Classy Eleganсe of Rococo Website Design

Some of them are exhibited in the museums and considered our cultural heritage. We study and improve the most beautiful techniques in order to apply them in our today life and make it more diverse. Each art has its historical background and certain periods of development. Undoubtedly rococo website design can be considered a kind of contemporary art, having its key milestones, principles and techniques. Very often skilful designers are inspired by styles and elements that were popular long before their birth.

Rococo or roccoco (not so common) style is one of them. Let’s imagine that time machine has brought us back to Paris, France of 18th century, the time of trend’s origination. Rococo was also referred to as “Late Baroque” and influenced almost all aspects of aristocrats’ cultural lives, i.e.: painting, sculpture, architecture, interior design, decoration, literature, music and theatre.

Rococo can be called a kind of protest against the grandeur, symmetry and strict regulations of the Baroque. Rococo artists tended to more jocular, florid and graceful approach to art and architecture. Rococo art was ornate and utilized creamy, pastel colors, asymmetrical designs, curves and gold, it had more playful and witty artistic themes. Interior designs of this period were total works of art with elegant and ornate furniture, small sculptures, ornamental mirrors, and tapestry complementing architecture, reliefs, and wall paintings.

The word Rococo has derived from the combination of the French rocaille, meaning stone, and coquilles, meaning shell, due to abundance of these objects as motifs of decoration. The term may also be interpreted as a combination of the word "barocco" (an irregularly shaped pearl, possibly the source of the word "baroque") and the French "rocaille" (a popular form of garden or interior ornamentation using shells and pebbles), and may be used to describe the refined and fanciful style fashionable in parts of Europe during the eighteenth century.

Notwithstanding some critical assessments, the style soon spread throughout France and other countries, mainly Germany and Austria. Summarizing all stated above we can single out the following features characteristic for Rococo, they are: lightness, opulence, grace, playfulness, elegance, and an exuberant use of curving, natural forms in ornamentation. It mainly portrayed light-hearted, carefree aristocratic life, full of romance and splendor.

At last, after the prolonged debates on Rococo historical significance, art historians attained the consensus that the style can be referred to as an essential period in the development of European art.

Now let’s come back to present after our short historical digression and have a closer look at modern web design. Being attentive enough, we will surely find the elements of Rococo style in contemporary websites, especially in those conveying the atmosphere of wealth, luxury, beauty and elegance.

We can specify the following website categories among those reflecting the spirit: Antique, Hotel, Restaurant, Jewelry, Lingerie, Wedding, Beauty, Fashion etc. Rococo elements might be present in various sections of the above mentioned websites, i.e.: logos, backgrounds, frames, decorations, textures, patterns, images, ornaments, graphic elements and so on. The elements help designers create the desired costly vintage look, so appropriate and fashionable now-a-days.

We invite you to make a brief survey of Rococo website design elements incorporated into modern designs and observe a striking combination of today and history, magnificently complementing each other.

Background Textures in Rococo Website Designs

Rococo textures can be frequently noticed as website backgrounds. More often they are of tranquil, pastel colors, but may be rather dark, which adds mystery to the design. Sometimes the textures are deliberately stabilized to reach the desired look. Fancy pattern imparts sophistication and pomposity to the composition.

Fleuriste 2.0 – Flower Shop PSD Template

Modern, creative, and versatile rococo graphic design template for a flower shop’s future website. PSD layout is excellent for creating websites for creative flower business owners, showcasing their portfolios. Website template in PSD format is also intended for resources that provide services of flower decoration. But since this template’s elements are on separate layers, you can completely change it. For example, make a website for selling some rococo style items out of it.


Flover – Flower Shop & Event Design PSD Template

Creative rococo website layout for flower studios. Perfect for decoration studios who need to showcase their portfolios creatively. Also, an online shop template in PSD format. The archive includes various PSD files, like the home page, the about us page, and the products & services categories page. Each element of the template is on a separate layer for easy editing.


Fleuriste - Flower Shop PSD Template

A neat, modern, and bright, but not overloaded rococo graphic design for a flower shop website. It focuses on flower shops and flower decoration services. Ideal for promoting your online business. It’s a bright and attractive PSD template in black, white, and green colors. All layers in the layout are divided. It’s suitable for creating a business card or personal flower-related website. This template is also well suited for flower agency portfolio, for business, and personal use.


