Using Premium WordPress Themes is a Plus Why? Why Not?

WordPress is a nice blogging script which comes with a hell lot of features. One of the best features of WordPress is that it allows you to change its theme, with no fuss at all. You can find a lot of great themes in WordPress repository for free and tons of Paid WordPress themes are there as well.

Now-a-days, a lot of people practice different kind of things, in relation to the themes of their sites or blogs. Today, I will discuss Premium WordPress Themes. Why they should be used? Why premium themes are a plus? And Yes, why they are not good for in some cases?


A WordPress premium theme is a theme that is made to achieve a lot of specific goals, which I am going to tell you step by step in this very post.


Commonly it is thought that a theme with beautiful and sleek, modern design is a premium theme. A theme that makes you call wow, this is what I want my site, my blog to look like.


Yes! It is right but it is not the complete truth. Most of the WordPress users only see the design of a theme, and forget to check a lot of features, that are of vital importance.


You must be surprised, this is natural. So, let me discuss the features you should know before you buy a WordPress Paid theme. But first something about nulled themes.


Nulled themes are those which you can find on a number of sites for free, but in real those themes are paid themes. Ever wonder why would someone do that? Download a premium theme which costs one about $50 and give it free on his site? And even make a complete site full of free themes that are paid ones? What’s in it for him? There is a big issue with these themes. These are not trust worthy. Why? Let me make a dot list of the issues that a Nulled WordPress Theme can have

  • A nulled WordPress theme has malicious codes hidden inside it, which can do a lot of things like it can hack your site, send your login credentials to the hacker etc.
  • It can display ads on your site without your permission, the code can be hidden anywhere inside it, and encoded so that you won’t be able to remove it.
  • It can have links, back to the site from where you downloaded the theme, these links can be found in the sidebars and footers mostly.
  • Links in footers or sidebars of every site where the nulled themes are used raise a red flag for Google and your site gets penalized by Penguin.
  • Even sometimes I have worked with clients who had no idea what is wrong with their sites, when they hired me to let them know, why they don’t get more than a specific number of visitors from Google, Google sometimes places a manual penalty on your site, your site shows less in search due to these links, bad codes in nulled themes or a lot of other bad factors which these nulled themes have.
  • Most of the times, it takes a lot to configure a nulled theme and with just a little change of setting or any use of plugin can mess things up for you.
  • You are never sure of one thing “My site is working for me for someone else”.
  • At the end of the day, you also realize you don’t have support from the real developer of the theme and ethically it is wrong to use someone’s paid theme for free.



So, now as we have decided to never use a Nulled theme, a theme that has a price but someone gives it for free. What are the factors you need to check before you buy a Premium WordPress Theme, here are some that I recommend


Design of a WordPress theme should be in accordance to the niche/field of your blog, well a lot of people already take care about this, so let us move forward.


You should check how a theme is coded. Is it coded with a lot of junk code in it, that is not nearly necessary to your site, or is it a clean one with rock solid base.
A lay man would say How am I supposed to know what is the right code and wrong code difference? To answer this very question, I would tell him to check the speed of a theme from Online Page Speed Check from Google, or use Pingdom. Most of the poorly coded themes have a bad page speed, the lower the page speed the poor the theme is coded. Of-course it is not the only criteria that matters, but it is a quick way of checking if a theme is coded poorly or not. A fast theme increases your page views, decreases your bounce rate, and makes you rank better and higher in Google.

Responsive Theme

WordPress themes which are responsive in nature have a lot of benefits. A visitor is either visiting your site from his PC, Laptop, Smart Phone or Tablet he always experiences a great view of your site, optimized for his gadget. Conversion rate grows and bounce rate decreases with these kind of themes. So you should better find a theme with strong framework and responsive nature.

Other Factors

There are other factors that matter but not that much, here are they:

  • Is the company from which you are buying a Paid Theme a big firm? Because big firms never run away.
  • Are you getting custom widgets in your theme? Making it easier to add things in your theme where ever and whenever you want.
  • The premium WordPress theme you are about to buy does it come with a panel, an admin panel for making changes in styles – Colors, background, heading styles etc.
  • Modular themes are best they can be extended in many ways, which makes them easy to use.


So, read it all? Found out new things about premium themes? Still looking for the answer to why in first place someone should use a premium theme? Let me tell you, free themes are not comparable to the good premium themes. You get a theme which has a sleek and modern look, easy to control admin panel, responsive nature, and fast page speed. What else do you need to rank higher in Google, fetch more visitors, increase your clientage and make things go in a more professional way? A good premium theme always pays the price you spend on it. If still you are not impressed? Let me take a practical example here.


Template Name: White Design Studio WordPress Theme by Delta


  • Admin Panel that helps you to configure the theme with ease
  • Bootstrap it is the framework that is being used at the backend of Twitter, it is highly optimized and scaled for better results, this theme uses it.
  • Cherry Framework a rock solid custom framework, which is widgetized and has a modular nature of extension
  • Responsive The theme is responsive, which means more conversions, more love from visitors

  • Installation: Installation and set-up instructions are attached, this shows it is well documented, and support should be awesome as well


When I checked the page speed of this randomly picked theme from Template Monster’s Premium WordPress Themes, I got the page speed of 90. Which is awesome. See yourself

This makes it a perfect theme to be bought and used with great ease.
Putting it in a nutshell,

A good premium wordpress theme has a different code than normal themes, it is not being used by a lot of other people, and google definitely distinguishes your site in the search results. the factors of good page speed, modern & sleek design, rock solid framework, html5 & css3 latest languages etc. make you earn more repute, traffic, and revenue from your good conversion rate. a lay man with no knowledge of code can run a beautiful site all by his own.

Enough said, it is your turn now, there is only one rule in online market full of competition, GO HIGH OR GO HOME.

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Ahmad Awais

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