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Periodic Table of HTML Tags [Infographics]

Hate this word… But do you think it’s a kind of plagiarism to use the associations with Dmitri Mendeleev, one of the greatest chemists in history, and his periodic table for our infographics?

Сhemistry was not the only thing Mendeleev was interested in. He had a really quick, vivid mind and was a recognized expert in many other disciplines, including physics, economy, geology, meteorology and even an aeronautics, among other things.

For example, Mendeleev was passionate about shipbuilding and the mastery of Arctic Maritime navigation. He wrote over 40 scientific papers on the topic. Mendeleev was involved in the construction of the world's first Arctic icebreaker "Ermak", launched in 1898, as well.

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Besides, Mendeleev worked on the flying machines development. He wanted to study temperature, air pressure, and humidity in the upper atmosphere with their help.

Moreover, Mendeleev was the first man to invent the modern forms of bitumen and oil products transportation using pipelines.

Myth 1

The scholar invented his famous periodic table after he had seen it in a dream. From his own words, he had thought about the idea of a periodic table for 20 years day and night and added that he couldn't believe some people thought he simply had a "divine" dream while sleeping and then the next day he came up with the whole periodic table.

Myth 2

Mendeleev invented vodka. Irish bull! This popular alcoholic drink had existed long before Mendeleev was even born. The scientist studied the ratio between alcohol and water, which caused the maximum decrease in the volume of the liquids mixed. In short, his dissertation had nothing to do with vodka or its invention.

I am sorry if the above information has carried you away from the main topic of this blog post.

But you like stories, especially if they are interesting, don’t you?

I guess now, when our minds are warmed up and open for absorbing the material, is the best time to tell you a few words about the Periodic Table of Elements Infographics.

I am not a web developer; I’m just a modest blogger as you know. However, this doesn’t free me from the necessity to know the most popular HTML tags as I need them every time I post an article for you via the admin panel of MonsterPost.

I am sure that it’s not only me who faces the problem with the forgotten tags every now and again. How do you cope this? Do you make notes/bookmark specific web pages/anything else? Don’t you think that it would be really time-saving to learn all the major tags at last? Let’s try to do this with the help of the infographics. Infographics proved to be really good when used for presenting massively complicated content you need to remember.

As you see, my infographics has something in common with Mendeleev periodic table. I even came up with short tags titles for better comprehension. It is designed in a clean style, so it will be easy to scan it.

There are 12 categories of tags. Each category has its own eye-candy color. You will see tags descriptions right under the Periodic Table.

Bookmark the table and come back to it every time you need to call some tag to mind. It will work like a wonderful cheat sheet, where all tags are collected at one place until you remember them all.

Click this link for better browsing experience if you are viewing the Periodic Table of HTML Tags Infographics from your favorite mobile gadget.

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Did you like my Periodic Table of HTML Tags Infographics? Do you think it will be useful for you? Please don’t be shy to leave your feedback for me at the comments section. Tell me about your progress in learning tags.

You can also rate, like, and share this piece of content with your friends on social networks to make them more aware and to make me happier 😀

Thanks a bunch for your attention. Have a nice day and come again soon 🙂

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