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40 Outstanding Fashion Shopify Themes

Not so long ago, Internet shopping gained great popularity. The pace and speed at which this broad industry started to develop are incredibly huge. The Internet became an integral part of our everyday lives, and nothing can go through this parallel universe; everything can be adapted to that and made online. Analysts even suggest that Internet shopping will dislodge regular stores and shops; after some years, shopping as we know it will be a kind of antique.

But that is a future which may never exist. Today, for those who decide to go shopping online, it is time to ask: what makes online purchasing better?

  1. Saving of time. Very often our job, housework, and other commitments do not leave us the time for keeping our wardrobe up-to-date. The lack of time or simple laziness cannot be the issue when you are using Internet shopping. You can go to the needed page anytime you wish; many big website shops offer 24/7 customer service or at least the possibility to leave the request for an order via a special form. Once the shop opens, your order will be processed. Usually, it takes no more than 24 business hours. But you are free during this time.
  2. Pleasant purchasing for holiday gifts. Once the holiday season starts, the crowds of people in traditional stores become much bigger. It creates an atmosphere that isn't always pleasant (I would even say never!) and a feeling of stress, racing and rushing through the mass to choose gifts for your relatives, friends and close people. Online stores make shopping much more pleasant.
  3. The economy of money. Sometimes you can save a lot on purchasing through the Internet. In most online stores a certain number of products are cheaper than they are in a physical one. Also, online shops have a practice of profitable promotions when discounts are given.
  4. Accessibility. If you love branded clothes, but do not have access to the specific brand store, or you are interested in certain kind of shoes, but they can be bought only in another state, now your problem is solved. You can Google and find out where you can buy the product and have people be glad to deliver it to you. Internet shopping helps to merge the borders between cultures and fashion, and it makes shopping international and limitless.
  5. Unusual acquiring. Continuing the point above, Internet purchasing gives you a chance to buy something unique. Many people use the Internet for selling their handmade works, for example. They use websites, social networks, and blogs to share their art with other people and make some money on it.

So, now you have five main reasons to purchase on the Internet. However, let’s look at it from the other side if you are not a customer, but you are a reseller.

An online shop is your easy start. Opening an Internet fashion shop, apparel store or shoe store is much easier and cheaper than to do the same physically. You will not need to pay rent or spend a lot of money on expensive renovations, advertisements, and staff. Also, you should take into consideration that to find the suppliers will not be enough; you will have to have the money to buy the goods and bring them to the market. Sure, you will have almost the same circumstance with your Internet shop, but it will be a smaller amount of money and time. Selling online is possible even for housewives who look after children, but still, want to be active and have the additional income. A few phone calls or emails to the suppliers, a couple of clicks on your stunning website, patience and desire will guarantee you the beginning of your own Shopify business on the Internet.

Nowadays, handmade clothes, shoes, and jewelry are extremely popular. In case you do not work with manufacturers, but make unique models of clothes by yourself, an Internet shop is a genuine instrument to promote your works and demonstrate your talent to true connoisseurs. Just take a handful of pictures showing your goods, place them on a stunning Internet platform – your own website – and be ready to say hello to easy and pleasant income.

The other benefit of having an Internet fashion shop is that it's simple to promote it. You will be able to do it yourself or hire a professional for that. The cost of advertising on the Internet is obtainable. You can connect all social networks in search of a client base. People are curious by nature and will always go to see what they are offered. And if you have the resources to make them stay on your site, that is amazing. It is the holy grail for physical shops and online versions as well.

So, we've come to the main point of each Internet fashion shop: the website and its creation. I am sure you will be able to dig out many options of free Shopify HTML-based websites or WordPress themes for Internet stores. However, not all of them will offer you the necessary tools to make your website not simply a page, but a high-grade place to which customers can come just like to a regular shop, select the variants of colors and models, add them to the cart, get additional information, and share these stunning goods with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Here I would like to familiarize you with 40 varied and beautiful fashion Shopify website templates and themes presented on the TemplateMonster website.

You will be able to review them and find out which is the most suitable for your sphere of the Internet fashion business.

Do not hesitate to check out the list below. Enjoy!

T-shirt Shop Templates

The first category of Internet Shopify business is the selling of T-shirts. A T-shirt is an indispensable part of the wardrobe for both men and women. They can be re-purchased in various colors and designs, or you can do your own unique ones with custom prints, for example. You gained the chance to stand out among competitors in this sphere, having your stunning website impressing all with its functionality and pattern.

StoreGrid - Fashion & Accessory Shopify Theme

StoreGrid - Fashion & Accessory Shopify Theme.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Want to build a high-tech, stunning store with unlimited creative freedom? StoreGrid is an easy-to-customize Shopify 2.0 multi-purpose theme that changes the way you see fashion. StoreGrid is the leading fashion e-commerce site template for the future of businesses specializing in clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor, etc. It was built with a focus on design, customization, and scalability to ensure optimal performance and scalability on Shopify. With in-built tools from the admin panel to give you unlimited design freedom, it's easy to edit without any coding knowledge.


  • Header & footer styles;
  • Blog layouts;
  • Multiple hover effects;
  • Google Maps integration;
  • Product page video;
  • Endless scroll;
  • Product recommendations;
  • Upsell popup;
  • Unlimited color.

Urban - Luxurious and Stylish Fashion Shopify 2.0 Responsive Theme

Urban- Luxurious and Stylish Fashion Shopify 2.0 Responsive Theme.

