Sell Graphic Design Online – Add Your Products to TemplateMonster

  1. Types of Graphics to Sell on TemplateMonster
  2. Benefits of Being an Author of TemplateMonster
  3. How to Start Selling Graphic Assets on TemplateMonster
  4. Essential Requirements to Sell Graphics Online
  5. How to Boost Graphic Design Sales

It does not matter if you are an Illustrator, 3D artist, or web designer, you can turn your creativity into additional income and sell graphics online. The market for designers and illustrators is not limited by geographical location. Today, there are numerous sites to sell graphic designs wherever you are. This is an excellent solution to get maximum profit for your design project and expand your customer base.

Sell Graphic Design Online - Add Your Products to TemplateMonster.

We are sure you have already heard of the TemplateMonster marketplace as a popular creative resource to buy and sell any design assets. Whatever you create – fonts, icons, illustrations, patterns, or logo templates - upload your graphics on TemplateMonster, and 6 million users will see your designs. It is easy to earn money by doing what you love, isn't it?! 

Having 15 years of experience in the web design industry, TemplateMonster has proved itself as a reliable marketplace to sell graphic items. There is no need to have your own website to promote the products. The digital marketplace traffic is off the charts, so do not hesitate to become an author and get connected with your client.  

Types of Graphics to Sell on TemplateMonster

Types of Graphics to Sell on TemplateMonster.

Below you can see the list of the most popular graphic products to upload and sell on the TemplateMonster marketplace:

Choose the right product and sell graphic design online with no hassle. 

Benefits of Being an Author of TemplateMonster

Author of TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster marketplace is a perfect platform that unites the most gifted specialists in the web design industry. It does not matter if you are a beginner or guru in graphic design - everyone will enjoy promoting his brand.

While there are numerous different websites to sell graphic design, join TemplateMonster community to get the following benefits.

  • TemplateMonster is a huge web design outlet for the promotion of your exclusive and non-exclusive graphics.
  • No limitation on the number of products to upload and sell.
  • Net15 payments.
  • Learn quality standards on how to sell graphic design and navigate the eCommerce world.
  • Use your company name to increase your business awareness. 
  • Get support from the community to have all your questions covered. 

How to Start Selling Graphic Design Assets on TemplateMonster

Go through a few steps to join the marketplace and sell graphics online with no effort.

  1. Go to and set up your User Account.
  2. Log in to your account and proceed to the ‘Become an author’ tab.
  3. Create the Name that will show up along with the products and on your Author's Page.
  4. Upload your project archive, make sure to fill out the product details, and submit it for review.
  5. TemplateMonster’s experts will review the product per the requirements, and you will hear about the results shortly.
  6. Enjoy your product online and start getting sales.

And here is some good news for authors who sell graphic designs online on TemplateMonster. As of September 1, 2020, the marketplace announces the new conditions for the authors selling graphics. The authors are eligible to set their prices on every product added to the marketplace. There is no upper price limit, or to be precise, it is 999$. 

Moreover, whether you sell graphics exclusively or non-exclusively, you will get a set 65% commission from each sale. If you added the items to the marketplace before September 1, you would still have the same 65% commission. The only exceptions are those who had an agreement on a higher percentage in commissions pay. 

We recommend starting from the minimal price and see how it goes. In the table below, you can see the minimal prices for the most bestselling graphics.

Product type Minimal price 
PowerPoint Template  $15
Keynote Template  $15
Google Slides  $15
Infographic Elements  $4
Fonts  $9
UI Elements  $8
Illustration  $4
Social Media  $5
Vectors  $4
Stock Video  $4
Stock Music  $10

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before settings up the price:

  • Analyze the niche and check out your competitors. Decide on whether you will sell graphics at the same price range.
  • Think over the features set of your graphics for sale. Are your products industry-specific? What functionality do they include?
  • Calculate your estimated expenses in terms of time, energy, and funds.

Essential Requirements to Sell Graphic Design Online

Before uploading your graphic design to the marketplace, make sure to follow the requirements below.

  1. Avoid copyright violations.
  2. Unique design.
  3. Think over marketing criteria (make sure your product is not outdated).
  4. The product description should be relevant, precise, and error-free. 
  5. Preview materials of the product should reflect the product’s niche, functionality, and topic.
  6. The name of the product should be limited to 5-6 words.
  7. Avoid duplication of the products.

How to Boost Graphic Design Sales 

After you upload your graphics to the marketplace and get approved, it is time to think about promoting your brand.

Here are a few recommendations to attract traffic to your product pages and increase brand awareness:

  • Social media promotion. Various social networks have millions of active users. Do not hesitate to share fascinating images and videos of your products and inform your audience about new items.
  • Share product reviews. Your own website or any other blog or forum is a great way to promote and sell graphics.
  • Describe the essential features of your products and the business niches they can be used in. With the right approach, it can become an effective traffic channel.
  • Create YouTube videos. Do not neglect useful YouTube videos showing all the benefits of your products. Some people still browse YouTube in search of the particular products. 
  • Participate in an affiliate program. Send traffic via referral links. This is still a powerful solution to promote your graphic designs. 


Selling graphics online is a great opportunity to earn extra money and master your skills. Today it is easier than ever to promote your creative items with no personal website. All you need to do is just to choose the perfect digital marketplace for your needs. Stop surfing the web for places to sell graphic designs; TemplateMonster marketplace is here to accept your designs on the best conditions. Hurry up and do not make the audience wait for your creatives!

Start Selling

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