Magento Themes Having Creative Effects in Navigation

It is hard to overestimate the importance of decent navigation in website design. Attractive unsophisticated navigation is a guarantee that the user won’t leave your website after viewing the home page, being disappointed and confused by the cobwebs of the designer’s idea. Just agree, that even the most genius content makes no sense if it is read-only by a designer. So, if you want to keep the users exploring your website as long as possible and make them read all substantial information, you will consider the following.

First of all, to perform its functions, good navigation should be user-friendly, elementary, and almost intuitive. It’s unacceptable to force the visitor to solve a jigsaw when he wasn’t intended to. For this purpose, wise web developers create drop-down and fly-out menus, sometimes coming with graphic images or icons. It’s a great practice as the user understands where the link will lead him even without reading the text. A website may have several menu bars and accessory widgetized areas in order to provide the user with all possible navigation means. It is also useful to leave navigation prompts on each web page to let the user know his exact location.

In addition to high functionality, navigation should be catching and interactive to make the user’s journey through your website interesting and absorbing. Each designer approaches this aspect in different ways. Some supply the navigation with cute icons and images, some color the navigation bars with rainbow hues, some design incredible menu bars, the process is limited only by the frames of the designer’s imagination. Today, we can view the examples of Magento themes having unusual effects in navigation, combining functional characteristics and visual appeal.

Magetique - AMP-Ready Multipurpose Magento Theme

Magetique AMP Magento Template

Elati - Multipurpose Fashion Magento Theme

elati magento theme

SM Ecogreen - Magento 2 Organic, Fruit, Vegetables Magento Theme

SM Ecogreen - Magento 2 Organic, Fruit, Vegetables Magento Theme.

Malide - Multipurpose Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Malide - Multipurpose Responsive Magento 2 Theme.


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