Mermaid Illustration: From Cover To Cover

  1. Ways and places to use mermaid illustration
  2. Everything new is actually well-forgotten old
  3. Mermaid illustrations Bit by bit
  4. Tips & Tricks for mermaid character design
  5. Watercolor mermaid - how to watercolor digitally
  6. Freebies

Welcome to the magic maritime space! Are you still looking for creative ideas with regard to mermaid illustration? Or maybe you lack inspiration? Don’t worry, you are in the right place now. Today you will get to see stunning mermaid watercolors, learn how to create a special character design and get some advice.

Ways and places to use mermaid illustration

Perhaps, you may think, how the hell do I use these mermaid artworks? Take your time and find out some interesting ways of using them.

We have three key questions: when? where? how? Let’s consider each of them.


Everybody remembers a scary and mystic holiday like Halloween. So, why not make something weird and out of this world on any of the spooky parties? Another point is when your client creates a fresh project with a few watercolor mermaid arts crazy ideas. Catch the thought!


Use a stretch of the imagination, look around and you will see tons of places and situations. Have you got a mythological website? Or a supernatural blog? Or do you just think of throwing a party with an unusual topic? Consider running a workshop featuring watercolor mermaid paintings and so on. Tattoos projects are not an exception. Watercolor mermaid art sounds sweet to the mystery lovers.


This point is as simple as ABC. Create a mermaid T-shirt or a bag for kids. Make a pleasant and original background on your website with the help of mermaid illustration in vintage style. You can add some of the myth projects with a mermaid pattern and be special.

You can always find some special and remarkable mermaid illustrations and use them in any of your crazy projects.

Everything new is actually well-forgotten old

We live in an extremely digital world. Every company, new product or just web page tries to use the last technologies to be on the top. Even when we speak about illustrations or art in general, it’s highly important to use remarkable ideas that nobody has had before.

For that reason, it can be useful and productive to draw inspiration from the sources that were used a few years earlier. I mean mermaid illustration vintage.

You won’t believe how stylish and exceptional a website with vintage elements will be. I want you to get inspired by these antique mermaid watercolors and otherwise. All your illustrations, design or motion projects will shine bright.

You can see a few exciting examples of mermaid illustrations with different ideas about their using.

Marine fairytale typeface Font

Marine fairytale typeface Font

If you need some new and fresh fonts for any mermaid design, check out this Marine fairytale typeface Font! This font is designed especially for the mermaid illustrations and has interesting letters and objects that look like from the bottom of the ocean! What is great within this pack, is the possibility to have 2 kinds of fonts: dirty and clean one. The objects from dirty font pack look like old fashioned, vintage and literally dirty, and the objects from clean font pack look clean and with no spots on them. As you can see from the screenshots, the font is available in two colors: black and bluish which is great for mermaid style. Get such a present from this font pack as a set of sea creatures and objects. Here you can see such objects like mermaid, octopus, starfish, turtle, steering wheel, anchor and others. All these elements you get in a Vector EPS format and clean and dirty fonts you get in various formats as OTF, TTF, and WOFF ones. Choose this mermaid font to complete your mermaid design! 

This breathtaking mermaid art will be a perfect addition to any clothes. Also, there is a fabulous vintage font that you can easily apply to your projects.

Source: Dreamstime

This is a classic and vintage sample of a mermaid drawing—a perfect solution with simple but stylish details. It can find it in various stamp illustration or logo designs.

Source: Dreamstime

Halloween came to the end. However, the original and exceptional ideas for this day will live forever. Be special and choose the unusual character for the next year. Get ready now and be sure you will be in the high light.

Source: Freepik

More and more mermaids for the myth projects. A creative mermaid illustration vintage drawing will be handy while designing special logos or ads. All you need is Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and a stretch of the imagination. Also, it could be an extraordinary tattoo pattern.

Source: Shutterstock

Can you see this super sea set and a brilliant illustration of a mermaid? Use it in your monochrome and magical website, or in your business or social media account.

Mermaid illustrations Bit by bit

It’s really cool if you can find some worthwhile mermaid artworks on the internet. There are loads of different watercolor mermaids and fabulous illustrations to any tastes. However, what if you want to be unique and remarkable with your magic and myth project?

Have you ever noticed that you can draw or paint? Make up your own mermaid even if you have never tried to do this before.

Look at these stunning hand-drawn mermaids. You can draw the same.

