How to Come up With Reddit Business Ideas

  1. Reddit for Business: How It Can Be Useful to You
  2. How to Start a Business on Reddit
  3. How to Research the Market and Find Your Niche
  4. Best Reddit Related Business Ideas for Beginners to Make Money Online in 2020

Does the topic of Reddit business ideas seem awkward to you? "Is it possible to do business on Reddit?" you ask. It is important to understand that even though each person associates Reddit with something personal (most often it is about entertainment content), it does not cease to be a truly authoritative platform that inspires trust among people.

Speaking of business on Reddit, we primarily mean promotion. Next, we will talk about what exactly can be promoted, but first, you need to have your own online stronghold anyway – a website that best represents your message.

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It's time to jump to our main topic: let's figure out what interesting things can happen to businesses that are open to different Reddit startup ideas.

Reddit for Business: How It Can Be Useful to You?

Since time is the most valuable of resources as we have already mentioned, we will start with the main thing concerning your future Reddit online business.

As for startups, Reddit is most often used for marketing purposes, and Reddit cannot stand this. That is, Redditors categorically protest against buying something that we are trying to sell on Reddit. The reason for this lies in the fact that Reddit was not developed as a platform for selling anything. Direct undisguised sales are alien to its main idea.

Redditors are there with their own list of goals: they read funny stories, look for like-minded people, and explore serious topics. They certainly do not come there to buy products, no matter how magnificent it may seem to us. In light of this, the question arises: does it make sense to develop Reddit startup ideas?

Of course it makes sense! We just need to think better. So how can we link our Reddit product ideas to a website with 8 billion monthly page views? This connection could help us a lot if only Redditors did not prefer to hate us instead of listening to what we’re suggesting.

Fortunately, things are not so bad. After all, you do not need the entire multi-million audience of Reddit. You only need your target audience. Understanding this will save you from poor sales content suitable only for causing instant disgust.

The secret to the usefulness of your Reddit business is definitely not a secret. Remember what made people come to this website:

  1. Get an answer to a question
  2. Have fun
  3. Solve a problem

If your business can help people solve a problem, answer a question, or have fun – you are on the right track. You can definitely attract leads and build a good reputation without accusations of annoying advertising tactics.

How to Start a Business on Reddit

In order to start using Reddit’s potential to the fullest and give a boost to your Reddit product ideas, you first need to create an account there. Thus, you will become what is called a Redditor and you will be able to start your Reddit business.

During registration, you will be asked to subscribe to certain thematic subreddits. Thus, you can get relevant information from the niches that interest you most. Reddit will also automatically subscribe you to any subreddits that it considers relevant to you. Note: you can unsubscribe from them at any time.

Pay special attention to the fact that your subreddits should match the interests of your target audience as much as possible. Thereby, you will be in the same information space the people who are closely matched to your interests and ideas, and you won’t lose sight of current news and trends in that sphere.

If your subreddits coincide with those of your target audience, you will gain access to several possibilities at once:

  1. You can leave comments in threads that are especially interesting to people.
  2. You can answer important questions and thus gain credibility on the topic.
  3. You can upvote appropriate content that is useful from your point of view and thus show the involvement of your brand in the trends of your niche.

When registering on Reddit, you should first get set up for communication. Silence will not work here. If not participating in the discussions, you simply will not get anything from Reddit.

The more you are involved in discussions related to your topic, the more often your name appears in the threads of questions and answers and the more attention you can attract to your business.

By the way, about the name you choose.

Your name must be somehow connected with your business.  At first glance, people should immediately make a direct association with your product. It is very important to choose the name right from the start.

Another thing you need to know about is the Karma system on Reddit. The more Karma you have, the higher the likelihood that you will be shown to people who are interested in your niche.

There are two kinds of Karma:

  • Karma for upvotes of your personal posts
  • Karma for upvotes of comments you wrote on other posts

This is fairly elementary and, at the same time, fair. Again, on Reddit, you have to provide benefit to people and not engage in narcissism.

How to Research the Market and Find Your Niche

If you still have not decided on a niche in which you will develop your business, do not get depressed. Although sorting out Reddit small business ideas can be quite tricky, the most important thing here is not to put too much pressure on yourself. Too strict judgment of your ideas may discourage you from doing a Reddit business at all and this is not an option.

