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How to Gain Few Pounds of Traffic? “Put on” Stripe Ads Plugins for WordPress

Stripe Ads is a new and unique approach to internet marketing and on-site advertising. Stripe Ads allow website owners and internet marketers show text ads at the top of the browser window. The design of the ad itself can be easily “drawn” and will blend seamlessly into your website’s color scheme. Also you can change the font color, stripe color, font face, font sizes and more within the setup panel of this plugin or get into the code of your website’s page and add the code manually.

Stripe Ads has instant ad statistic tracking that will monitor the performance of your ads. With this type of advertising you can easily know if your ads work or not and if your ads need tweaking to increase your conversions. The easy-to-read statistical area will also allow you to monitor your network of websites and potential affiliate earnings.

What can stripe ads do for you?

  • Rotate unlimited ads on your website;
  • Stripe Ad is installed easily;
  • Is easy added to website pages;
  • Tuning Stripe Ad is a snap;
  • All strip ads you add are controlled from the setup panel of this plugin.

How will stripe ads help you?

  • Boost traffic to your other websites;
  • Increase sales and conversions;
  • Increase affiliate earnings;
  • Sell Ad space;
  • And much, MUCH more… the sky is the limit!

Use stripe ads to:

  • Display important notifications;
  • Announce sales and specials;
  • Advertise other websites;
  • Provide coupon codes;
  • Upcoming promotions;
  • News & events;
  • And more!

Everything said above sounds like a set of dry facts. That’s why TemplateMonster’s developer Frank Valliant made a research considering Stripe ads and shared his thoughts considering most popular plugins.

This is a list of plugins Frank tested:

Among these ten he picked only two, since other eight did not satisfy initial requirements.

The only thing in common these plugins have is they display ads as a stripe in the header of a page. What every website has? Numerous categories, stripe ads can be designed in accordance with their specifics. All that remains are minor changes in the page’ code, one needs to add some code into the place where ad is needed:

<?php if (function_exists('adinj_print_ad')){ adinj_print_ad('top'); } ?>

And slight customizing of CSS, respectively...

According to his reach, and trust me he does it really meticulously, the sentence is following...

Ad Injection vs Stripe Ad

Ad Injection:

  • Installation - 5, simply upload it into "/wp-content/plugins/" directory, than push Active button and it's done;
  • Maintenance and tuning - 5; provides and extensive range of modifications;
  • Tax - free, but if you wish you can donate to the developers;
  • Disposition - can be placed anywhere;

  • Targeting - thorough the admin panel you can hide your stripe ads for specific countries or ips.
  • Analytical tool - contains a must have tool to track productivity of the ad;
  • Uninstall - you can uninstall by deactivating the plugin and deleting from the WordPress plugins control panel. Uninstalling will delete all files and settings created by Ad Injection. It will also delete any template ads that you have put in the ad-injection-data folder.

Stripe Ad:

  • Installation - 5, the same, upload it into "/wp-content/plugins/" directory, than push Active button and it's done;
  • Maintenance and tuning - 3; provides a poor range of modifications;
  • Tax - needs to be activated via e-mail, asks for money to reveal full range of functionalities;
  • Unwanted links - contains unnecessary links to developer's website;
  • Uninstall - you can delete the plugin from the admin panel, but you need to delete rudiments of code manually, meaning there is no automatic option back to default settings.

...Stripe Ad is guilty for being less function-rich and is sentenced be be uninstalled.


This was our opinion considering stripe ads, now it's your time to speak. If YOU ever used stripe ads on your website, feel free to share your experience.

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Alex Bulat

Writing a blog post or building a micro niche WordPress website is something Alex can do bare-handed. You're welcome to contact him via Telegram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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  1. darbe says:

    I hope Ad Injection plugin don’t replaces your code with developer code. What do you know?

  2. Nihal Ozdereli says:

    The Monster mostly share about word press or Joomla…. I want more HTML5 please….

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