20 Best Premium and Free WooCommerce Plugins

Are you looking for a way to improve the purchase experience on your WooCommerce site? Would you like your visitors to spend more time on your site? Would you simply like your sales to increase?

You can achieve all these purposes by installing some special plugins compatible with WC.

Using these plugins can enhance your online store's user experience and make shopping more enjoyable for your customers.

However, there are now many of these types of plugins available on the web, so choosing the right one can be quite challenging. 

To help you out, throughout this blog post, you will find a list of the best free and premium WooCommerce plugins, which you can buy or download directly, and then embed right into your site.

There is no reason to wait any longer. Let's begin right away.

Essential plugins for WooCommerce

Because of the sheer amount of competition out there, having a basic online store won't give you the visibility or authority you desire and need.

For this reason, some specific plugins can enhance the appearance and functionality of your online store. 

By using them, you will also be able to provide a better user and purchase experience, which will increase sales and customer loyalty.

Let's see what essential WooCommerce plugins can help you accomplish these goals.


You want to keep your website secure and offer a safe purchase experience. That's why you need a reCaptcha plugin. It'll allow you to protect login, registration, payment, and more forms from bots and spam.


If you've ever done online shopping, you know how useful it is to save favorite products to a list. In this way, you can save items for later and remember about them during a second visit. 

The wishlist plugin will add this feature to your e-shop, improving the overall buyer experience.

Product filter

Think about scrolling endlessly through a product page until you finally find the product you were looking for. Sounds pretty boring and time-consuming, right? 

This explains why a product filter plugin is essential for any type of eCommerce. It will let users filter the results by product category, type, price, ratings, color, and many more. This way, the research will be more straightforward and the purchase process faster.

Shipment Tracking

Users want to be able to track their orders and see all the corresponding updates. You can satisfy this need by installing a plugin that provides such a feature.

20 Top Premium and Free WooCommerce Plugins

As promised at the beginning of this blog post, in this section, you'll find a list of the best premium and free WooCommerce plugins that you can use to enhance the features of your eCommerce site.

WooCommerce Essentials24

WooCommerce Essentials24.



JetWooBuilder is a top-rated Elementor WooCommerce plugin that lets you create outstanding online shops.

It lets you visually adjust the single product page and comes with 4 product gallery layout views, full-width single-product template type, and product images vertical layout navigation.

It also includes the AJAX add to cart method, and multiple widgets for the cart page, such as order details, totals, return to the shop, empty cart message, cross-sells, and many more.

You can get it for only $24/year. 



ShopEngine is a fully powered and lightweight Elementor-based WooCommerce builder for WordPress. ShopEngine has amazing features and modules that can help you create the best eCommerce site in the most efficient and effective way!

ShopEngine comes with 50+ drag-and-drop Elementor widgets that will help you build and customize your eCommerce website to your heart’s content.

Advanced Shipment Tracking

Advanced Shipment Tracking.

Advanced Shipment Tracking is a free WooCommerce plugin that lets you manage and automate your eCommerce. To be more specific, it allows you to add tracking information and fulfill orders, keep your customers informed, and reduce the time spent on post-shipping inquiries.

This plugin is translatable in about 15 languages and comes with a list of 300+ shipping providers (e.g., UPS, ePacket, DHL, etc.) with pre-defined tracking links.

The Pro version features include adding tracking numbers per item and the fulfillment dashboard.

As well, you will find extensive documentation that will guide you step-by-step through the installation, setup, and customization processes.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is a free WooCommerce plugin that allows your customers to save their favorite products and find them to buy.

The customers will also be able to share their wishlist with their friends and relatives to buy products from that list.

Some of its basic features include showing the "Remove from wishlist" button when the product is already on the wishlist, customizing columns that will be displayed in the wishlist table, and much more.

Its pro version includes extra features such as viewing the wishlist created by logged-in customers, sending promotional emails to users who have added specific products to their wishlists, allowing users to manage item quantity in the wishlist, and many more.

Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons.

