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SEO Tactics that will See Your SME Dominate Search Engines In 2017

It is true that Google has a long history of changing its algorithms. With this constant change, various websites find it challenging maintaining tops spots in search rankings. To stay on the front pages, one has to be flexible enough to modify SEO strategies in line with the latest changes. It is the only way of remaining relevant in the ever-competitive SEO race. Adjusting your SEO strategies accordingly puts you in a better position of gracing the first pages of search engine results.

In the past, many people have come to believe that only large companies have the resources and capabilities to keep up with SEO demands. Well, it is another myth. In 2017, small enterprises can make their customers find them online without necessarily spending huge or involving sophisticated strategies. It has never been this easy!

Embrace local citations and reviews

For any local company betting on SEO, business reviews and citations are very important. If you get citations from well-indexed sources, search engines will find it easy verifying information about your business. Such intel might include your business niche and contact information. You need to encourage local businesses to review your service and products, exchanging backlinks in the process. Consumers also like associating with businesses with credible reviews, especially if such citations come from local stores that are close to their hearts.

Take advantage of Schema markup

It is possible to boost your SEO campaigns by using markup. Add this structured markup. This way, it will be easier for search engines to identify with your site. Most importantly, search engines will find it easy picking essential information like phone number, address, and basic details such as the company’s name. Make sure you find out relevant Shema markup elements you will need to use in your business site.

Take Advantage of Google My Business Listings

You can rise through the local rankings by using this listing. Local businesses with impressive GMB listings will find it easier gracing the first pages of search engine results for local searches. It all starts by creating a GMB profile. Thereafter, you can add as many details as possible. Tell an interesting story about your business through this listing. Whenever possible, complete filling the listing information required. While doing this, you need to ensure your website is focused on your location. You will be glad you did.

Invest in Hyperlocal advertising

Large enterprises have one weakness; they have to target a large audience. Small businesses competing with their larger counterparts cannot beat them by embracing similar strategies. James Marker, an SEO expert from suggests that instead, small marketing entities should focus on dominating the local market. Hyperlocal advertising is all about promoting your business to a selected class of targeted audience, most likely from a particular geographical location. Through GPS on smartphones, you can take advantage of technology to get in front of the local target audience.

With the limited budget they have, local companies can strategize their SEO campaign to target the immediate customer base. Do not go for general keywords already dominated by bigger firms. This strategy comes with more relevance and efficiency.

Go hard on ‘near me’ keywords

Most people using their mobile phones to carry out searches are always looking for local products and services. The least you can do is to be there for them when they come calling. How exactly are you supposed to manage this? Take advantage of localized long-tail keywords as opposed to general terms. You should be able to provide the specific answer to queries asked by such an audience. Google normally uses ‘near me’ keywords in order to return instant queries to people within a specified locality. Capitalizing on this trend doesn’t have to be expensive for any local business. You just need to do it right and perfectly. There is no better way of winning local online visibility than taking advantage of this opportunity.

Mutual Coordination between SMEs

If small businesses are to compete favorably with their firmly established counterparts then one thing must happen with certainty; they must come together. Ideally, small businesses must find better ways of joining forces in the quest for local SEO dominance. Instead of viewing themselves as competitors, they can change the game and regard themselves as partners. They can start by promoting one another through the exchange of quality links. Even more, they can organize local events together and generate contents from that. By sharing each other’s contents, they will be able to generate traffic from locals, thereby dominating the local SEO race.

Invest in perfect SEO Toolkit

Eventually, every small business will have to go out of its way and invest in the right SEO tools. Such investments might at times mean creating extra budgets. However, they are worth it for every company that is out to reap big from search engine optimization. Some of the preferable tools include;

  • Linkdex; this SEO platform helps search marketers enhance their outreach and optimization strategies. The good news is; it gets you covered in other aspects of digital marketing too, including social media marketing and content marketing.
  • Whitespark; this is ideal for businesses focusing on local search marketing. It has a variety of features that come handy in finding local citations and building prospective quality backlinks through customer testimonials.
  • URL Profiler; if you need a perfect SEO tool for auditing links and contents, this one will serve you right. It also comes with added features such as removing penalties and gathering contact data.


For small businesses, competing favorably with market giants in the SEO race doesn’t have to be complicated as many people have made it appear. With a limited budget, you can still have a competitive edge over your large enterprise rivals. The biggest secret is shifting your focus to the local marketing. Simply optimize your strategies to target the local audience without forgetting the need to come together as small marketing enterprises.


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Charlie Brown

Charlie is a professional writer with many years of experience working in the web design and development field. He also enjoys writing about SEO and digital marketing.

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