Demo | Download | Hosting

If you want fashionistas to buy everything in your online store, you should choose this Shopify 2.0 responsive theme. This template is beautifully and harmoniously combined with such goods as branded clothing, stylish handbags, trendy accessories, sunglasses, and modern makeup products. Also, the layouts are perfectly adapted to other businesses thanks to the simple, clear, and logical appearance. For example, jewelry and scin beauty items.

Buy Shopify 2.0 responsive theme also for its wonderful additional improvements:

  • Responsive layout is easy to adjust to the smartphone or tablet size in a matter of seconds.
  • SEO-friendly - your invaluable assistant for promotion in search engines.
  • Multi-currency and multi-language help you sell to people with parcel delivery around the world.
  • Retina Ready guarantees perfect screen sensitivity on Apple technics and other devices with screens with increased pixel density.
  • Bootstrap is the most modern framework. Consequently, you receive a design of the highest quality that is easy to manage and edit.

Modish Fashion - Modern Shoes Store Shopify Theme

Modish Fashion - Modern Shoes Store Shopify Theme.

Demo | Download | Hosting

This mobile-friendly shoe Shopify template has everything you need for a successful e-commerce business: product quick view, hover, sliders, social share, and unlimited banners. You can do anything you want with the website by adding, moving, and deleting the elements like products, collections, or banners at your will. Furthermore, a friendly support team is available 24/7, so you never need to worry about technical questions concerning a theme. What else you get:

  • One-click installation
  • Multipurpose
  • Responsive nature
  • RTL support
  • Retina-ready
  • MegaMenu included

Wokie - Shopify Fashion Store Theme

Wokie - Shopify Fashion Store Theme.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Stop wasting time on web design. With the drag & drop UI and one-click import, you can create a responsive online shop in minutes. Get this multipurpose Shopify theme for fashion to see your clothes come to life! There is a gallery page, an extensive megamenu, lazy load effect, SEO-optimized code, cross-browser compatibility, and unlimited color variations. Besides, this template has a product carousel so that shoppers can see more of your products on one page. What's more:

  • Dropshipping ready
  • Blog layout built-in
  • Retina-ready
  • Newsletter popup
  • 24/7 online support
  • Well-documented

Arone - The Fashion Premium Shopify Theme

Demo | Download

Make your dreams a reality in just a few clicks with this beautiful fashion Shopify theme. It is an attractive option for your project related to fashion, beauty, cosmetics, or another online store. Designed with full responsiveness and mobile adaptation, Arone is displayed well on any gadget. It has a simple drag and drop interface and is easy to customize. Explore the other characteristics Arone boasts:

  • Mega Menu integrated;
  • Newsletter Popup;
  • Blogs Page;
  • Social media integration;
  • No coding knowledge required, etc. 

Multifly - Modern Fashion Store Template Shopify Theme

Demo | Download 

If you wish to develop an online store, we can offer you an adaptive fashion Shopify theme. It comes with a quick installation, perfect layout, and a bunch of incredible fonts. It is also SEO- optimized, fast-loading, and based on a quality code. The official Shopify Growave app is friendly and merged with it. If you install them together, you get another complimentary 30 days of trial. So, the main features are:

  1. Loading high speed.
  2. Flexible layout.
  3. Practical navigation.
  4. 24/7 tech support.

Apparelix - Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Apparelix - Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme.

Demo | Download 

Consider this all-in-one Shopify template specifically developed for fashion, accessories, bags, or shoes related stores, no matter if you have multi- or single product inventory. This is a brand new, ultimate solution with numerous layouts, where every single layout contains the main page with dynamic sections, header and footer options, as well as a variety of custom pages. You’ll get access to everything needed for a hassle-free website building in one place.

Apparelix Shopify theme allows for code-free workflow which means you can get your online store ready within a few days. Now, you don’t have to hire the whole team of developers, spend a fortune on building a website, and wait an eternity until the site gets ready. With a pre-designed template, you can organize product pages on your own without touching a single line of code. All you have to do is just add, reorder, or remove different types of content with the help of Shopify visual builder.

Another good thing about Apparelix is that it allows for selling products on one of the largest platforms, Amazon. This greatly benefits your business while letting you reach a wider audience and expand the client’s base.

Roxxe - Responsive Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Roxxe - Responsive Multipurpose Shopify Theme.

Demo | Download | Hosting

By planning to start an online store of clothes, pay your attention to Roxxe. This responsive multipurpose Shopify theme looks clean and elegant. As a result, using it you can build a store to sell diverse fashion supplies. It also perfectly meets the atmosphere of health and beauty care. 

To be more detailed, the Roxxe Responsive Multipurpose Shopify Theme goes with 68+ demos. They are pre-designed layouts with lots of sections and elements for product presentation. Stay assured that you won’t have problems while customizing Roxxe, as it provides visual drag-n-drop editing. In such a way, you’ll quickly add selling items, their images and prices, set wishlists, and comparison options. Plus, Shopify is known for lightning-fast social networks and Amazon integration. As well, it provides custom shopping carts and supports all popular payment systems and currency.

As for the Roxxe Shopify theme, it’s also backed with amicable live technical assistance and comprehensive instructions. Moreover, you’ll be able to benefit from the best official Shopify apps.

Smart - Drag & Drop Shopify Theme

Drag & Drop Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

This simple and user-friendly theme for a shopping website is the perfect choice for spreading your ideas about T-shirt designs. It has three different options for layouts, but all of them are comfortable for placing big images of the print. An unobtrusive and calm design does not interrupt visitors from the main objective: your goods. The template has enough space for the information about a product; you can easily explain the scheme under which your company sells the goods. The 'add to cart' function is convenient and noticeable.