Advanced Coupons is a WooCommerce plugin that extends the WooCommerce coupon functionality and features to help you market your store more effectively.

It will allow you to create BOGO deals, loyalty programs, cart conditions, auto-apply, URL coupons, shipping discounts, and more.

Although it offers a free version, if you need additional features, you can choose from three pricing plans:

  • Growth $59/year;
  • Business $99/year;
  • All-In-One Bundle from $119/year.



Metorik is a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to run and manage your eCommerce store easily and effortlessly.

Its core features include reports, subscription data, cart analysis, data segmentation, cost and profit tracking, and many more.

You'll be able to integrate this plugin with many powerful and popular apps, such as Slack, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Zendesk, Intercom, etc.

Donated 1% of Metorik's revenue to environmental and health projects that make a difference.



Beekiting is one of the best WooCommerce plugins available on the web. It got 6+ years of working in the E-Commerce industry and supporting 350,000+ online shops.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) lets you track your customer's behaviors, analyze and learn customer's interests in your store and integrate marketing apps to increase sales.

You can also add some extensions to improve the purchase experience and your store's functionalities, such as sales pop-ups, product up and cross-selling, mail bot email marketing, coupon box, and many more.

You can get it for free. However, some premium features may cost from $8 - $49/ month.



LiveChat is one of the best WooCommerce plugins that lets you capture leads and make buying easy. 

It tracks sales automatically to see precisely how chats boost revenue, qualifies leads with custom forms and AI chatbots automation, and lets you show off your goods in elegant product cards and make more sales while chatting.

You can connect LiveChat with over 200 tools and apps, such as Mailchimp, Zapier, Google Analytics, Hubspot, and many more.

You can choose from four different pricing plans:

  • Starter $16/month;
  • Team $33/month;
  • Business $50/month;
  • Enterprise customized price.

FiboSearch Ajax Search

FiboSearch Ajax Search.

FiboSearch is the most popular WooCommerce product search plugin. It provides a well-designed advanced AJAX search bar with live search suggestions.

Its core features include searching by product title, description, or SKU and showing product image, price, and description in live search results.

Also, it is completely mobile-friendly, allowing you to offer a special mobile search mode for better UX.

It also presents a pro version with additional features, such as search in categories, attributes, tags, conditional exclusion of products, and more.

Cart Abandonment Recovery

Cart Abandonment Recovery.

Cart Abandonment Recovery is a great free WooCommerce plugin that captures the email address of users on the checkout page.

If the purchase is not completed within 15 minutes, it starts sending a series of follow-up emails that you can customize.

Through these emails, you'll be able to remind them to complete the purchase, ask for feedback, or offer custom discounts. In this way, you will increase the sales opportunities.

It features unique checkout links, ready-to-use templates for follow-up emails, reports, webhooks, etc.

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WooCommerce Product Designer Tool

WooCommerce Product Designer Tool.

WooCommerce Product Designer Tool is an excellent WooCommerce plugin that lets you and users design and customize any product. 

Its important features include user-friendly and simple design tools, unlimited clipart, unlimited text fonts, and many more.

It is multi-lingual and provides regular updates and free support for any question or issue.

You can get it for only $29.



NextWoo is one of the best WooCommerce builder plugins that let you create and design outstanding pages for your eCommerce.

It comes with many ready-to-use templates and supports both Elementor and Gutenberg. Some of its other features include 40+ widgets available, easy-to-use functionality, multiple browser compatibility, etc.

Also, it includes many widgets and blocks such as product title, image, cart table, cart total, coupon, customer detail, order receipt, and many more.

You can purchase it for just $20.



WooStory is one of the most innovative and engaging WooCommerce plugins available on the web. It lets you showcase your products anywhere on your website in an Instagram story fashion.

This plugin creates a shortcode automatically for you that you can place anywhere and watch your stories.

You can manually select the products you want to display in the story or use various options such as featured products, top-rated products, latest products, and on-sale products.

WooStory is available for $49.00 on TemplateMonster.

WC Product Survey

WC Product Survey.