Let’s dive into a mermaid drawing tutorial!

  1. First of all, you must be able to draw a circle, a teardrop, and a mustache.
  2. Then draw a circle for the head and a line, which will show the action of its body.
  3. And now you must think about how to draw a mustache or a watercolor mermaid tail at the end of its body.
  4. After that, you have something that isn’t a copy of a beautiful mermaid. Find the middle of the body to make a waist, and draw a teardrop to create a torso, and another one to end up the tail.
  5. On the top of the torso draw a triangle, which will be the chest of your mermaid. Then from the shoulders draw down a line for the arms. Presto! The body is almost ready.
  6. And finally, add the details as exquisite hair, cute face, and everything else you want to append.

You can find out more details and the whole tutorial on how to draw a mermaid. I hope that you will do your best to create a wonderful creature. If you are fond of Ariel or just want a more realistic mermaid, look through the blow-by-blow Ariel tutorial.

Tips & Tricks for mermaid character design

How often do you ask yourself about some tricks on designing a character, improving your art or creating your own special mermaid character? If we consider these questions there will be some problems with designing a modern character.

So let’s take a look at what you need to do to improve and make out of the ordinary nowadays. Here will be a small list of life hacks for you and your mermaid artwork.

  • No art without Inspiration. A great part of the success of the mermaid character design depends on the idea. The idea will appear after a significant dose of inspiration. Remember that there weren’t any prosperous works without a muse. So, find your serendipity and create new masterpieces.
  • Simplicity and all about that. Look around! Now minimalism is a trend, so be trendy with a mermaid watercolor painting too. Add the details and pay attention to the colors; they also should be simple.
  • Create a personal visual library. Create your library with tones of mermaid illustrations, mermaid face drawings, examples of clothes or designs and other useful and inspiring pictures. Spend time studying creative ideas.
  • Play with textures. Don’t use only one brush, texture or technique. For example, make your watercolor mermaid tail multifarious. Play with the opportunities which your device gives to you— not only oil but use the digital brushes to its full extent.

    Source: pngtree
  • Study poses and body language. Yeah, mermaids have a lot of poses too. You can create any pose you want. Just try to learn how to draw hands and other impressing mermaid’s poses.

Watercolor mermaid - how to watercolor digitally

For digital drawing, you will need only a tablet or a computer with any graphics software.

I hope you are already acquainted with such software solutions as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. These are the first assistants when you start to watercolor digitally.

Sea Corals Watercolor PNG Set Illustration

Sea Corals Watercolor PNG Set Illustration

If you are not familiar with Illustrator, then lessons for beginners will be handy. Painting with Illustrator is one of the most suitable variants to create a realistic watercolor mermaid without loads of effort. This mermaid drawing tutorial can show you how to watercolor digitally.

It’s believed that if you already have a handmade artwork, you can’t digitize it. Of course, there is a possibility to make your watercolor mermaid digital. And here is your great friend called Photoshop. Frankly, this process isn’t as scary as it seems to be. Just put through four steps and enjoy your watercolor painting.

Source: Twipu


Now it’s high time to speak about one of the most pleasant parts—free mermaid illustrations. We have already found ways to draw watercolor mermaids and vintage mermaids.

I found some cool and FREE mermaid artworks for you. Let’s look at them.

Mermaid Octopus School Underwater

These attractive mermaids and other merpeople are exactly all you need for an amazing merproject, especially if the project it’s related to children.

Blue mermaid

Young and free blue mermaid is ready to become a part of your webpage, clothes, room design or anything else.

Mermaid scale on gradient

Mermaid scale is something that really can mesmerize you for hours. So, why not use these magic scales on the background of your page and charm all your guests?

Cute Mermaid Sitting Over Stone

A little mermaid in calm colors on the bottom of the ocean can vary your clothes or maybe become a part of your body as a tattoo. Who knows?

Collection marine life characters

And the last cute mermaid collection will be the best solution for your children’s party with wonderful ocean characters.

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Mermaid illustrations FAQ

?‍♂ What is a mermaid?

It is a mythical creature, half-woman, and half-fish with a beautiful fish tail. They live in the oceans and are described in a great number of fairy-tales and legends.

? Why should I use a mermaid illustration for my website?

If your brand or business is somehow connected to the marine theme – mermaid is one of the most recognizable characters to use. It could add some attractiveness to your website.

? Can I find free mermaid illustrations?

Yep, and we described where you can find them in the article above.

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