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Plugins for Chart and Data Management on WordPress Websites 2019

No matter what kind of business you are running, you always need to take care of the credibility of your brand. This can be achieved through various methods. One of them is including as more relevant data as possible. However, here comes the question how to present it the best way. Simply listing your statistics is not an option, as it would make your website look boring and the message would be lost among endless rows of numbers and words. Visualizing your data is the best variant you can choose. Most people find this format the easiest to read and to comprehend. Thus, organizing the information in graphs and charts with the help of WordPress data management plugins you will be able to convey the message to your visitors without overloading them with lots of information.

Luckily, WordPress platform offers hundreds of opportunities for the users. You can find lots of WordPress data management plugins, both free and premium. There are 100+ tools out there. Some of them are really complex, created to cope with the most complicated tasks. However, we have chosen top 5 best WordPress chart plugins that are ideal for the basic visualization that you come across every day.

WordPress Charts

This is, perhaps, the most popular and the most lightweight WordPress data management plugin. It supports 6 chart types: line, bar, pie, radar, polar area and doughnut types. Each of them is highly flexible and can be fully customized, including animation effects. Moreover, they are interactive, which allows users hovering the sections to get more detailed information.
However, it should be mentioned that this plugin is not very user-friendly and might be difficult for the beginners, as you have to insert all the data manually inside a shortcode.


Visualizer is powerful, yet simple plugin that allows you creating, customizing and managing your data. The free version of the plugin includes 9 chart types: line, area, bar, column, pie, gauge, candlestick, scatter and geo. The latter allows you creating a color-coded map of the world. The plugin is user-friendly. You can simply upload a CSV file to grate the graph. As it uses Google Visualization API your data will be displayed flawlessly regardless of the user's browser or device.

Table Press

Table Press is a number one plugin for table generation. It is especially good for big content projects, as it allows you managing table data in the familiar spreadsheet-like interface and requires no coding skills. Using a shortcode you can embed your tables in posts, widget areas, content pages, etc. The plugin also offers lots of customization features that can be applied to your tables.

Charts Ninja

Chart Ninja is a freemium plugin that makes it really easy to build beautiful charts and organizing your data. First of all, you will have to create a free account on externalCharts Ninja website. There you will be able to create your charts in the intuitive user-friendly environment. To embed the chart to your website you will be given a shortcode. Signing up for a premium account you will have much more possibilities.

Blazing Charts

This plugin doesn't offer you some innovative solution or another charting library. Instead, it allows you getting the most out of the existing libraries, including HighCharts, Morris, ZingChart, Chart.js, Google Charts, D3.js, Chartist, Smoothie Charts, and Flot Charts. This unmatched combination creates a powerful tool for visualizing your data in an easy and user-friendly way.

If you still don't have a website but feel the desperate need for it, we have prepared some best selling WordPress themes. With their help, you will be able to launch your own website effortlessly and quickly.

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 is the most powerful multipurpose WordPress theme ever. Buying the template you get access to 10 pre-designed websites, suitable for niche business projects. Moreover, it licensed under GPL v3.0, meaning you are free to use it unlimited number of times. Advanced customization options and a huge set of plugins allow you creating a powerful website with minimum efforts.

support Ukraine

Details | Demo

Presstige - Printing Company WordPress Theme

This is a top-notch WordPress solution for any project. Due to the advanced flexibility, the template can be adjusted to a number of various projects. The theme is equipped with a powerful visual builder. Thus, no coding skills are required. A set of handy plugins and widgets will enhance the functionality of your website, providing your visitors with the best browsing experience.

Details | Demo

Glossy Look - Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Glossy Look is a beautiful and modern WordPress theme designed for fashion and beauty blogs. Catchy full-width slider, trendy ghost buttons, wise use of the white space - all these makes the theme look stylish. 7 header layouts allow you choosing the variant that hits your taste the best. The customization is simplified thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality.

Details | Demo

Legal Way - Lawyer & Attorney WordPress Theme

The template runs on Cherry Framework, which provides you with advanced possibilities. For example, you get a set of premium Cherry plugins, which are handy and will definitely add points to your website. Fully responsive design will adjust to any screen size. Content modules make it easy to fill your website with versatile content.

Details | Demo

Elbrus - Business Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Elbrus is a fully responsive multipurpose business WordPress template. A huge set of highly customizable pages allows you launching a project of any subject and difficulty without any troubles. The theme is equipped with Slider Revolution plugin, which enables you creating stunning slides to catch the eye of the prospects.

Details | Demo

Presently WordPress is the fastest growing and the most popular CMS worldwide. No wonder, as it offers its users advanced possibilities and allows creating powerful functionality on their websites. There exist tons of plugins for any taste and budget that you can use to enrich your website. Of course, this is not always necessary, as the default WordPress functionality already covers the essential aspects. However, using the additional opportunities, such as WordPress data management plugins, you will not only simplify the data submission but also personalize your website, which is of great importance when you are working on building your own brand image.

Alex Bulat

Writing a blog post or building a micro niche WordPress website is something Alex can do bare-handed. You're welcome to contact him via Telegram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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