This t-shirt Shopify theme is armed with Shopify Drag & Drop Section Editor Support, so you don't even need to know HTML or CSS to operate the layouts and change them depending on your needs. This T-shirt fashion website template supports multiple layouts not only for a homepage, but for a collection page, and product page as well. The website template is fully customizable in regard to the fonts, colors, and design. A big slideshow field can be used for pictures or video as well, which will be responsive on all devices and automatically optimized. Smart Shopify theme has Welcome Message Display, which allows customers to subscribe on the updates, leaving their email address. A MailChimp sign-up form was put at the footer, so you can elevate your newsletter. You need just follow the link to Smart - Drag & Drop Shopify Theme and enjoy the live demo to see how nice and convenient this template is.

Vendy - Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Fashion

Vendy - Multipurpose Shopify Theme.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Vendy is a jam-pack Shopify theme for fashion. Clean and mobile-friendly, it’s designed to help you with any modern business project. With Vendy, you can sell online clothing, accessories, shoes, and anything else that requires good taste and flexibility.

As for customization, the Vendy Multipurpose Shopify Theme for Fashion is based on the visual builder. It guarantees you easy code-free editing of a future store, its pages, and sections. Moreover, there is a great number of the last ones, as Vendy goes with:

  • 10 ready-made Homepages;
  • Lookbook pages;
  • Collections pages;
  • Listing and Product pages;
  • About Us pages;
  • blog page templates;
  • and more.

Try this all on your own letting you create a featured store in a couple of mouse clicks!

True T-Shirts Shopify Theme

True T-Shirts Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

This amazing True Shopify template is a flawless way to organize the work of your online store at the highest level. This template is equipped with everything necessary for ease of usage and placement of content. It features the Bootstrap, Admin Panel, and different forms to gather customer information: newsletter, signup, and a 'contact us' form. Also, an online chat option is available.

In regard to the design, the layout is extremely convenient and comfortable. You can pay attention to the upper section, where all the main information is located. It is quite noticeable and accessible. You can put in this section your hot promotions or new models. A drop-down menu offers language changing (the template is available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, and German), login form, creating an account and checkout. A cart is located in the same section and is visible as well. So, after adding the product, you will not somehow miss the way to place an order. The categories menu works perfectly as well on this fashion website template. Also, a blog and a social network connection are in function. The search field is ready as well. This template works perfectly on mobile devices. It has countdown times and a Google Maps application to show the location of the shop/manufacturer. This feature can be easily removed if you do not have a physical facility; removing it will not make this website theme less attractive.

T-shirt Shop Responsive Shopify Theme

T-shirt Shop Responsive

Demo | Download | Hosting

This template is fully impressive with regard to the design and style. Its layout is soft and lively, with HTML plus JS animation. Using this template, you do not need to think about visitor satisfaction because that is included with it. The pattern is rapid and light, with a docked upper toolbar chasing after you wherever on the website you are. The template is adapted to all mobile devices; it still looks handy and of full value. Dropdown menus are flexible and unobtrusive, hiding when not needed. The categories are created in upper and lower sections to make navigation on the T-shirt shopping website easy. The colors of the theme are customizable and the default images are included, but you can put your own works on the homepage. The field for the price is fixed under the T-shirt image, so visitors will not spend additional time opening the product or hovering the mouse cursor over a certain product. The template also maintains the connection to social networks and user-friendly forms for contacting website administration, newsletter, and subscribing.

T-Shirt Designs Shopify Theme

T-Shirt Designs Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

This T-shirt shopping website template is the place for locating the T-shirts of your dreams. It is fully animated and vivid, as it comes with Parallax Effects, but at the same time it is light and adaptive to all devices. Its vintage style makes the template thin and stylish; the default italic fonts give an elegance and pleasure. The two-column structure of the layout gives you the ability to divide the information on the page and makes the navigation comfortable and relaxed. A big image slider allows you to add your favorite models of T-shirts and attract the attention of customers at first sight. I would surely use this template for creating my own shop with custom printing on T-shirts, or even apply it for the promotion of my existing store because the template has widgets for social networks, user-friendly 'contact us,' and a newsletter which pops up as soon as you get to the page. The location of the main features such as checkout button and cart is opposite, on the same side. So, customers will see the currency they are purchasing in (USD, GBP, EUR), the products in the cart, and where to pay for the amazing T-shirt they are ordering. Also, good support and documentation make this template agreeable to work with.

Stylish Tshirts Shopify Theme

Stylish Tshirts Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Two fascinating layouts create one of the most stylish HTML Shopify themes aimed to the selling of T-shirts or any other type of clothes. The design was built on the contrast with bold fonts and big lettering. The colors are customizable but you will not want to change the noble black background. The perfect way is to dilute it with the accents of bright fonts. The template contains a huge full-width image slider ready to show your best samples of T-shirts. The categories are located in the lower part of the layout along with the social network buttons, online support, and links to catalog, homepage, blogs, etc. The layout is compact enough and your visitors will not need to scroll for a long time to get the needed section.

The “showcase” of your T-shirt website is made with round windows presenting the prices and additional information once you direct your cursor on the desired product. It looks nice and neat, and makes the website atmosphere easy and relaxed. This template is technically convenient and fast, supports the animation, and includes well-composed documentation.

