS3 multipurpose theme is a great choice for online merchants. It has a ready-made single product page and templates to show multiple items in the grid and list view modes. Similar to blogging layouts, you can optionally add a left or right sidebar to any eCommerce layout. There are also pre-designed pages for cart view and checkout purposes.

Grid View, Left Sidebar

intense complex html template

The grid view template shows items in three columns with names, brands, prices, and “sale/new” badges. On hover, customers can access an add-to-cart button and more images showing a certain item from different angles. In the left sidebar, they can also switch between categories, brands, colors, and sizes.

List View, Right Sidebar

intense complex html template

The list view mode displays available items one by one in a list. In addition to the grid view options, there are product ratings and numbers of customers reviews in this mode.

Single Product Page, No Sidebar

intense complex html template

The single product page has a product gallery and accordion with the description, size, fit, delivery and return details. Under it, there are also available colors, sizes, quantity, prices, and cut prices. Further down the page, you can also reveal some additional info, particularly a video preview, customer reviews, comments, and related items.

Cart View

intense complex html template

Here, customers can check all the products added to the cart with a total sum. There are also options to add more items or remove unnecessary ones.


intense complex html template

This page has fields for customers’ billing and shipping addresses followed by all the orders, total sum, and payment types.

40+ Specific-Purpose Pages

For a faster content generation, you can also make use of specific-purpose pages. With their help, you can reveal your company in full, from its about info, services, and team to coming soon, careers, and pricing. Check some of them below. In the initial pack, you can find 22 pages.

Services Page

intense complex html template

This page provides a full overview of your services and costs with icons, pricing tables, and clients’ logos.

Careers Page

intense complex html template

Here is a page to attract job seekers to your company. Not only does it reveal vacant positions, but it also shows the info about your corporate culture or literally any other details.

Maintenance Page

intense complex html template

This page is supplied with a countdown option to notify users of how long it will take to fix things up.

404 Page

intense complex html template

Whenever visitors mistype the page address or try to enter the one already removed, they will enter an elegant 404 page.

20+ Premium Plugins

Along with a huge pack of pre-designed pages, developers will also get free access to 20+ premium plugins ready for use. They include an event calendar, parallax, video, navbar, mail form, and others. The initial pack contains 2 plugins featured below.

Event Calendar

intense complex html template

This responsive plugin enables you to embed an event calendar to your site. With its help, customers can keep track of all the events you hold. Clicking on a certain date, they can check a list of planned events, each of which is shown with a fixed time.

Mail Form

intense complex html template

The mail form allows visitors to contact you with ease. Once they click on the date and time fields, they’ll see pop-ups with a calendar and timepiece respectively. Feel free to customize the form and stylize its attributes the way you like. What’s cool, the form is fully responsive.

50+ Scalable Shortcodes

What also can make developers’ work easier is a set of 50+ scalable shortcodes and 110+ components. They can let you fill pages with the content and functionality for any website type.

On Top of Everything

The Intense complex HTML template is also based on the CSS Flex Grid System, which provides enormous flexibility in creating layouts. It also supports Sass and has a clean code in its core meeting the highest standards of web development.

Intense and Designers

What Intense offers to web designers are a huge pack of 200+ layered PSD source files. They can be easily edited in Photoshop. There are also Bootstrap components, and an advanced, all-inclusive UI kit. It has elements for virtually any purpose your project may have. Alerts, breadcrumbs, counters, dividers, infographics, labels, - this is just the top of the iceberg. Let us illustrate some of them for you.


intense complex html template

The template comes with different kinds of alerts, namely classic, classic icon, extended, confirmation, etc.


intense complex html template

There are three types of counters in the Intense UI toolkit. They are complemented with icons atop, aside, and no icons at all.


intense complex html template

To show your stats, you can use different kinds of Infographics. They include linear bars, pie charts, and Bootstrap bars.


intense complex html template

Intense has icons of different shapes, sizes, and styles (ellipse, outline, round, etc).

2000+ Font Icons

intense complex html template

The template has a wide choice of 2,000+ font icons. They are divided into the following groups: gender, form control, payment, chart, currency, text editor, video player, etc. What’s more, there are glyphicons and material design icons. With Intense, you won’t need to browse the web in search of any UI elements. Its massive pack contains everything you may ever need.

Intense and Social Networks

Intense is a full-fledged system for integration with social networks. From Flickr and Instagram galleries to Facebook and Twitter feeds, the template has all the must-have social widgets. Unlike themes of our competitors, Intense adds social options elegantly to match the overall website aesthetics.

Twitter Feed

intense complex html template

This plugin allows you to add a Twitter feed to your site, structure, and style it in line with your website’s design.

Facebook Feed

intense complex html template

With Facebook Feed, you can show the time of post creation, add the callback function, enable the logo, etc.

Instagram Feed

intense complex html template

Embed an extra social gallery to your site with Instagram Feed. Structuring and styling options are endless just like in the previous plugins.

Flickr Feed

intense complex html template

As an alternative or cool supplement to Instagram Feed, you can opt for the Flickr Feed. The plugin is customizable in its essence.

Wrapping Up

Here we are. Do you have any unsolved issues? Opt for Intense – the template has solutions for all of them! Take your chance to explore high ideals of web design and share your impression of your experience with us! Do you believe there is anything missing in the pack of Intense? Tell us about it in the comments below, please.

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