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Top 20 Resources to Build a Powerful Site

If you've ever designed a website all by yourself, you know that it takes a while to complete the job and make it work as it should. The fact is that the IT world develops incredibly fast and you always have to be informed about the latest changes and trends if you wish to build an up-to-date website. This rule applies to both beginners and experienced web developers.

Needless to say, it is impossible to remember all pieces of code, programming languages, frameworks, etc. This is where cheat sheets and web development tools can become quite handy. Things are a little bit different when you are working out the pilot version of the website. At this point you have to research the market taking into account all the latest ideas and recommendations in order to build a top-quality site.

For this reason, we offer a collection of professional resources for web developers and designers. Here you will find 20 effective sites and a number of solutions to deal with the most common programming issues. A couple of online magazines we’ve listed in this collection will help you to keep up on the latest news and build a powerful and stylish website.

Go ahead and check them all. I hope they will become quite handy to improve your productivity and discover how to make a professional website in no time. Save this list and use it when you have any troubles with the code or just need to revise your work.



WordPress birthday

Professional online web-design courses for both experts and beginners. Here you can learn the basics of HTML, CSS, PHP, Java Script, etc. It is also useful in helping to improve your coding and design skills if you are already familiar with web development.



unsplash 1

Unsplash is one of the resources that should be at the top of the list for any web designer. It offers thousands of free high-resolution photos that can be quite handy for designing the background or header of the website.




Kraken is a powerful tool specially built to optimize images of any format for the web. This program allows the compression of images resulting in less disc space used and much faster loading.




Here you can find a number of free PSD files and mock-ups gathered from all around the world. Use them in your work to design an attractive website.




This is one of the most powerful resources for designers, programmers and web developers. It offers a variety of tools and recommendations that can be used in your daily work.


Agile Designers


Here is another platform that features a huge collection of useful resources for designers and developers. On Agile Designers you will find hundreds of solutions and tools for building, maintaining and promoting a professional website or any other project.


Font Squirrel


Find the right font for your website on Font Squirrel. This resource contains a wide assortment of solutions for projects of any kind.




GlyphSearch is a minimal but effective tool that allows you to search for web icons at several online libraries simultaneously.


Design Your Way


In this online magazine you will find plenty of useful resources and articles for web designers.




Codecademy is an online education company where you can learn coding and web design. This resource offers you one of the best online learning experiences.



github-social-coding 1

Build your project much faster with GitHub. This is the largest open source community where you can share codes with other users all around the world.


David Walsh


Quite a useful blog on web design and coding. It features various articles, tutorials and recommendations that can be handy for you. Check out some interesting ideas and use them in your projects.




DZone is a resource specially designed for web developers and technology professionals. It offers plenty of content for education and training.




World Wide Web Consortium - is a must have resource for any web designer. It is an international community where groups of people work together to develop international Web standards.




This resource is created for those who deal with CSS3 style sheets. Here you will find some basic information on this language and also some recommendations and ideas from highly experienced professionals.


Color Adobe


Color Adobe is an online tool for creating color schemes for your project.




Find thousands of free high-quality .PSD and Vector files in this storage. It contains various logo, background and icon samples, etc.


Site Inspire

site inspire

Check the finest designs on the web to keep up with the latest trends. They are not allowed for commercial use or copying. For educational purposes only.


Web Resources Depot


On this blog you will find various free resources on coding, scripts, images, icons, etc. With its help, you will be able to build a professional website much faster.


Web Design Leader


Web Design leader is a platform created by web designers for web designers, for sharing knowledge and resources. Here you will also find a variety of articles and tutorials covering different topics.


Feel free to use all these resources in your work. With our collection you will always be up on the latest news from the IT world. Communicate with other developers and find solutions for any issue. Save time, and design splendid websites more easily and much faster

Alex Samoylenko

Alex is passionate about all the things related to WordPress and Elementor in particular. At MonsterPost, you can find a handful of cool tutorials shared by him.

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