Fashion Store Templates

The other important category is Fashion Store Templates. There are a few nice multifunctional templates available for use in different wide or narrow branches of your fashion Internet store. The main requirement for the theme is a good image slider and a gallery to showcase the pictures of clothes, sorting options, and fast search capabilities.

Ezone - Multipurpose Shopify Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

Real professionals know the benefits of having universal templates and additional layouts. You may not use it for months, but one day you will be more than happy to be the owner of this stunning theme. It is multifunctional for Shopify websites of many kinds. It has more than 11 designs for the home page, and more than 7 designs for the shop page and product detail layouts. Also, it includes some other templates for blog, contact information, and website issue pages. In regard to the fashion theme, there are two main page options; they differ in colors and the position of the tools. Along with the simple but attractive design, this Shopify website template is equipped with comfortable sections, drop and drag, customizable colors and fonts, and various styles of menu (drop-down, offset/slide bar ones, main menu and category menu with image). It offers options for multiple currencies, languages, shop grid/list view, product zoom, comments and sharing on social media. This template for your Shopify website is fully responsive and adaptive to all devices, well-documented, and easy to use.

Mira - Minimal Shopify Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

Mira is a wonderful template for people who prefer to concentrate on the website rather than on arrogant design. This theme is simple and minimal, but it does not make it poor. People who offer different kinds of clothing should not be bonded to the exact design; their website will be more flexible with a minimal style and usable drop-and-drag system to lay your amazing stock on the shelves. The slideshow option will act as the real shop-window of your online store. Mira comes with all approved features like fine sections for products, menus with and without images, 'contact us' form, Ajax cart, subscription form, newsletter, connection to social networks, and more. It has a few variants of home page layout and spacious product information pages with the possibility to choose the color, size and other options of the coveted product. It is incredibly spacious; instead of boring lines and columns, it leaves plenty of room for photos and text. At the same time it is easy to use, it loads quickly, and is fully convenient in navigation.

Shopy Fashion Shopify Theme

Shopy Fashion Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

This is a highly functional, complex, and strong template for a professional website targeted to clothes selling. It comes with over 13 pre-made layouts, nine options for listing pages, and four gallery pages (available in Instagram style). The theme is fully responsive, bold and confident. Amazing mega-menu and convenient sliders turn it into a Pandora's box that is completely dangerous for the wallets of your visitors. Ajax filters make navigation easy and the website is reachable for spending time here with pleasure. The drop-down menus for listings, categories, and galleries offer a few options depending on your taste, so you can decide what your customers will see and which kind of information is most accurate for them. Fully customizable and equipped with all necessary instruments for creating a successful business, the Shopy Fashion Shopify Theme is something you should review in live demo. Try it and imagine how comfortable it will be, and choose the best combination of layouts for your astonishing online shop.

Uniqlo - Minimal Shopify Theme

Uniqlo - Minimal Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Who said that your Shopify website should be overloaded with bright pictures and bold text? This minimal shopping website theme will change your mind and convince you that simplicity and elegance is the best combination. It is light and tender, calm and moderate in its design, but brave and powerful in its functionality. This minimal theme offers many options for layouts that change the position of menus, bars, pages for a product, and 'contact us' form, with set Google Maps. The theme is not overloaded with a surplus of symbols, pictures, and columns. The main panel is compactly located at the top, and the buttons are small but clearly separated, convenient for clicking. The cart is feathery, and demonstrates the goods through a neat drop-down. It offers plenty of space for the main image, which is conveniently placed in the center. This theme is fully adaptive to mobile and tablet screens, supports newsletter and 'contact us' forms, and is connected to social media through widgets.

Neha - Multipurpose Shopify Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

This is a fine solution for your e-commerce website. It is light enough to work amazingly on any browser and window size, is full width, and contains such important features for a successful business website as drop-and-drag, mega-menu with or without picture, convenient cart, different forms for contact, and a popup newsletter keeping your visitors informed that you need them and want to have them as your clients. This shopping website template offers a few variants of the design and structure, and has a built-in wishlist. It helps your clients to follow up on their desires and monitor possible promotions and sales on certain products. Also, it comes with a usable blog slidebar, Google Analytics, shortcodes, collection filters, shop grid view, countdown timer for special offers and sales, and more. The layout for this fashion thematic is one of the most booming because of its elegant and geometrically exact sections, buttons for detailed information, and wishlist option which pops up once you put your cursor on the product’s picture in the mega menu. The tab layout is fine here as well because it allows the main home picture a dominant role in this website template scene, while the other tools are waiting to be used in the left section.

Clothilla - Clothing Store Shopify Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

Clothilla is a real monster among the online clothing website templates available. If you are looking for an impressive view, comfortable operation and many spaces for bringing in your own ideas, this theme will be perfect for you. The structure of the template is quite standard in regard to the upper section for a cart, personal cabinet, wishlist, and currency. However, the main act will begin once you scroll down. The layout offers many functions and integrated tools for keeping customers interested in exploring it, to try and click each link hidden under the image. The catalog is represented in a few ways: a fashionable collection of the clothes, specific style and a combination of things, categories for different types, etc. It offers a 'stay in touch' form, social networks widgets, and broadcast of your Instagram profile that will make your online shop up-to-date and noticeable through the other boring ones. All the links are duplicated in two places: the upper panel and the lower one. The same goes for the logo of your company, to let everyone know what exactly what this website is that they are enjoying.