WC Product Survey is a great WooCommerce plugin that allows you to create product surveys. Visitors and customers can submit feedback about your products, so you can improve them accordingly.

Its backend features include survey management, survey submission management, survey settings. Instead, some of its frontend features are the WooCommerce survey tab and the prevention of empty submissions.

You can purchase this plugin for only $17. 

Duplicate Variations

Duplicate Variations.

Duplicate Variations is a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to duplicate/clone any product variations with just some clicks.

It doesn't require any coding. To make it work, you'll just need to choose the product you want to view its variations and duplicate it.

As a result, you will be able to save a lot of time.

You can buy it for only $49. The price includes 6-months of support that you can contact for any question or issue.

WooCommerce Flash Sale Countdown

WooCommerce Flash Sale Countdown.

WooCommerce Flash Sale Countdown is a great plugin that lets you add flash sale countdowns to your eCommerce website.

This is the perfect solution for events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It is compatible with many free and premium WordPress themes like Hello Elementor, Astra, OceanWP, etc. 

It is available for just $20.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips

WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips.

The WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips plugin automatically adds a PDF invoice to the order confirmation emails sent out to your customers.

It includes some predefined templates that are fully customizable, but you can also create your own from scratch.

It is available in 18 languages, constantly updated, and compatible with the latest WordPress and PHP versions.

It is completely free. However, you can add some premium paid extensions for extra features.

WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter.

WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter is a super-useful plugin that will allow your users to filter the product, product categories, product attributes, and more.

Some of this plugin's benefits include infinite loading, product research via Ajax, selection of multiple options at a time, activated filter checking, and many more.

You can purchase it on the TemplateMonster marketplace for $29. The price includes 6 months of support from the author.



reCaptcha is an essential plugin for any type of website. It will allow you to protect your website from bots and spam. 

You can use it for anything: registration, login, comments, WooCommerce forms, and much more.

It provides three versions (version 2, version 3, invisible), and you can decide which to use on your website. 

The plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress versions and is available for only $16.



Avalon23 is a product filter WooCommerce plugin that will surely enhance your e-commerce functionality.

The filter works with fields: custom fields, attributes, custom taxonomies, categories, tags, and more.

Some of the best features of this plugin include hierarchy dropdown, Ajax mode, ACF filter, color scheme sets, many types of filters (radio, slider, labels, etc.).

You can get this plugin for $32.

SW Product Bundles

SW Product Bundles.

SW Product Bundles is a premium WooCommerce plugin that lets you create bundle products - a product that includes several products or services as a combined product or service package.

This plugin will generate a shortcode that you'll be able to place anywhere on your website quickly and easily.

Also, it lets you choose the items to display, control the number of the products to display, set the speed for the slider, and more.

It is translation-ready and provides detailed documentation and support.

You can get it for only $20.

How to install WooCommerce plugins

The following is a quick video tutorial that explains how to install any WooCommerce plugin.


We're at the end of this blog post about the best premium and free WooCommerce plugins. 

I hope you found one that meets your needs and preferences among the ones listed above.

If not yet, you can explore the TemplateMonster marketplace. Here, you can find hundreds of plugins and thousands of digital products, such as WooCommerce themes, developed by experts. 

Also, if you need help with the creation or customization of your eCommerce site, check out TemplateMonster's services and let a team of professionals take care of your online project. 

WooCommerce Plugins FAQ

What is a WooCommerce plugin?

A WooCommerce plugin is a WordPress plugin compatible with WooCommerce that extends the functionality of your e-shop.

Where can I find the best WooCommerce plugins?

The TemplateMonster marketplace offers a wide range of WooCommerce plugins designed by experts, constantly updated, and support services.

What is the difference between free and premium WooCommerce plugins?

Although free WooCommerce plugins are as professional as the premium ones, the latter could include additional insightful features and additional services, such as 24/7 support service.

How to choose the best WooCommerce plugin?

No written rule tells you what the best WooCommerce plugin is. However, some features can contribute to determining it, such as:
- Recently updated plugins
- SEO friendly
- Support and documentation

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