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Do you know how to create a site without coding? No, giving it to someone else to code is not a solution.

You've heard probably about WIX. If you already know what it is, you are welcome to browse through the gallery of Premium WIX Templates that TemplateMonster now provides.

Basically, it’s SAAS - a business model of selling or using a software where vendor develops a web-based application and runs it independently. Vendor provides customers with access to this software via the Internet. Main advantage of SAAS model for a consumer is an absence of cost associated with installation and support of the equipment and operating software on it.

What’s WIX?

wix_logoIt's a great project, famous all over the world due to its simple approach to building and publishing websites. If you want to start a presentational website, portfolio, or just to run a personal blog, WIX is exactly what you need. With a help of TemplateMonster, starting a WIX-powered website will take just a few hours.

Since WIX Templates produced by TemplateMonster fall under the premium category, that’s why you're advised to upgrade to premium account. This will also give you additional privileges comparing to a free account. Being premium, you'll also be able to connect your domain name to WIX site (just a few clicks required.)

Special Features of WIX

When introducing something new, we definitely need to point out the things that make it stand out. The following features allocate WIX against similar projects.

Extremely Customizable Layout with Drag ‘n Drop Interface

No one likes poking in code, this is the reason we have so many drag 'n drop interfaces like WIX. When you decide to change some elements, all you need is to click the desired area and when it gets highlighted you change it the way you like choosing between predefined settings.


Free, Secure, Reliable & Dedicated Hosting

Reliable hosting is like a water, you need it to live. WIX site is hosted on WIX servers providing stable visibility of your website online. After registration, you're provide with a free hosting plan that's pretty limited in its functionalities. That's why you are recommended to upgrade your account to reveal more cool features.


App Market

WordPress has plugins, Joomla has extensions, WIX has Apps. Have a look at this gallery and you'll find hundreds of apps you can use in your website. App presented there are both free and premium, they touch upon all categories and functionality options.


Store Functionality

When you decide to create an online store for your WIX-powered site, you can do it with just a few clicks. Press Add > Online Store. Start by adding product gallery to your website to begin building your own online store.


SEO Ready

Wix allows you to optimize all the basic SEO functions such as descriptions, titles and keywords for each web page, and the like. You can also insert Google Analytics to start tracking your website visitor statistics.


Detailed Documentation

A good explanation is a half job done. WIX has a video tutorial for any action you can do with your site, just press the ? in any section. Or visit this YouTube channel.


Social Media

Using WIX admin panel you can add bunch of social media account (that are relevant to your business.) Settings => Social Media Profiles and there you will have ten blanks to fill in.


* * *

Premum WIX Templates by TemplateMonster

The first question you may have is "Why would I need WIX template?" IF you want to have a good premium design which is created for a specific business, includes clipart of your business category, implies 24/7 technical support, - that's exactly why you need a WIX website template. Now it's time for you to look at some of our newbies - meet our WIX Website Templates.

Yoga WIX Template


* * *

Architetural Company WIX Template


* * *

Sport Club WIX Template


* * *

Photo Portfolio WIX Template


* * *

Construction WIX Template


* * *

Photographer Portfolio WIX Template


* * *

SPEAK UP! What do you think about WIX? If you had any experience with this website creator, use the comments below to spread the word.

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