Top Vendor Stories

TemplateMonster Marketplace Top Vendor Stories

As TemplateMonster community is expanding, we are enthralled by seeing new talented vendors join us. Now it’s time to step back and appreciate the authors who have been with us from the very launch of the marketplace which took place six months ago. We announce a series of interviews with our top vendors to be published on our blog. What’s so special about this series? It is marked by radical honesty and fascination.
  • Our vendors come from all over the world and have much to tell
  • We asked our top vendors to tell about their first steps in profession and give their feedbacks to TemplateMonster Marketplace
  • We did not edit their answers, nor did we hide anything about their performance. You can check out their vendor profiles on our website
We hope that as you read through each article, you will come up with your own answers to our questions and share them in the comments to this post or on Facebook or Twitter. Three answers that match TemplateMonster vision and values the most will be included in the upcoming review article about our new vendors. Ready? Let’s get started!