Magento Extensions Got Updated! Now Compatible With Magento 2.1.x

Hey Magento fans, are you listening attentively? Here is some great news for you! From now on the modules offered at TemplateMonster are compatible with the newest version of Magento, Magento 2.1.<U+0445>.

If you liked the modules, but you didn’t know if they’d fit your new version - no worries, now they do. You can check out the updated Magento extensions right now!

See all Extensions What for would you need a module? Imagine that you are a future coffee shop owner. The whole process of adding extensions pretty much reminds us of getting a place for this business and making it comfortable for the customers and us. In other words, you need to make it comfortably functional for you and your future clients. It’s the same story with your Magento website.

Which module you can get at TemplateMonster, that will make your website more powerful and feature-rich?

TM Featured Products

Magento module

Showcase the products which deserve special users' attention. Set a label for each product type, specify the number of products per row, arrange products in the carousel - use every possibility to raise customers’ conversions.

TM Blog

Magento extensions

This module helps you create an often-visited blog. After you install it, you can add a number of posts to your home page, add a thumbnail for your post and moderate users comments easily. Remember that a frequently updated blog with useful content may bring you loyal returning customers.

Social Login

Social Magento Extension

In the age a social media boom, we don’t have to waste time for signing up. No more register forms which we have to fill up over and over again at every website. Make an easy social media login. Easier login - fewer efforts - more points on your website in a user’s mind.

Ajax Search

search Magento extension

We all love when someone understands with no words. Ajax Search offers your visitors a caring and understanding search, which narrows down to the possible searches while your visitor is typing in the search request. Moreover, it is perfect for you - a visitor may get interested in some other offered products as well.

Ajax Catalog Filter Magento Extension

Ajax catalog Magento Extension

An easy and user-friendly filter is one of the key factors which affect eCommerce website conversions. Ajax catalog filter extension includes product filter, Ajax list/grid preview configuration, and an Ajax pagination. With this module on your site, your customer will also be able to choose preferable products amount display and sort products. Proper filter saves time, and your visitor appreciates the fact that you appreciate his time.

MegaMenu Magento Extension

Megamenu Majento Extension

A single panel with all the products, categories and subcategories make it easier for a customer to find the item that he needs and to get an overall idea of what your store offers. Create a mega menu for your store by choosing a subcategory image, setting badges and labels and creating categories and subcategories.

Film Slider Magento Extension

film slider Magento extension

Add sliders with multiple layers to your store's home page, choose navigation control which you like and let the visitors enjoy an animated slider and by doing this get familiar with the product that you offer.

Newsletter Popup Magento Extension

newsletter popup Magento extension

Statistically, it’s the email subscriptions which bring you most of the conversions. After your visitor subscribes to your newsletter, he gets emails from you (preferably, useful for him) and every time he does it; your brand image imprints a little deeper in his mind. Even if he doesn’t open the letters, which we all often do, your brand name still gets deeper into his head.

Guess what, the next time he thinks of a coffee shop; your coffee shop brand image is most likely to pop up in his head. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a loyal customer, pay careful attention to your email marketing and use a relevant extension for that.

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