Rainbow Bouquet – Flower Shop PSD Template

Flower site template made in pink and white colors. Suitable for both a small decoration agency and for online stores. It’s a modern, stylish, professional, and eye-catching rococo design that will easily distinguish you from the crowd of competitors. Instead of wasting time and energy trying to come up with the best look for your flower site. With this product, you can get a turnkey solution and make a complete website right away. The design contains bright pink tones. It’s an excellent solution for ordering bouquets.


King Flower – Flower Shop PSD Template

Clean and stylish layout, designed in dark colors. It’s great for flower studios, business portfolios, and more. If you want your site to look simple yet elegant, be sure to try this rococo template. The layout of the pages of the site in PSD format. It’s suitable for both flower studio and online store. The archive contains 6 PSD files. Please take a look at them in the preview. The design is of very high quality to demonstrate to users the seriousness of your future project.


Graphic Elements in Rococo Website Designs

Rococo graphic elements can be found almost in every website section. They considerably decorate the layout and help to focus visitor’s attention on important information.

Rose Flower Outline Bundle Drawings Illustration

A reasonably strict black and white rose drawings bundle for your website background. Almost universal and suitable for any topic. These images can be used for a gallery background or your portfolio. The illustrations are very well made. The look is neat and clean. Strict but stylish vector rococo graphics for any website. Designed in a minimalist style, which is excellent for any relevant sites such as those in the flower industry.


Watercolor Jasmine Flowers And Leaves Pattern

A pattern for the background image of the main page of the site in vector format. Suitable for both flower studios and even better for an online store of decoration items. Lightweight and stylish vector patterns can also be used for non-web purposes. The archive contains all the necessary files to create a full-fledged flower surface. The design is perfect for almost any direction. The layout is designed using high-resolution scanning.


Lotus Flower Outline Bundle Drawings Illustration

Beautiful vector drawings for the background image of the main page of the site. The texture is apparent and well designed. You can use it for any purpose. There are limitless possible applications of it. This rococo graphic was developed primarily for web resources. But it can also be used for other niches. Clean and tidy design with black and white colors. Download and use with confidence.


Sunflower Clipart Bundle Drawings Illustration

Sunflower clipart collection for the pages of your site in vector format. Suitable for organizing a web resource or a website of a “green” company. With this impressive design, you can also open your online flower store or start selling products of all kinds with sunflower textures on them. Regardless of the niche about which you are passionate. The light, modern texture will adapt seamlessly to your requirements.


Magnificent Bouquets Watercolor PNG Illustration

Beautiful watercolors for various usage. The design is minimalist, but everything is done at the highest level. You can use it both for the web and as texture elements for multiple items. There are 15 PNG and 59 JPEG files in the archive. The design is bright and has many colorful details. If you want your project to look professional and have a great feel, this rococo design will help you.


Frames in Rococo Website Designs

Frames with Rococo ornaments look nice, light and original. Content block enclosed into such uncommon frame immediately falls into the center of user’s attention.

Abstract Leaves And Branches Pattern

This beautiful frame consists of unique leaves that are located around the perimeter. The background of the frame is white so that you can place the text of any color. Both vector and bitmap formats are available for printing or downloading the frame.


Web Design Certificate Template

This frame is made in strict tones. The ornament is composed of light and dark patterns. Suitable for the design, the text of which shouldn’t fade against the background of the frame. Specifically for certificates.


Education Certificate Template

This product is also in EPS and PSD formats like the previous ones. On the perimeter, there are patterns with leaves. The background of this attractive solution is also white. It would be nice to get a certificate for creative work in such a frame.


Ancient Seamless Design Pattern

The above frame is gorgeous due to the stylish gray patterns of different shapes. As usual, by placing them around the perimeter, you can leave white space suitable for text. The large black handwritten text will work best for this frame.


Retro Gold Certificate Template

This version of the frame is suitable for certificates as well. All you need to do is download and open a file in a graphic editor and type in your text. You can also make a present for somebody out of this certificate by inserting a photo into this frame.


Images in Rococo Website Designs

Proper imagery, carefully picked out for the theme helps the visitor understand what a website is about even without reading content. It also performs the function of attention grabbing mean and visual aid during browsing.

Flower Frame 6 Sweet Garden Background

In this collection, we have a variety of garden flowers, any of which can be downloaded in high quality. Background images are already ready for printing on sheets. And even without a printer at hand, you can open the picture you like and use it in web design.


