Learn Web Design Basics with Paul Boag

Are you interested in web design, want to know some basics and learn where to start from? This course is exactly what you need to get a clear picture of what is good web design and what is not. We will take a look  at some techniques including layout, typography, styling and color, as well as some other principles that will help you design a professional site.

Paul Boag will take you through 8 tutorials where you will learn some fundamentals based on the greatest designed found on TemplateMonster. Paul is a well known expert in digital transformation who has years of experience in this sphere and knows how to help you create professional and compelling sites. 

* * *

So, in the first video Layout and Composition basics, you will take a look at using grid system while designing your website. Responsive design is another topic discussed in this video. You will learn how to create a mobile version of the site in a proper way.

* * *

The next tutorial will lead you through some typography basics like using fonts, visual hierarchy, line height, etc.

* * *

In this lesson Paul unveils some secrets of working with color and color selection. He will also introduce you to some color psychology basics.

* * *

Learn how to select and use images on your site. You will also discover several resources where you can find free imagery for your site.

* * *

This lesson highlights the issues of employing stylistic elements on websites, particularly textures, boxes, dividers, arrows, and icons. Watch it to learn which functions these elements perform in the web design and how you can enhance your website stylization with their help.

* * *

Check some fundamentals of website usability and implementing these ideas in your design.

* * *

Give a touch of personality to your site and make it look more branded. Learn some recommendations on this subject.

* * *

Interact with the users more effectively with the help of professionally built call to actions.

Of course, these web design basics won’t make you a qualified professional, the skills come with experience and practice, but with their help you will learn what to start with. You will also have an idea of what a high quality website should look like and what rules are must.

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Alex Samoylenko

Alex is passionate about all the things related to WordPress and Elementor in particular. At MonsterPost, you can find a handful of cool tutorials shared by him.

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