A Conversation with Mirza Hassan, Creator of Tourfic and Ultimate Addons for CF7

Mirza Hassan began as a freelancer, where his passion for WordPress and Shopify ignited his creativity. His dedication and expertise led him to Themefic, a platform for WordPress themes, and PSDtoWPService.com, a service that turns Photoshop designs into WordPress sites.

Besides his technical prowess, Mirza has a unique perspective and dedication to his craft. As a comic book fan, he brings creativity and imagination to his projects, making them stand out.

Being a notable contributor to Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7, a plugin that enhances the functionality of the popular Contact Form 7 plugin, and Tourfic - Travel Booking Solution.

Stay tuned as we explore Mirza Hassan's journey, his insights into WordPress and Shopify, and his creative process. Let's talk web development with Mirza Hassan, a true visionary.

Starting his career as an individual freelancer, Mirza Md Hasan is a WordPress & Shopify enthusiast. He is the person behind the creation of Themefic and PSDtoWPService.com. Mirza is a Comic Book Fan.

Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 is a powerful plugin curated to enhance your website's forms created with Contact Form 7. The product owner, Mirza Md Hasan, has developed a comprehensive All-in-One Contact Form 7 add-on plugin that offers an array of essential features.

Products Presented by Mirza Md Hasan

Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7

TemplateMonster: Can you highlight some key features that users are particularly fond of?

Mirza Md Hasan: Our addons are widely utilized by users, yet some features stand out for their popularity, including "Multi-Step Form Creation," "Columns/Grid Layout," "Booking/Appointment Form Creation," "Repeater Field," and "Conditional Redirect." These key functionalities have been particularly well-received due to their ability to enhance form interactivity and user engagement.

TemplateMonster: The plugin enhances features developed with Contact Form 7. What are some examples of how these enhancements improve the functionality and user experience of contact forms on WordPress sites?

Mirza Md Hasan: Over recent years, WordPress site forms have significantly evolved, incorporating the latest technologies and complex functionalities to meet modern requirements. In contrast, Contact Form 7 primarily offers basic functionalities. Ultimate Addons bridges these gaps by introducing advanced features, allowing users to leverage this robust plugin more effectively. For instance, for lengthy forms, the multistep feature enhances user experience, while additions like columns, repeater fields, and WooCommerce integration expand the forms' capabilities, catering to diverse needs.

TemplateMonster: With the Pro version, you can access advanced features. Why were these features included, and how do they address the needs of users with more complex needs?

Mirza Md Hasan: The Pro version of Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 introduces features such as Booking functionality, WooCommerce Checkout, IP Geo Fields, Post Submission, and Conversational Forms, among others. Each feature is designed to address specific, complex user requirements, enabling the creation of more sophisticated and functional forms using Contact Form 7.

TemplateMonster: What are some of the most popular applications for e-commerce features such as WooCommerce Checkout, Repeater Field, Conditional Redirect, and Booking/Appointment Form?

Mirza Md Hasan: Our WooCommerce Checkout addon is ideal for users with a single product, bypassing the conventional WooCommerce flow for a simplified form-based listing and checkout process. Conditional Redirect is invaluable for directing leads to different URLs based on their form selections. Repeater fields are crucial for applications like job forms, where applicants need to submit multiple portfolio entries. For professionals like doctors, lawyers, or agencies, our booking addon facilitates the creation of forms linked to their calendars for appointment scheduling.

TemplateMonster: There are many features listed, including Generator Forms with AI and Digital Signature. In what ways do these features aim to push the boundaries of form creation and management?

Mirza Md Hasan: The AI-based Generator Forms are currently in their initial phase, offering a selection of prebuilt forms while we work towards full automation based on user inputs. The Digital Signature addon, a recent release, already includes essential functionalities, and we aim to incorporate comprehensive features akin to those found in solutions like "DocuSign," further enhancing document handling and signing processes.

TemplateMonster: What other exciting developments can users expect in the future, and how does the plugin intend to remain at the forefront of WordPress contact form solutions?

Mirza Md Hasan: We are actively developing several advanced addons, details of which we prefer to keep under wraps for now. This year, our primary focus is on refining our existing addons, enriching them with more sophisticated features to ensure our plugin continues to lead as a premier solution for WordPress contact forms.


TemplateMonster: Tourfic relies on WooCommerce for its booking system. What are the benefits of WooCommerce integration for hotel bookings, apartments, and travel?

Mirza Md Hasan: Tourfic leverages WooCommerce for its booking system, providing significant flexibility over competitors' proprietary solutions. This integration allows users to utilize any WooCommerce-supported payment gateway, eliminating the need for a Pro version purchase solely for payment processing. This openness offers unparalleled freedom in configuring payment options for bookings.

TemplateMonster: Online transactions involve sensitive information. What measures does Tourfic take to safeguard user data and payment information during booking transactions?

Mirza Md Hasan: Tourfic ensures the security of user data and payment information by utilizing WooCommerce's robust transaction processing system. Since all transactions are managed through WooCommerce, users benefit from its comprehensive security measures designed to protect sensitive information.

TemplateMonster: Tourfic enables customers to register accounts and book online. How does this feature enhance the overall booking experience for users, and are there customization options to tailor the registration and booking process?

Mirza Md Hasan: Customer registration is vital for a seamless booking experience, allowing users to track bookings, receive updates, and more. Tourfic offers an advanced registration system with extensive customization options, such as adding additional fields and enhancing both functionality and user experience in the booking process.

TemplateMonster: Using Tourfic, users can create websites similar to Booking.com, Agoda, Hotels.com, and Airbnb. How does Tourfic enable users to create websites with a similar level of sophistication and functionality?

Mirza Md Hasan: Tourfic empowers users to create sophisticated travel booking websites with features comparable to Booking.com, Agoda, Hotels.com, and Airbnb. It includes a comprehensive backend with tools for hotel, tour, and apartment creation, a room management system, and a tour itinerary builder. Additionally, its Multi-Vendor function allows users to upload and manage their offerings, facilitating the creation of a marketplace similar to leading booking platforms.

TemplateMonster: Is there a way for users to streamline the website development process by using customizable templates or themes?

Mirza Md Hasan: Tourfic provides built-in templates and themes that enable users to quickly develop attractive websites. Moreover, its compatibility with WooCommerce means users can utilize any WooCommerce-compatible themes or templates to further customize and enhance their sites, provided they are compatible with WooCommerce.

TemplateMonster: As an All-in-One Travel Booking WordPress plugin, Tourfic claims to offer a wide range of basic to advanced features. Are there any standout features that set Tourfic apart from other travel booking plugins?

Mirza Md Hasan: Tourfic distinguishes itself with a suite of unique features that enhance its functionality as an all-in-one travel booking solution. Standout features include 

  • A comprehensive Hotel Booking & Management System
  • Tour Listing & Booking System
  • Multi-Vendor Functions
  • Advanced Search Functionality, Wishlist, Customer Review System
  • Support for any payment method
  • Shortcodes & Elementor Widgets
  • Booking data visualization on the Dashboard
  • 3 Distinct booking systems (WooCommerce, External Payment, & No Payment Booking)
  • A Complete Room Management System, and a Tour Itinerary Builder. 

These features collectively set Tourfic apart in the travel booking plugin market.

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