GoodWeather - Outdoor Clothing Shopify Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

This template was originally designed for outwear, but we can say it is multipurpose as well. It is fully responsive and well customizable, with an original design and nice, feathery animations. It offers many filters for different categories, sorting and search options for convenient usage, and free navigation. The GoodWeather template is perfect for physical shop owners as well as for e-commerce. Buyers love with their eyes, so this template leaves a lot of room for images, a slideshow of a catalog, and new collection lookbooks. Also, blog pages, Google Maps, Google fonts, cross-browser availability, easy and valid coding, and included detailed documentation and support will supplement the professional look of this theme. This template includes a set of blocks showing the products collection on the main page; you can use up to 55 of them on one page. You may set up the navigation in the way you like, change the colors and fonts, and fill it in with your own special content. Visitor satisfaction is guaranteed; don't forget to add the page layout for comments to check how happy they are.

So Cloth Fashion Store Responsive Shopify Theme

So Cloth Fashion

Demo | Download | Hosting

So Cloth is the solution for daring collections of clothes suitable for active and creative people. The theme design completely immerses the page in the world of bright colors and live images, open catalogs and, at the same time, simple and free navigation.

The client’s main working panel is positioned to the right; it is compact and elegant. A variety of categories allow the customer to navigate precisely to the point they came here for, whether it’s searching for the freshest novelties of fashion, or for crazy discounts on high-quality goods. The page is long enough, so your visitors will be reading it like a book, getting new information while exploring it. It works great on all devices and browsers, and includes the connection forms, social options, and Google services represented by fonts, maps, and comments. It's well documented and ready to customize. What else could you possibly need?

4Men - Men's Fashion Shopify Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

Men's fashion is always in trend. E-commerce will never miss the chance to satisfy the needs of this customer base and save some time running around the shops in an effort to gain the best look. In competition with women, men will win in regard to the ability to make decisions faster. Real men know what they want, and a real master of selling will play on the people haven't gotten it yet. This theme is perfect for a site devoted to men’s clothes because of its scrupulous simplicity. It is undoubtedly original and moderately elegant, leaving more colors and paths for women’s clothing websites. Strict lines and discreet colors make this template attractive for visiting. Numerous navigation tools, organizing catalogs and impressive images, snapping to social networks, and a convenient shopping cart and order form are all aspects that make men believe that shopping can be simple, affordable and timely. The template gives a sitemap for controlling navigation; the search bar works perfectly and reacts on your request in seconds. HTML plus JS animation makes your catalog vivid, and the customization is easy with the theme colors switcher active.

Fleek - Fashion Responsive Shopify Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

This is a user-friendly, fully responsive, and quite professional Shopify clothing theme. It is bright and modern, and opened for customization with a theme color switcher that can be activated in just one click. The colors contrast, keeping the website template readable and pleasant to the eyes. This template comes with an Ajax cushy shopping cart and amazing mega-menu. That is a powerful tool for keeping your website products in order, and it also allows you to keep the navigation streamlined; even if your visitors are far from the main catalog, they can easily come back to the choice of categories. The search and sorting options work perfectly as well. Customers can decide how they will look for the needed attire: starting from the price, novelty, best-selling, etc. The Fleek theme includes product badges; you will be able to indicate the status of the product without the user having to open its separate page. Also, a blog is available to give visitors a chance to share their experience. The theme is easy to install and extremely flexible, the documentation is well done, PSD is included, and semantic HTML 5 code gives a fast loading ability to the page.

Belly Dance Shopify Theme

Belly Dance Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

This bright and attractive theme seems a little narrow-profile and limited for the subject of belly dancing, but nevertheless, it leaves a wide range for customization using the Admin panel for simplicity. Excellent, fast graphics and animation from Parallax create an atmosphere of mystery and colorfulness for this website. Newsletter popup works along with the attractive, bright images included with the theme. The promo banner with countdown timer is operable; it shows the time until a certain promotion expires. Google Maps, contact form, a comfortable cart and many other instruments are ready to serve the needs of you and your visitors. The sitemap is convenient and useful in navigating, and the categories are divided and duplicated in the lower part of the page. If your shop specializes in selling bright clothes, this theme is specifically for you. It will emphasize the quality of the goods and help your customers be confident they're dealing with a serious company.

Male Fashion Shopify Theme

Male Fashion

Demo | Download | Hosting

This men’s fashion theme cannot be limited to men's clothing only. It’s simply a clean, easy and unobtrusive theme that turns your website into a serious thing. At the same time, it's incredibly attractive and simple. A liveliness, open animation, and a huge slider over the full extent of the screen (it works great both on large monitors and on small devices) brings additional charm to this template. Parallax animation with Lazy Load effect opens limitless possibilities for creating the “personality” of your website. The page is two layouts in one: it's long enough to contain all the necessary information about your company and provide a visually stable and attractive catalog of your products. The drop-down menus are hidden, opening the space for the images and slideshows. It is equipped with all the standard tools for a successful shopping website, such as contact forms, convenient cart, product badges, Google Maps, separate fields for promotion banners, and exclusive categories of a lookbook.

Fashion Online Store Shopify Theme

Fashion Online

Demo | Download | Hosting

This unique theme cannot be called minimalistic. It looks rather unusual and elegant, leaving plenty of room for high-quality content and brilliant images. Some catalogs are already pre-made and the first thing the client sees is two sections sorting into categories of women’s and men’s clothing; below are the other catalogs. Image links to directories are close to each other, while the selection is always highlighted. The theme suggests several strips of sliders, padded to full width of the monitor. This trick focuses visitors on special offers that will be placed there. At the same time, the top panel of the main menus and tools remains prominent and easily accessible.

