Minor Steps to Big Changes: Opencart Themes Improvements

Day after day TemplateMonster's dev team keeps on turning things for the better. Each month hundred of new awesome features are implemented into the templates (most of them are tiny updates that do not need to mentioned about), the only purpose of these updates is to deliver only the best products. Today we would like to tell you about the new features implemented into Opencart templates.

We decided to choose only three revisions that are worthy to be mentioned. Here they are:

Revision #1

The model of a banner has been improved additionally there were developed modules for carousels and sliders on the basis of a new model. From now on the caption can be added into the slider through the admin panel. These features will be used in all Opencart templates but with one condition, if the relevant elements appear in website design. Now you can forget about all previous difficulties you had with caption in sliders...simply go to the admin panel enter interesting text and voila, you’ve got a caption, in case the description is not on all slides it will appear in the right places.

Here are examples of new-style captions in Opencart templates.

Wedding Website


Alternative Clothes Shop

Revision #2

A fully-functional module of categories has been developed (it includes the output of pictures, descriptions and titles). Upon your taste you can install it anywhere you want. The picture size, number of output categories and the position are set in the admin panel. The implementation of such functionality was due to the appearance of such module in the design template.

The following screenshots reflect the new look of the “Categories” page.

Wedding Boutique


Athletic Store

Revision #3

The new module for side categories is developed:

- third-level categories option is added to the menu (earlier in opencart templates did not have this feature);

Medical Equipment Shop


- jQuery script is substituted with the most suitable for this menu;
- the pictogram has been added to the open/closed level of categories (the arrow/plus/minus or other one is placed near the category line);

Medical Equipment Shop

- the whole module is united into one file (previously there were three files);


Don't go too far. Great things are coming!

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