Meet ‘PremiumCoding’ and Their Best-Selling Template ‘Camila’ [Top Author Stories]

It's been almost a year since PremiumCoding joined the TemplateMonster digital marketplace.

A team of 5, they specialize in the development of clean and minimal WordPress themes. They build themes for blogs and multifunctional theme alike.

All items submitted by the author are 100% responsive, good-looking, and developed with the focus on modern trends and functionality.

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Interesting facts

  • The author provides themes for blogs and multipurpose sites built in the clean and minimal style only.
  • All themes are integrated with the usable page builders.
  • The team personally designs, builds, and supports all of their products.
  • PremiumCoding focuses on modern and trendy designs with soft colors and clean lines.

We've reached Ales with PremiumCoding for an interview. Check out the conversation and enjoy your read!

TemplateMonster: What is the most successful WordPress theme you have added to the TM Marketplace?

PremiumCoding: Our bestselling theme here on Template Monster is our minimal blog theme ‘Camila’. This is the latest theme that we have added to the market, yet it has already surpassed all our other themes.

TemplateMonster: Why did you decide to join the TemplateMonster Marketplace?

PremiumCoding: In the past year, we<u+044d><u+043c><u+0443> been looking for opportunities outside Envato marketplace. That is why we created our own shop with our themes first and then started to look for other big markets. At first, we didn’t think of TemplateMonster as they weren’t yet open to outside submissions. Fortunately, that changed last year, and we grabbed the opportunity with both hands.</u+0443></u+043c></u+044d>

TemplateMonster: Can it be useful for web developers? Why?

PremiumCoding: Yes, of course. It’s one of the biggest resources for all kinds of templates and themes. Whether you are a web design agency that makes websites for others or a personal blogger, you will find a great template to start your website.

TemplateMonster: What do you think about the exclusivity feature in the Marketplace?

PremiumCoding: I like how exclusivity is set to be per theme and not per account like on Envato. This way we can use the themes that we also have in our own shop and under yearly subscriptions. And we can also develop themes exclusively for TemplateMonster. All on the same account and I think that is great.

TemplateMonster: What can you say about the products review process (duration, steps, tracking option)?

PremiumCoding: I like the review process at TemplateMonster. It is fast, with defined rules, and reviewers are friendly and helpful. I can criticise what the review process has become on Envato marketplaces where the entire process is extremely long and tedious. TemplateMonster has the best review process among all markets where we sell our themes.

TemplateMonster: What is your impression of the pricing determination and commissions split?

PremiumCoding: I like how the commissions worked so far, but a little worried if the non-exclusive WordPress themes will only get 20% from now on. It will be difficult to sustain that in the long-term, especially if we have to support the themes.

TemplateMonster: What do you think about TemplateMonster support system? What pros and cons can you determine?

PremiumCoding: That is probably the biggest flaw (at least for us). Your support portal is a bit clumsy and needs getting used to. We use Zendesk for all other markets, and so we have everything in one place. However, it would be great if we could use it for TemplateMonster also. But even if that is never an option, once you get used to the system, it is decent and something we can use in the long run.

TemplateMonster: What is your impression of TemplateMonster Marketplace in general?

PremiumCoding: The design is modern, and themes stand out nicely in the grid. Categorization is also excellent, and you can find the perfect theme in no time. I also like how the market offers extra services like theme and plugin installation. That can help users that are not fond of doing the technical part for instance and just want to start blogging as soon as possible.

TemplateMonster: If you don't mind my asking, how many products have you uploaded? How many of them have passed the review successfully?

PremiumCoding: We uploaded ten themes so far, and 7 of them were approved. I am happy with the result and looking forward to uploading more themes in the future.

TemplateMonster: How much have you already earned in the TemplateMonster marketplace? Are you satisfied with the result?

PremiumCoding: We are currently making about $1.000 per month, and I am satisfied with our revenue. Our goal is to increase it to about $2.000 per month by the end of 2018. The extra revenue we get from TemplateMonster helps us in maintaining our business and focus on updating our old themes and developing new ones.

TemplateMonster: What do you think about Envato Marketplace? (You can compare TemplateMonster and Envato? Pros & cons, terms & conditions, payment, price share, etc.).

PremiumCoding: We started on Envato back in 2012, and it has been a long and bumpy ride since then. We used to have excellent results on Envato, but in the past two years, a lot of things happened that I am not satisfied with. Sales decreased, and that is why we started looking for alternatives. I think that TemplateMonster looks more modern, and I also like the review process more. On the other hand, pricing on Envato is better for end users (not for us authors). I never liked the idea of ADP (author driven pricing) as it only ruins the ecosystem. I prefer that the marketplace sets prices according to what themes have to offer. It ensures that the system is fair with no underpricing competition between authors. I am not sure what TemplateMonster plans are for the future when it comes to commissions, but I guess that is the most significant advantage of Envato now (better % share for both exclusive and non-exclusive accounts). In the end, I can say that I am delighted with how things are currently going on TemplateMonster, and I hope for good cooperation in the future.

TemplateMonster: Why is the theme cool and useful? What can it be used for?

PremiumCoding: The primary purpose of the theme is for personal blogs. It has a straightforward and minimal structure where content stands out. It was meant to be used for a lifestyle niche, but it can accommodate almost any type of content due to its simplicity.

TemplateMonster: How did you create it (ideas, inspiration, does it take much time, efforts, etc.)?

PremiumCoding: I always design themes on the fly, meaning I never design the theme in Photoshop. I used to do that, but lately, I find it easier to design it as we develop the theme. We usually develop blog themes in one week as there is not so much content that you need to take care of. This way you can concentrate on those selected few pages and design them well. I paid particular attention to typography as that is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of blog themes. When you have a good match between heading and body fonts, the rest will just fall together into a beautiful and seamless design.

TemplateMonster: Why did you decide to set such a price?

PremiumCoding: Since it’s a simple blog theme, the price should be set to the lower part of the interval. We don’t want to overprice our themes, especially not the minimal ones. Also, it’s meant for personal bloggers, and they usually have a limited budget as they are just starting out with their venture. So, it’s better to make the theme affordable to all.

TemplateMonster: What features does the theme offer?

PremiumCoding: Main features of the theme are:

  • Beautiful and seamless design
  • Fast loading
  • Google Web Fonts (choose from any Google font)
  • SEO optimized
  • Made for readability
  • Creative Design
  • Video, Gallery, Audio, Standard and Link Posts Templates
  • Clean and Crisp Design
  • CSS3 Features and Animations
  • Detailed written help file
  • Use your custom logo and favicon icon.
  • 5 Post Templates (Standard, video, link, gallery, audio)
  • Revolution Slider included
  • Dedicated Ad Blocks
  • Email subscription
  • Instagram Feed
  • Responsive Mode
  • Gallery Posts
  • Full Page & Fixed width support
  • Shortcodes

TemplateMonster: Is there anything you would like to tell your buyers?

PremiumCoding: If you are a blogger just starting out, I think Camila will be a good fit for your blog. You can set up the theme quickly, and if you have any problems with installation, we are always here to help. And once you are set up, you don’t have to worry about the theme anymore.

You can focus on what you do best, creating new articles for your brand-new blog.

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