Starbis Multipurpose HTML5 Template: Get It for a Special Price

DIYers and professional developers love building different types of sites with a single template. That’s why the team of TemplateMonster is planning a release of a large multipurpose HTML5 template dubbed Starbis.

With many pre-designed layouts, blocks, and elements, it turns the process of website building into quick customization. Would you like to get it for a special price? All you need to do is to click here and pre-order.

Pre-order Starbis

So, what does this newbie of HTML5 templates have to minimize your workload? Take a look under its hood in our detailed preview.

W3C Valid

Starbis HTML5 pages have a well-formatted markup complying with W3C standards. Search engines index W3C standards-compliant pages much better, as their code is free from errors. Besides the technical quality of web pages, W3C validation means better usability for visitors. They can access W3C validated sites via all the modern browsers including mobile ones. Pages with proper formatting are easier to edit as well.

Well-Commented Code

This multipurpose HTML5 template has comments explaining what function each block of code performs. With a well-commented codebase, you will get a clear understanding of your website structure.

SEO & Load Speed Optimized

The speed of web page loading can influence both a user experience and SEO ranking. That’s why elements of Starbis pages were optimized for faster loading. Visitors will be free from waiting, and search engines will give priority to your site. It will help you drive more organic traffic.

Responsive Layout Built with Bootstrap 3

Starbis features a fully responsive design built with Bootstrap 3 functionality. It means your site will be accessible to users of any modern device, whether it has a retina display or a narrower screen. The template’s layout and elements adjust to any viewport providing an optimal visual experience.

50+ Ready-Made HTML5 Pages

Building each page from scratch is the thing of the past that takes a lot of time. Starbis offers 50+ pre-designed pages to use out of the box. Simply add your content, set fonts, customize the default color scheme, and the page is ready to serve your purposes.

There is a ready-made layout for literally any page a modern site needs. It may be something general like registration and FAQ pages or uncommon like coming soon and maintenance pages. Thanks to such a wide choice, your workflow will go much faster.

Each page of multipurpose HTML5 template has a unique design. Take a look at some of them.

Registration Page

Here is a minimalist yet visually attractive page, where every visitor can create a personal account. It features a registration form in the foreground and a full-screen image in the background.

multipurpose HTML5 template

FAQ Page

You can reveal answers to the questions customers often ask on this page. Accordions keep the layout uncluttered, with no content overload.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Pricing Page

A pricing page is a must-have for any profit-making organization. Thanks to tables, visitors can see what it each pricing plan offers and compares all of them with ease. You can also supply this page with answers to frequently asked questions and CTA block for sending you a letter.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Coming Soon Page

If you are going to release a product or planning an event, this page will come in handy. It features a countdown to let customers know how much time is left until the release. There is also a form that enables them to subscribe to your newsletter. In that way, you can notify them of your product release via email.

multipurpose HTML5 template

404 Page

This page shows visitors that they mistyped a URL or tried to enter an already deleted page. There are buttons to bring visitors back to the homepage or contact you.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Many Header & Footer Layouts

In addition to pre-designed pages, Starbis has multiple header and footer types. Try them one by one till you find the type blending well with the rest of the design. You can choose something minimal like a burger menu or a corporate version with an extra bar for contact details. It all depends on your needs. If your layout is designed in the light tone, you can choose a dark footer for contrast, and vice versa. Starbis allows you to use the key areas of your site to their full potential.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Variety of Pre-Designed Blocks

There are also pre-designed blocks to outline your business info out of the box. You can try different ways of presenting the same content. Look through some of them.

Our Team

Circles or rectangles? Choose the best way to introduce the faces of your company. On hover, visitors can see contact details of each employee.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Clients’ Testimonials

Starbis also offers different ways of unveiling clients’ feedback. You can display testimonials one by one in a carousel or in columns.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Massive Set of UI Elements

As for content presentation, you can make use of various UI elements. They will keep your information readable, easy to scan, and engaging. Here are some of them.


Starbis comes with call-to-action buttons of different sizes and shapes. You can also add icons to CTA buttons and spice them up with a shadow effect.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Icon Lists

Icon lists and boxes allow for better content structuring. Icons serve as visual cues to present different portions of information.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Progress Bars

Progress bars and dynamic counters are perfect to boast of skills and achievements.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Sleek CSS3 Animation Effects & Transitions

Visual aesthetics of Starbis feel dynamic thanks to a skillful mix of CSS3 animations and transitions. Moving around the layout, visitors will see multiple motion effects that come into view on hover. They allow for a more engaging user interaction with your site.

