What Bests to Find in a Magento Hosting Service Provider?

Whether you have just started your eCommerce website or host a high volume online store, Magento Hosting is one of the imperative steps before you run your shop. Yes, you have read it right. Hosting provides the highest performance for Magento application at the lowest cost. Do you know that the speed of your website actually determines how long your customers will stay with your store or not?

Well, it is natural that all the online shoppers would love the high speed Magento hosting web site. So how do you intend to keep your visitors happy? Let me share a quick secret with you. Make sure that all of the transaction and your Magento web hosting are smooth, secured and most importantly fast. Trust me; this trick keeps your users happy and loyal forever.

It is just a snap to configure pages or add content and page layout when you employ Magento hosting expertise. Magento has ensured that security is the priority in the Magento hosting platform, with strong data encryption, configuration of virtual private server (VPS), the ability to process store credits and gift cards, PCI data security standard compliance and many more to add. In a nutshell, hosting protects your Magento site from denial of services as well as from the sophisticated hackers. With scalable hardware, fastest processor, load balancing and hard drive solution available, Magento hosting simply works quickly and reliably every time as you desire.

But what if you cannot configure a VPS or server by yourself? Here I recommend choosing a renowned Magento hosting service provider instead of running around with Magento server configuration all by yourself. Let me tell you, it is not an easy task. You can find several hosting company optimized nowadays for best performance of Magento. However, before you choose a Magento Hosting service provider you need to consider a few important factors to ensure that you have found the best hosting company. Be watchful while you read them.

As security is an important factor in eCommerce, your foremost duty is to figure out whether hosting have tight security or not. Check whether they have alerts, backup functionality and support SSL easily. Moreover, a dedicated hosting service provider always ensures that all the payment details of the customer remain confidential and secure personal information at top priority.

Do the hosting have proper Magento support? How long they have established themselves in the hosting industry? How well the hosting can support time? If you can find the answers to all these questions, you have the best hosting service provider.

Unlike, WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, hosting for Magento as said earlier is not an easy job. Therefore, make sure that the hosting providers have configured their host work properly to function best for your Magento site. As far as the hosting provider says that they have a Magento hosting package, it should be fine with you.

The speed of your site not only depends on the location but also belong to the server hardware resource. As I have mentioned before, that speed decides your customer’s stay with your shop and is quite a significant aspect of your Magento site, therefore, while you search for a hosting service provider, choose a provider who has a location near you. If the provider has several locations then it is beneficial for your venture since your online business should be flexible.

As you will need support for your Magento, therefore, make sure that there are plenty of ways to get email, support ticket, mobile app, web chat Twitter support from the service provider. Especially when it is a question of technical support, your hosting provider should promise that the support team is well-trained and knowledgeable to deal with any technical issues.

Magento is written in PHP. Therefore, the PHP related technology is crucial when it comes to hosting Magento. Here you need to check, whether the service provider offer 100% compatibility with Magento as per the real customer’s experience. If they can support the latest version of PHP, MySQL, shared SSL, Secure Shell Access or dedicated IP address there is nothing like that.

Most importantly, while considering the best hosting company, do not forget to review the following aspects:

The Magento hosting company should…

  • Offer no limit on bandwidth
  • Offer unlimited storage
  • Provide unlimited add-on domain
  • Provide WHM/CPanel support
  • Provide advanced spam and virus detection
  • Offer unlimited sub-domain

For your convenient, I must recommend some of the popular Magento hosting companies such as SiteGround Magento host; InMotion Hosting is awarded as the best Magento Hosting service provider for its reliable features, crucial cloud hosting and much more to add.

The insider’s secret is that you can find lots of Magento hosting solutions to make your customer access your site easily as the uptime will be higher and your site will load faster. No wonder, with the best Magento Hosting service provider you can get the right amount of resources to offer to your users. This not only makes their experience pleasant but also gives your online venture a better conversion rate.

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