Flower Frame 6 White Flower Background

The following collection of six vector background images contains colorful rococo style flowers. There are flowers such as roses and lilies. Flowers can be used one at a time or together. Background images with flowers can be downloaded in high quality for printing on sheets and other purposes. These images can be used in art and web design.


Flower Frame 5 Flower Of Happiness Background

The happiest background images are, without a doubt, flowers. This product contains flower images that are already prepared for printing on sheets. In the collection, you will find flowers of different types. In this collection, you will find a flower to your taste.


Flower Frame 1 The Garden Flower Background

If you need to decorate your website, desktop, or any items like cups that you will sell, a rococo flower mood is just what you need. So, we offer you stylish and the most beautiful garden flower background image consisting of various flowers. Each flower can be used for a separate sheet or image file.


Flower Frame 4 Rosemary Background

It has been noted that images with lots of flowers calm most people. Such rococo design backgrounds quickly got the reputation of being antistress. For such a purpose, high image quality is essential. Otherwise, they will be annoying, not soothing. So, all antistress images presented in this collection can be downloaded in high quality.


Objects in Rococo Website Designs

To make the design true to life, web developers utilize various objects, which were used in the epoch, the style and spirit of which is being rendered. The choice is rather diverse: from furniture items to clothes and personal trinkets.

Pressed Dry Herbs Volume 3

Light, modern, and stylish green PNG mockup of herbs for web developers, graphic designers, and artists. Nothing superfluous. Everything is implemented in separate files, which you can edit in any way you want.


Love Objects And Symbols Vector Set

Colorful, clean, and stylish vector rococo love symbols for printing or website interface in EPS, PNG, and PSD formats. The objects are designed for sites and physical objects’ surfaces. While browsing your website with these graphics, anyone will not be able to resist buying your items.


Realistic Shadow

Awesome shadow PSD mockup created using fragments of photos for each item. If you love graphic design and share your inspirations, this product will be perfect for your works or website. Beautiful mockup in pink tones. The editing can be done in Photoshop. Use it with pleasure.


Random Objects Floating In Space

Red, pink, and random purple shapes to use for your business, shop, or portfolio. Rococo style ornaments with well-balanced colors and excellent design. Perfect for a website or a material design. If you’re looking for a clean and professional design to showcase your works and portfolio, then these PNG, EPS, and JPEG mockups might be of use to you. The design is clean and straightforward.


Chocolate Bar

Do you own a pastry shop? Then we present to your attention a well-designed PSD mockup of the chocolate bar for your website. Made in a modern light style. Template in Photoshop format for easy editing to represent your services. In the set, there is a stylish collage with a packed and unpacked chocolate bar.


Logo Signs in Rococo Website Designs

Here are some remarkable logos having Rococo elements in their designs. All of them are rather unusual and outstanding. Having seen once, the user will remember such logo for a long time. Besides, vintage elements are unconsciously perceived as trustworthy and time-tested.

Geometric Edition Logo Template

Brand new collection of 30 logos in rococo style. All logos are available in a variety of formats: AI, EPS, PSD. Using them can create the first impression of your brand for the target audience. With their help, potential customers will learn about the direction of your company’s work and the provided services.


Cake Bakery Logo Template

A quality logo for your bakery website or mobile application. Pink flowers on white background in vector format. There are two versions of logos, CMYK and RGB, each containing one file. All files are in 300 DPI resolution. Great for updating the interface of your resource.


Green Infinity Logo Template

Set of 33 green logos. The archive contains separate files in various formats. An excellent collection of stylish rococo design logos in easily editable format. This set can be used for your mobile application or website. The archive includes files in AI, EPS, PNG, and PSD formats.


Friendly Baker Logo Template

Stylish bakery logo mockup in modern style in various formats. Premium and high-quality logo template. Download this template and use it for any purpose. It has the design of the new generation. The template is in AI, EPS, and SVG formats. Its primary colors are gray, brown, and black. It’s an excellent solution for a personal website or store.


Beauty Shop Logo Template

Creatively drawn beauty shop logo for a website or mobile application in AI, EPS, JPEG, PDF, and PNG formats. It’s a vector image template. Such solutions are the most common types of advertising. It will help to attract the attention of website visitors and increase their awareness. The logo has a block for additional information about the shop. It can duplicate or supplement information from the main page.


We believe that daring experiments and learning of various artistic techniques are good ways to enrich your outlook and design skills. Studying historical art masterpieces gives you inspiration and enthusiasm, necessary for your everyday work. If you have your own thoughts on the topic, please feel free to share them with us.

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