Also, this Shopify template design pleases with a set of icons and convenient visual links to social networks: the website will display your Instagram, Twitter comments, and Facebook page. The blog option shows three random articles. Google Maps are configured for the template design and loaded in the night mode. The design does not lose the other important features such as Parallax animation, full adaptiveness, shopping cart, sign in, 'contact us' forms, and so on.

Factor Fashion Store Responsive Shopify Theme

Factor Fashion

Demo | Download | Hosting

This spacious and clean e-commerce website template is a genuine tool for stores conducting discounts for customers, offering special collections and unique models. It is oriented with a comfortable catalog, easy option to add the needed product to the cart (using cart icons and badges included with the theme), free access to customer accounts, and contact form. The layout is short but contains everything necessary. The square slide bar has the option to demonstrate a random product depending on your promotions or special offers. It gives four additional image categories which you can use depending on your concept. So, even without scrolling up the page, you will get the first information about the website and its content. A newsletter sign-up form is located at the end of the page along with links to the social networks. Customized modules, Google Fonts, blog, and search module are fully operative.


Apparel Templates

The next category is Apparel Templates. These fashion website designs have unique features to get the attention of audiences interested in improving their look. You should check it out if your business is connected with this sphere.

Zhigan Shopify Theme

Zhigan Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

This Shopify website template is completely impressive. It is lively and interactive; it flexibly reacts to each movement of the cursor. A special feature of this theme is the presence of round icons, under which the links to categories are hidden. The drop-down menu is interactive; it moves along with the page shift and remains the cap at the top. This makes the site look professional. At the same time, the templates do not turn the site into something heavy; it adapts to most devices and browsers. The template is not limited only to the horizontal layout of the text, but uses a vertical one for saving space. The template comes with theme color switcher, product badges, amazing elevate zoom, and Ajax cart. Available currencies are USD, GBP, EUR.

JaneStyle Shopify Theme

JaneStyle Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

JaneStyle is a fully animated Shopify website template that is calm and absolutely stunning, as well as professionally constructed. It comes with a banner equipped with a timer for showing the time to which a particular promotion is valid. The menus work as separate layouts containing links for easy website navigation. The full-width image slider was specially made for demonstrating the pictures of talented designers, your own models, and attractive promotions keeping customers interested. Big images indicate categories; they are animated and look vivid. The product badges are included to show the sales offers, newly arrived products, and so on. Also, the theme provides kinetic pictures for products. Stock pictures are included with the template, the documentation is prepared, and the JaneStyle template offers 24/7 support in case you are faced with difficulties in using the website.

Apparel Responsive Shopify Theme

Apparel Responsive Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

The design of this apparel Shopify template is absolutely original. Once you enter the website, you see a big full-width slider available for slideshow or image. The head panel with instruments is located at the left side, so the space for images and sections is free. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your creativity. Except for the interesting and convenient design, the template is equipped with an extremely comfortable Ajax cart. The main catalog is constructed as a separate page with great sorting filters and shows the number of units on the page. The products images are animated, and the drop-down appears once you put the cursor onto the picture with a particular item displaying the additional information. Social media links are reflected on each page and in the layout of the website’s template. The template comes with contact form, login form, newsletter subscription (which meets you once you enter the page), user registration, and search form. Everything is neat and easy for the navigation.

Apparel Shopify Theme

Apparel Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

The modern and neat design of this shopping website template is created for the perfect collection of clothes. The authors of this theme again emphasize the light harmony of pastel colors and completely paved images. The main links and catalogs hide under them. It is quite comfortable and creates the feeling as if you are flipping through a book with large and beautiful illustrations. The toolbar, the account login, and the cart come as separate columns at the right, slightly merging with the background, but it’s easy to fix by customizing settings and colors (although that is exactly the detail which gives some kind of lightness to the design). A lot of space is occupied by teasers on blogs, three samples each. The main directory drops down, and there is also the option to add categories to the section. Parallax effects are available, there's a friendly search core, and a newsletter greets you once you come to the page. This template will best work for lifestyle clothing shops and will attract people who love freedom and choice.

Plus Size Ladies Fashion Store Shopify Theme

Plus Size

Demo | Download | Hosting

This bright and clean template is one of The Best Shopify Themes. It's the perfect decision for the fashion industry and websites selling beauty things. The first thing you see on this amazing website template is the newsletter subscribing form which pops up at the center of the monitor. The template is equipped with countdown timer banner for special offer, login field, 'create an account' option, checkout links, search bar, multiple currencies and shopping cart information. A big image slider is opened to add custom pictures of your best products and models. The theme, made in a pink color, is oriented toward women, but it supports customization in colors and fonts, so you can set up the combination to your tastes. It has sections and featured products category, big image room for clothing under a special offer, Google Maps, connection with social networks, blogs, and more. Drop-down menus are contrasting enough, light and unobtrusive. This Shopify template seems to be good enough to post your collection here and use crazy opening discounts to attract clients.

Ketty Clothing Apparel Responsive Shopify Theme

Ketty Clothing Apparel

Demo | Download | Hosting

This is an interesting Bootstrap apparel Shopify template made in moderate colors, designed for fashion e-commerce sites or business blogs for people starting their businesses and making handmade clothing. The website header is classic, centered with small accessible drop-down menus showing as separate layouts. The website page is geometrically clean and filled with large pictures, adapted to the sections of your lookbook or catalog depending on your choice. Lazy Load effects appear once you scroll down and up, making the page energetic and airy. The newsletter is welcoming and attractive. The end of the page shows attached teasers of the latest posts in blogs, and small icons that invite customers to social networks as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Instagram. With this package, you will receive well-made documentation for easy customizing and coding, stock photos, and 24/7 attentive support.