We can offer you these steps to identify your niche:

  1. Take advantage of your interests. How do you spend your free time? What are you interested in? What are you reading, what organizations do you participate in? Many people underestimate the power of passion, but it will be the best foundation of your business. Business based on subjects you are not interested in will not stay afloat: you yourself will contribute to its going bankrupt.
  2. Choose a problem-solving role for yourself. With a list of interests, you can gradually reduce the number of options. Analyze the main problems your target audience is faced with: read forums, talk with friends, check Google Trends, etc. Answer yourself honestly to the question of whether you can solve any of these problems.
  3. Explore your competitors. You can’t do without competitors if, of course, you do not bring an absolutely unique product to the market. You need to become better than your competitors in at least one parameter: it can be the quality of the content, a strong brand voice, or at least a powerful advertising campaign to begin with. But remember that the product itself must meet all the promises you give to your audience.
  4. Identify the potential for monetizing your niche. Explore products in your category, for example on ClickBank. There you can see the average prices that are offered on the market for similar products, and understand at what price it would be advisable to offer your product.
  5. Test your idea. Perform a test run of your Reddit online business. Try to create a page for your product and bring traffic to it in several ways, using both paid and free methods. Use A/B testing to learn which obstacles stand between you and your target audience. Do not rush to conclusions: the lack of instant sales does not mean that your idea is a failure. Check all possible options and explanations, make adjustments to the sales strategy, and only then decide what to do next.

Start creating your website only after you have finally decided on a niche. But remember that these steps are not necessarily the perfect algorithm. This is an approximate plan that will help you understand the direction in which you have to move.

Perhaps you do not need preliminary steps and you are already confident in your product. In this case, you are lucky. Maybe you have a difficult time choosing between several products that are equally attractive to you. In this case, you do not need to guess and doubt yourself; you need to try to deal with these products in turn and determine which one is most relevant for the target audience.

Your main enemy is a delay. The time that you will spend on doubts, self-analysis, and endless cross-checks is best used to test your product. Do not be afraid of failure. Not all Reddit small business ideas will work. Each failure is another step towards your goal, and not a reason to fold your hands.

The main thing you need to remember: more action, less planning.

Best Reddit Related Business Ideas for Beginners to Make Money Online in 2020

Now you know how to choose the niche for your startup on Reddit. However, we’ve talked a lot about Reddit business ideas and still have not given a single specific example that could finally convince you of the feasibility of doing business on this platform. So let's look at specific Reddit ideas for business:

  1. Reddit programming ideas. The services of good programmers continue to gain momentum. If you are well versed in software development, mobile applications, and plugins, you can tell people about it on Reddit. Your Reddit programming ideas for business can be very different, but it is important that they benefit people. Focus on problem solving, not your professional splendor.
  2. Creating Reddit business books and reviews. Creating e-books is a great business option if this topic is close to you. You can also write reviews on the books of your customers with links to resources where these books are sold. Reddit business books have a huge readership: remember how many people visit Reddit every month.
  3. Consultations for Reddit fitness beginners. Reddit includes a special fitness group. By participating in discussions and offering valuable advice, you can well gain credibility and subsequently organize paid fitness consultations. Each Reddit fitness beginner will be happy to contact you for help if you prove your authority in this area.
  4. Starting an Amazon business on Reddit. How about more traffic to your Amazon store? It is quite possible: share useful information on your product niche and draw attention to your store. The main thing is not to post any direct links to products with calls to buy without explanation for why people should. That is strictly against the rules of Reddit. Starting an Amazon business with Reddit is much easier than not having any other support tool for promotion: among the huge audience of the site you will definitely find your customers.
  5. Offering Reddit business advice. Your new business with the foundation of providing Reddit business advice can be from any field in which you are an expert. Advise people on the placement of paid advertising, business ideas suitable for investment, SEO promotion, and much more. Remember that your priority is to bring benefits and solve problems.
  6. Reddit writing services. Here we are talking not only about classic copywriting, which can be very useful in some communities. You can offer essay writing, business plan writing, scriptwriting, CV writing, and much more. The main thing for you is to be able to confirm your expertise with examples and cases. You can also promote your personal blog by answering questions and participating in thematic conversations.
  7. Graphics creation services. If you are good at using graphic editors, this could be the basis for your Reddit online business. Answer questions about web design, become an authority in this area, and build your customer base from niches relevant to your experience.
  8. Online teaching services. Today's very popular online learning services will surely find its audience regardless of whether you teach foreign languages, how to play musical instruments, or how to write poetry. Look for your audience and tell what benefits you can bring to it. This is one of the most inexhaustible Reddit ideas: in any case, you have some knowledge that you can teach to people.
  9. Remote gadget repair. If you can help other Redditors repair their devices remotely, then we can talk about the successful start of a new startup on Reddit. Continue to advise people on technology issues and soon they will begin to contact you directly for help.
  10. Selling handmade items. If you know how to make beautiful things for home decor, knit or sew clothes, create jewelry, etc., then Reddit is your perfect choice. Do not forget to take part in thematic discussions and soon people will find you themselves.

These are just some examples for you to be clear that you can promote almost any business on Reddit. People seek help, people need different services, and it depends only on you whether you can help them and earn money at the same time. Good luck with your Reddit business!

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