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Monstroid Theme Brand. Now Based on Shopify

Monstroid - Multipurpose Shopify Sections Minimal Theme.

Monstroid Theme - Future-Proof Zemez Product

The Monstroid theme for Shopify is a powerful and flexible solution allowing you to build a top-notch online store. A well-designed theme can help you get started easily with this leading eCommerce platform. It simplifies the process of establishing your online store. Moreover, a professionally designed theme is a great choice if you want to save time on web development from scratch. Though Shopify has all the necessary tools for your store, having a suitable theme speeds things up even more.

Still, there are hundreds of different themes for Shopify. Some are affordable, others have advanced functionality and awesome design. But what if you need a Shopify theme that not just meets your needs but also corresponds to web design standards, has a modern design and isn't overpriced? To satisfy the requests of various eCommerce business owners, we developed a solution that includes all of the above - the Monstroid2 theme. And in this article, we'll explore all the benefits and features it provides.

Impressive Advantages of Shopify and Monstroid

However, before we take a look at the Monstroid theme for Shopify, we need to explain what its platform provides. Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce content management systems. It provides a multicomponent experience for merchants and customers. Also, it is equipped with hundreds of cool features. To put it simply, this CMS allows you to create a powerful and responsive online shop on your own. Still, with themes, you can create even more than just a simple store. From products to reviews, such themes grant you full control over the content of your website.

Monstroid is one of the advanced yet affordable Shopify themes. It offers what you'd expect from a professional web design solution. First available for WordPress and later HTML, Monstroid became a template brand over the years. Being oriented towards eCommerce, the Shopify version of Monstroid offers an impressive design. Its rich functionality, as well as a wide variety of pre-designed page layouts, add a lot of potential to this theme. This theme is packed with advantages for any online store. Here are some of the included features that the Monstroid theme offers:

  1. 10+ Homepage Layouts;
  2. Full support of Shopify apps;
  3. Wishlist;
  4. Shopify visual builder;
  5. Shopping cart;
  6. Quick View.
Monstroid - Shopify ready-made page.

Spectacular Design and New Outstanding Features

Now, let's take a detailed look at these advantages. As one of our advanced solutions, the Monstroid theme provides an incredible range of features. Starting with its minimalistic and spacious design, the theme offers a lot of benefits. If you need to showcase & promote your trending, the theme will deal with this task easily. Monstroid also includes well-designed sections for special offers, discounts, and best sellers. The blog section provides space for posting regular news and updates regarding your store.

As for the functionality, the Monstroid theme also has a lot to offer. Besides using the features provided by the Shopify platform, it also includes other great advantages. They were adapted from previous Monstroid versions and improved to fit eCommerce websites. For example, you can use full-width sliders and detailed headers. This will allow better navigation for your website visitors. Besides, with well-animated hovers for galleries, you'll make your store more visually attractive.

Explosive Power of Shopify 2.0 Version

This theme was designed with not just customers but also the eCommerce trends in mind. Moreover, our solution is fully compatible with the latest version of Shopify, the Online Store 2.0. With a great number of new features and improved functionality, this update simplifies eCommerce. Both merchants and developers can benefit from it. Everything from performance to Shopify apps was reworked in the new version. It was reflected in the Monstroid theme, too. Whether you need better customization or control over the content of your store, you'll find it all in our theme.

However, these are not all the benefits provided by the Monstroid theme for Shopify. We also supplied it with multiple and ready-made pages. They are suited for various purposes of any fashion or jewelry online store. For example, you can tell how your store was established and display the achievements of your team. Also, the pages of Monstroid allow you to provide information about shipping, clothing sizes, or answer frequently asked questions. And of course, this theme includes a wide range of eCommerce-ready pages for your store. Here is just a portion of over 40 pages that this theme supplies:

  • 2 About us page layouts;
  • 7 Shop layouts;
  • 5 Product page layouts;
  • 4+ Blog pages;
  • Lookbook;
  • 5+ Headers and footers;
  • Contact us page.
Monstroid from Shopify is worth it.

Monstroid Theme from Shopify is Worth it!

Monstroid was designed from the start to provide merchants with a vast variety of advantages. From its benefits for design to its functional features, the Monstroid theme can become your next main choice for Shopify. It will fit not just well-established stores but smaller ones, too. Moreover, with its huge potential for developers, it can be used for a wide range of purposes in eCommerce. Your online store will not just benefit from it. With our theme, you'll get more chances to secure your position in your business niche.

If you have any questions about Monstroid or any other solutions Zemez provides for Shopify or other popular platforms, we are always open to communication. Feel free to visit our website for more information on special offers and new products we provide. Don’t forget to visit our blog, too. It offers guides, reviews, and updates on our solutions with new articles published regularly. Also, we will gladly read any of your feedback and ideas. You can always share them here in the comments or by contacting us directly.

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