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  1. Professional Digital Assets Management. Does Your Site Need This?
  2. Why Pics.io DAM Is Your Best Choice?
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Do you have a business or just plan to bring your startup to live? Every business owner thinks about the possible ways to get his venture to the next level, generate more profit, and reach new heights. Whatever field or micro-niche your business belongs to, you need to think about ways to make it easier to reach for your prospective clients. What can become your first step to success? I think that nobody will argue the fact that running a professionally built website is the key that can open many doors for your brand.

The world has become heavily dependent on the Internet. More than 97% of consumers start looking for local businesses online. So, if you want your company to have a large community of clients and a loyal fan base, then you need to think about getting your brand online.

A well-designed and professionally developed website is the most effective marketing tool that a business owner can implement into his or her strategy. To present web surfers with detailed information about your company, you need to have more than just a branded landing page. A full-featured multi-page online resource containing all the core information about your brand and the services/products that you provide can bring more value to your audience and invite people for collaboration.

How to get started with such a web resource with the minimum investment of time, money, and effort? This is when such ready-made web solutions as the Monstroid2 WordPress theme from TemplateMonster can come into play. It comes loaded with all the essential tools and features that are needed to make a versatile website that will present your business effectively.

Professional Digital Assets Management. Does Your Site Need This?

As your site is ready to go, the focus of your attention shifts to digital assets that make up your online presence. Do you have all of them stored safely in one place? The sad truth is that most brand managers have their digital assets saved on different computers and cloud-based services, without any specific order and little to no control. To take care of digital assets, business managers need to provide answers to the following questions:

  • Are my digital assets safely stored?
  • How quickly can I find the needed files?
  • Can I take full control of my digital assets?
  • How can I navigate across 100+ versions of my assets?
  • In what ways can I store my photos and videos?
  • Are there ways for me to collaborate with designers, developers, and marketers on my digital assets?

The fact is that whatever problem you want to solve, you will come up with the idea that your digital assets need to be managed professionally. This can be done through a Digital Asset Management software like Pics.io DAM.

Why Pics.io DAM Is Your Best Choice?

There are several reasons why Pics.io Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is the perfect fit for your business project.

Let’s highlight the 7 major ones.

  • You get unlimited file storage on Google Drive. Photos and videos occupy a lot of space. Whenever we want to share such files with colleagues or simply store them remotely to have instant access to our assets, Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage for work and personal use. Pics.io works on top of Google Drive and provides you with a lot of space needed for your creative projects. The owners of G Suite get unlimited storage for their digital assets.
  • Easy navigation across digital assets. Pics.io DAM system offers advanced search capabilities. You can look for the necessary assets by typing relevant keywords in the search field. To narrow the list of search results, you can also specify the flag status, color label or star rating assigned to the needed digital assets.
  • Collaborate on digital assets with your team members in real-time. The DAM system lets you set different roles to the team members with whom you work on the web design project. You can also take control of their access to the system and participate in live discussions. By means of the Markers and Areas of Interest feature, you can discuss a particular part of an asset with your team.
  • Pics.io DAM system saves all versions of your assets. No matter how many changes you apply to your digital assets, you can access any of the previous revisions. Similar to using layers in PhotoShop, you can pick any layer and work on it.
  • Pics.io makes it easy to share projects with people outside Pics.io. The DAM system offers plenty of customizable websites that you can choose from. For example, when you need to collaborate on a project with your client, then Proofing template is for you. Your partner can give feedback on your work using comments, rating, etc.
  • Integration with other popular web services. Pics.io has Zapier app that works as an intermediary between your Pics.io library and such popular applications as Dropbox or Facebook to automate your workflow.
  • Control your workflow as soon as your files are organized in the Pics.io DAM system. Get the most of this solution to prevent any sort of mess to occur with your files. The DAM system provides you will all you need to control your workflow and get quick access to all the needed digital assets.

In Conclusion

Pics.io is an intuitive system that can be managed even by a non-techie. Yet, it is functional enough to manage all your business needs. Pics.io DAM system is a must-have solution for every business to optimize the workflow and take control of all their digital assets in a single place.

Haven’t you used this DAM service before?

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