Journey Into the Net: A Free Comic Book for Kids & Grown-Ups

You have just finished unwrapping your Christmas presents. “Ho-ho-ho!” – do you hear that sound? Santa Claus is trying to force his well-fed butt into your chimney, then quietly sneak through your hall and put one more present under your New Year tree and it's a free comic book for kids.

Keep close! Maybe you will be lucky to catch him red-handed after so many years!

However, maybe some mysteries should stay unrevealed? What do you think?

I know, you don’t believe in Santa anymore. It’s ok, as many of kids, including yours, still do. And this time our present is intended for children, although, I am sure you will also enjoy it. An unexpected turn, isn’t it?

Every year Monster Post team tries to make winter holidays of our beloved readers as sweet as possible. We compile freebies, gift ideas, carry out giveaways, prepare special offers, create nice next year calendars, and whatnot. We hope our joint efforts work well and tune you to the positive mood.

This time we will make a present not only for you, but your kids. If you don’t have the ones, you can still take it right now. It’s fun and exciting!

Just imagine that you are unwrapping the present from TemplateMonster and see the colorful book: “Journey Into the Net: A Cyber-Thriller for Kids & Grown-Ups.”

The book carries you off from the first moments and keeps exited until the final battle between the good and the evil forces that takes place in the cyber-space.


Oh, I didn’t tell you that the action takes place on the Internet. Of course, you’ll meet heroes and villains there.


The book with its bright, incredibly positive, futuristic illustrations can be called a kind of educational reading.

It will tell your kids about the www in simple, understandable words. They will travel from one world to another with the main hero, explore them, create wonderful things, get superpowers, artifacts, and super weapons.


What does the main hero need a super weapon, and an army for? To beat off an attack of the Dark Lord and his hordes of the orc-robots. Who will survive this mortal combat? Who will rule the virtual universe? Get to know the whole story from the book.

The book comes in the PDF format, so you can print it to make your and kids' experience even more enjoyable.

BTW, don’t forget to share the book with your friends who have kids or just like fantasy stories accompanied with graphic illustrations.


So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to set off in search of the extraordinary adventures on the net?


Download Journey Into the Net: A Cyber-Thriller for Kids & Grown-Ups gift book and take delight in reading!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! XOXOXO!

The book was illustrated by the creative artist Maryna Moyari.

The story was written by me, Helga Moreno, hope you’ll love it and leave your comment for me, Maryna, or the whole TemplateMonster team at the comment section.

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