Shopping in Style Shopify Theme

Shopping in Style Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Smart categorization, vivid animation, bright theme and professional tools – that is everything about this clothing store website template. The theme is made for different kinds of clothes and will be suitable for websites with high fashion apparel, casual style, custom designs, outerwear, women’s fashion, and so on. It comes with a convenient header for the website, movable banners, and images sections. The catalog items are minimalistic; the window of the unit includes 'add to cart' button, price, badges, and an information widget to be directed to the separate product page. The template is fast, optimized, and handy in navigation. Parallax and Lazy Load effect make website usage engaging and intriguing. At the same time, it does not draw attention away from the main purpose: purchasing wonderful clothes with an amazing fit. The impressive feature of this theme is a blog section with multiple layouts that are fully responsive. This template will surely become a reliable addition to the image of your store.

Styler Original Clothing Shopify Theme

Styler Original Clothing Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

This incredibly weightless and modern theme is perfect for a collection of summer clothes, swimsuits, gentle women’s dresses or even children’s fashion. Such a fleeting impression is due to standard pictures, but this template is easy to fill with your own content, and you can choose an interesting font or color theme. The site menu is already divided into categories and we can see that the field leaves a lot of room for their variety. A compact multifunctional slider is complemented by a multitude of banners that are mobile due to the Parallax animation. The sections for reviewing the product are compact; despite this, it's easy to focus the eye on the exact good. Convenient search, accurate link to the shopping cart, links to blogs and social networks, and forms for notifications and feedback are part of the theme's offerings. The design keeps its functionality and beauty on all devices and screens. It seems that everything in this template is ready for use on the site of both a beginner shop and a long-standing temple of fashion.

Frant Men’s Fashion Apparel Responsive Shopify Theme

Frant Men’s Fashion

Demo | Download | Hosting

This men’s fashion template is elegant and clean, well optimized, and fits perfectly for shops ready for breakthrough on the Internet. This template looks like the title page of a fashionable men’s magazine, and if you select the appropriate pictures for this theme, it will be an impressive sight. Compact and small sections, banners, and sharp and bright shades and shapes make this theme irreplaceable in promoting your site on the web. Retina-ready, the template is optimized, fast, and honed for the comfortable shopping of your visitors. It works great across all devices and screen sizes, and has newsletter integration, blog linkage, fine shopping cart instruments, cross-sell sliders and many other amazing features.

Shoe Store Templates

In a world that requires us to move as quickly and comfortably as possible in all spheres, we should not forget about this important attribute of every self-respecting person: shoes. Some prefer a sports style, some beautiful girls cannot see life without expensive and fashionable high-heeled shoes, and some just look for cozy sandals. Nevertheless, regardless of the style your online shoe store offers, you should always find the right theme in order to fully reflect the beauty of this accessory. So, there are a few wonderful Shoe Store Templates.

Soyan - Shoes & Accessories Responsive Shopify Themev

Soyan - Shoes & Accessories Responsive Shopify Theme.

Demo | Download | Hosting

Do you want to have the best website going? Then go for Soyan. That is a modern accessories responsive Shopify theme to try today. It is a great option for an eCommerce website on any topic. You get five beautiful homepage styles, so choose the right one. The template supports multiple languages and currencies, which is great for any eCommerce site. Also, it is optimized for mobile devices to reach audiences worldwide. And it is a nice choice for dropshipping websites.

Speaking of features, Soyan has plenty. Here is a list of some best features to consider:

  • Bootstrap framework;
  • Advanced theme options;
  • Ajax function;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Retina-ready;
  • Lazy Load effect;
  • jQuery;
  • Pre-built pages and modules;
  • Light template;
  • Dropdown menu.

SNKR - Sneakers Store Shopify Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

The fully responsive Sneakers theme is suitable not only for this specific kind of shoe, but it's easily customizable thanks to the special admin panel that gives you the possibility to edit your website layout manually in a few clicks. The position and quantity completely depends on you. It is multilingual and multicurrency, and has an amazing Ajax cart, mega-menu, product quick view, zooming, stunning banners, images and animation with text, and a product carousel that can be animated or fixed. It includes Parallax animation and easily works with image sliders; also, it offers the function of a newsletter and 'add to wishlist' option. Drop-and-drag functionality and scrapbook sections will get your customers' attention, and effortless navigation and a smart search will help them to get what they want. Besides this full workability, the design of the template is bright, memorable and lively. The blog section was placed in the header of the website by default; it shows the random articles in the drop-down with pictures. Your shoe collection will be in order – not as something formulaic, but absolutely creative.

Shoe Store Responsive Shopify Theme

Shoe Store Responsive Shopify Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

This theme is full-width and confident. The template has a customizable homepage with ready sections, gallery, sliders, banners, text columns with images, product badges and many other features. If your website is overloaded with different styles and models of shoes, it will not be a problem for the customer to orient themselves through it because sorting options are smart with Ajax and display the exact feature you are looking at: you can sort by name, price, best-selling, new, or just get random options. Clicking on the product shows the popup with additional information (price, product availability in stock, options). The main page can accommodate plenty of information without requiring the opening of additional pages. It is convenient to place information about the latest products, examples of models from the catalog, special offers, or advice from shop owners. Also, you can easily attach any material from social networks or a blog that corresponds to your products. Wishlist, convenient cart, saving browsing history, and clever product offer system make this template a favorite among visitors to such online stores.

