11 Shocking Facts about Social Media… Did You Know Them?

Are you an active social media member? Most of us are. Social networks conquered the world. It’s an evident fact. They are really addictive. And it’s easy to prove the fact.

How many times a day do you check your Facebook account? How often do you tweet? How many selfies do you post on Instagram weekly? Make these unsophisticated calculations and you’ll understand that social sites play an important role in your life. Supposing you are not lucky enough to look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie in real life. You have an unattractive appearance, diffident character and it’s not that easy for you to become the life of the party or just make friends with your peers. (We don’t mean that only freaks and perverts use social websites, glamorous celebrities with perfect athletic bodies and pretty faces don’t neglect their power as well).

Social media simply make this process easier. You understand that you are not alone. You can create a fake or real personality, nobody will check if you are sincere. You can reveal any part of your soul and mind still keeping privacy. You don’t need to fear that your thoughts, drags and feelings will be mocked. There is somebody for everybody in this world (maybe living oceans away, it doesn’t matter). And social sites help you find your own circle of the like-minded people where you feel at ease.

Apart from all the enumerated benefits of social networking it should be mentioned that such kind of sites stopped to be just communication platforms. People make business on social networks, promote their companies and earn real money in virtual world. Please note that social media let do that in a trustworthy, unobtrusive manner.

But enough with this gas! It’s time for you to know what the initial aim of this short post is. Actually we featured this video just for your fun. So, meet the 11 shocking facts about social media. Have you already heard some of them?

Helga Moreno

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