The Second Monstroid 2 Update Has Been Launched

While Elon Musk plans to send the space tourists around the moon in 2018, we are glad to deliver you the Monstroid 2 Update today!

Here is the short recap of what we had before the new update.

Back in January we proudly launched the Monstroid 2 - Multipurpose theme for our beloved WordPress users. Since the release day, we have served almost a thousand clients, and they became the happy owners of this fantastic product.

One of the key features of the Monstroid 2 is the fact that it has ten skins available. And guess what? With today’s update, you’ll get four more! Of course, that’s going to be completely free of charge for all the owners of this theme.

Do I have your attention now? Then let’s take a look at the list of updates we’ve prepared for you!

Customizer localization

We know that our users are spread around the world, and the fact that we have so many people from completely different countries among us amazes our team. It became obvious that many of the Monstroid 2 owners will want to build a website based on their native language or maybe create a multilingual version of their project.

First of all, we decided to bring you the following languages for the customizer:

  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish

But that’s not it, read along!

WPML and Polylang plugins compatibility

To make it possible for you create multilingual websites without any issues, we worked on the compatibility of our Monstroid 2 with the most popular plugins: WPML and Polylang.

New beautiful skins

Let’s face the reason why our clients love Monstroid 2 so much: it’s all about that beautiful skins that it offers. You all remember that we have included ten skins into the original Monstroid 2 release. Hungry for new skins? We have those for you!

Lingua - Language School Skin

The first skin can be used for the language school website or simply as a template for your language courses site. This skin contains all the necessary blocks for the successful courses or school advertising.

Showcase your team of skilled teachers, provide your potential clients with the usual lessons schedule and call him to action by offering to subscribe for the courses and start learning new languages!

Just look at this amazing schedule visualization! Make sure you check out the demo and try out all the feature of this new skin.


Weelko - Business Skin

This is our new theme for those who wants to refresh their business website and to declare their company’s presence on the internet.

Offer your website visitors to take a look at all the services you can provide them with. Give them a reason to work with you.

There is no better way of saying ‘We are a big and reliable company’ than a good looking business website.

Personally, that’s one of my favorite skins among the new ones. Take a look yourself and let us know in the comments below which one you liked the most!


IntraBrand - Digital Agency Skin

If you own a digital agency you’ll agree with me that it’s pretty hard to stand out from the crowd. Nowadays you can locate the nearest digital agency even in the smallest city or village.

In order to enhance your chances of landing more clients, we created the IntraBrand skin.

It should help you to present the services you offer in the most eye-catching and good-looking way.

Give your customers a short bio on your company, humanize your brand and convince them that you are the right team for achieving their goals!

Have a look yourself and decide if it’s gonna work for your business! By the way, if you are working with our templates and own your own agency, feel free to shoot us an e-mail at [email protected] and tell us your story!


Marie Juliette - Photographer Skin

I have a bunch of photographers among my friends and we recently discussed the portfolio websites. I was really interested to hear their opinion on making the internet presence of the photographers loud and clear.

So as the practice shows, most photographers strive to have a simple website portfolio, they do not need their clients to scroll a huge page, they want it to look like a real physical portfolio.

If you are one of those creative minds, we have something great for you, meet the Marie Juliette skin!

Tell the world about yourself, give them a chance to contact you back, and give your gallery a touch of the physical portfolio design.

There are plenty of ways to display your works, so your portfolio will not bore anyone, that’s for sure!

You can also post articles in the blog sections. Wanna see how it looks? Just check out the demo link below!


How Can I Update My Monstroid 2?

Manually replacing your current version of Monstroid 2 with an updated version is as easy as a pie! First off, you’ll need to download the updated version of the theme, which includes both the main theme and the child theme (which serves as a backup for all the custom changes you make to your styles etc).

All the instructions for the manual update can be found via the link below.

Manual Update Instructions | Buy Monstroid 2

Summing things up

This is our second Monstroid 2 update and we’ll be more than glad to hear your feedback, so feel free to leave it in the comments section below.

We are constantly working on making your experience with our products better, so you should stay tuned and we’ll make sure we have something new for your later! Peace!

Buy Monstroid 2

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