Parallax Scroll

This multipurpose HTML5 template also utilizes a popular technique of parallax scrolling. With its help, background and foreground layers of the layout move at different paces while scrolling. It adds a sense of depth to the page, which allows for deeper immersion in your content.

Multiple Forms

Mentioning your contact details is a good idea, but you also must interact with the audience via your site. For that reason, Starbis comes with multiple web forms. With their help, you can let visitors log in to your site, subscribe to your newsletter, and leave their feedback on your services.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Live Search

What adds to the template’s usability is live search. With this advanced feature, visitors will find the necessary content in no time. It allows them to view instant search results in a drop-down once they type in only a few characters. In fact, the more characters they add to the search box, the more relevant results they see.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Various Blog Layouts

Today, a blog is a must-have feature, as it helps with both user engagement and SEO ranking. Starbis comes with a variety of pre-designed blog layouts so that you could pick the one you like.

Classic Blog Layout

This layout type allows you to show posts one by one along the layout. Each post has a featured image, video or audio, title, short description, publication date, and author’s photo and name.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Grid Blog Layout

Using this layout type, you can arrange posts in a grid-based structure. Each of them is shown as a featured image overlaid with different details. They include a title, author’s name, categories and how many days ago it was published.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Timeline Blog Layout

With this layout type, you can arrange posts along a timeline, which looks classy.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Masonry Blog Layout

The masonry layout is ideal for those of you who prefer a modern and somewhat chaotic structure.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Multiple Gallery Types

When it comes to the presentation of projects, there are various gallery types to use. All of them have tabs enabling viewers to sort your works by categories.

Grid Gallery

Grid is a classic type of gallery to display projects. If you set a priority for a user-friendly organization of images, it is a perfect choice for you.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Masonry Gallery

With a masonry type of gallery, you can combine large and smaller images on the page. It depends on what you want to put front and center.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Cobbles Gallery

To present projects in a bizarre way, opt for a cobbles type of gallery.

multipurpose HTML5 template

eCommerce Page Templates

Packed with all the must-have eCommerce pages, Starbis allows you to run a store on your site.

Grid Shop Layout

To browse your product catalog, shoppers can use either a grid or list layout. In the grid layout, each item is shown with a name, brand, carousel of images, price, and cut price. You can optionally attach “sale” and “new” badges to items, which will let them stand out among others. Customers can also choose how many products to view per page.

multipurpose HTML5 template

List Shop Layout

While the grid layout is focused on visuals, the list one is more informative. It also has a short description, rating, and some customer reviews, on which that rating is based.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Single Product Page

The single product page of Starbis allows for a detailed overview of each item. Colors, size, quantity, delivery, video review, customers’ feedback, - you can mention these and many other things. They are shown in accordions to keep the layout cleaner. A built-in widget gives an opportunity to offer customers more products based on their interests.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Cart Page

On this page, customers can see all the items they added to the cart. There is an option to increase the quantity of each item, which is useful for bulk buying. If customers don’t need an individual item, they can remove it from the cart.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Checkout Page

Customers enter a checkout page at the final stage of shopping. They can add shipping and billing details, see all the orders, and pick the type of payment.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Child Themes

In addition to Starbis itself, you can find a number of child themes in its package. They were tailor-made for different businesses, from law firms to insurance agencies. Each theme comes with a special feature for its niche.


This child theme provides a ready-made design for sites of investment advisers. Its built-in calculator helps find out how many profits clients can derive from their investments. With graphs and charts, you can present the complicated financial data in an easy-to-understand way.

multipurpose HTML5 template


TaxExpert is designed for accounting companies. It has a handy feature for accountants, i.e. an online tax calculator. With its help, you can calculate the tax based on the business area, country, the number of employees, and yearly income.

multipurpose HTML5 template


This multipurpose HTML5 template also has a thought-out child theme for lawyers. Placed in the header, contact details are accessible to visitors once they enter your site. A menu bar features a CTA button that leads to a user-friendly booking form. It enables them to see all the free timeslots and pick the most suitable one for booking an appointment.

multipurpose HTML5 template


AllRisk is a child theme intended for insurance companies. What makes it cool for insurers is an intuitive form to collect all the necessary data from clients. They can fill it in step by step, which can make the whole process quick and easy.

multipurpose HTML5 template

Would you like Starbis to become your loyal assistant in web development? Hurry up to buy it for a special price. Pre-order this multipurpose HTML5 template now and complete more projects in less time. If you're still hungry for more, take a close look at our premium bootstrap templates.  😉

P.S. Starbis is at the final stage of development. What do you think about an idea to take part in it? Tell us what to add to its package in the comments, please. Share this post via your social accounts to let your friends speak their mind too.

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