Hamintec - Luxury Quality Sneakers Store Shopify Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

The lion's share of the front page here is made specifically for the big image slider, which is animated and interactive. It's an amazing tool for showing your latest collection, season, or thematic arrivals. The animation uses Parallax, and is fully interactive, balanced and convenient; it's responsive on all browsers and screens. The layouts are customizable with an easy admin panel that contains four ready colors themes to choose from depending on your taste. The mega-menu provides convenience and professional navigation. A big newsletter field gives visitors the chance not to miss the opportunity to get updates and special offers from your online footwear store. Sorting options, multicurrency options and handy shopping cart makes the purchasing process pleasant and hassle-free. Product badges help to sort out the units by informing users of the status (special offer, sale, new, etc.). The website becomes vivid, and perfectly works for both sports footwear and classic style shoes. The structure of this shoe store template is pleasant for both clients and the owner.

Sport Shoes - Responsive Shopify Theme

Sport Shoes

Demo | Download | Hosting

This Sports Shoes Shopify website template is sharp and clean. Viewing this site can be compared to running a marathon: it’s fast and convenient, and if you know your goal, you can go straight through this website to the checkout with the product you love. Such high functionality is promoted primarily by design: well-defined borders of icons with products, banners, a light and mobile site cap, a beautifully animated slider for images from your new collection (or favorite models of the site owner), and a banner with a time calculator at the top. Also, all this is emphasized by a variety of tools such as easy customization using a lightweight panel, ready color palettes for theme selection, popup newsletter, blog options, product badges, and support for different currencies and languages. The sorting option is inclusive; the icons of popular brands are ready to be used. Also, do not forget about this template's free 24/7 support and well-completed documentation.

Shoe Store Responsive Shopify Theme

Shoe Store

Demo | Download | Hosting

The first thing that comes to mind when reviewing this theme is its vastness. All its elements are large enough – noticeable, but at the same time they perfectly harmonize and do not create an agglomerate of resources. Your single-page website will look great if you are not afraid to add a short video; this will be the first thing catching the attention of your visitors. The template perfectly supports animation, has a large-format gallery, and includes big icons for social media and blog, sections, and Cloud Zoom effects. The gallery immediately displays the type of product, and additional information is opened when you select it. This template will be perfect if you are sure of the quality of your product images. The contact form and search is also sizable enough. The template maintains a quality zoom to closely inspect all the details of the item. It also includes a banner with a countdown timer, Google Maps, and a panel for easy customization of your site. The width of this theme is 2048 pixels; nevertheless, it is perfectly supported by monitors of any size and all kinds of browsers.

So, here we've got 40 top amazing Shopify website templates equipped with helpful features and impressive design. I am sure that among these, you will be able to find the right one for your fashion, apparel or shoe ecommerce shop. Despite the fact that a template is just the skin of your website, it's the main thing customers will pay attention to. Always dress for success! If you sell wonderful and high-quality clothes, your website should be dressed just as beautifully. Thank you for reading, and good luck!

website themes

TOP 40 Outstanding Fashion Shopify Themes

Template Name Theme Provider Template Category Price
Apparelix - Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Handbag Templates $139
True T-Shirts Shopify Theme ZEMEZ T-shirt Shop Templates $139
T-shirt Shop Responsive Shopify Theme ZEMEZ T-shirt Shop Templates $139
T-Shirt Designs Shopify Theme ZEMEZ T-shirt Shop Templates $139
Stylish Tshirts Shopify Theme ZEMEZ T-shirt Shop Templates $139
Ezone - Multipurpose Shopify Theme ThemesHub Fashion Store Templates $160
Mira - Minimal Shopify Theme ThemesHub Shoe Store Templates $139
Shopy Fashion Shopify Theme tonytemplates Shoe Store Templates $123
Uniqlo - Minimal Shopify Theme ThemesHub Fashion Store Templates $118
Neha - Multipurpose Shopify Theme ThemesHub Furniture Templates $118
Clothilla - Clothing Store Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Fashion Store Templates $139
GoodWeather - Outdoor Clothing Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Fashion Store Templates $139
Fashion Store Responsive Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Fashion Store Templates $139
4Men - Men's Fashion Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Fashion Store Templates $139
Fleek - Fashion Responsive Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Fashion Store Templates $139
Belly Dance Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Fashion Store Templates $139
Male Fashion Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Fashion Store Templates $139
Fashion Online Store Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Fashion Store Templates $139
Fashion Store Responsive Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Fashion Store Templates $139
Zhigan Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Apparel Templates $139
JaneStyle Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Apparel Templates $139
Apparel Responsive Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Apparel Templates $139
Plus Size Clothing Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Apparel Templates $139
Apparel Responsive Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Apparel Templates $139
Shopping in Style Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Apparel Templates $139
Original Clothing Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Apparel Templates $139
Apparel Responsive Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Apparel Templates $139
SNKR - Sneakers Store Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Shoe Store Templates $139
Shoe Store Responsive Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Shoe Store Templates $139
Hamintec - Luxury Quality Sneakers Store Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Shoe Store Templates $139
Sport Shoes - Responsive Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Shoe Store Templates $139
Shoe Store Responsive Shopify Theme ZEMEZ Shoe Store Templates $139

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