Top Vendor Stories: Meet “Hencework” and “Themekita”

We are happy to turn the page in a series of stories about top TemplateMonster vendors. This time we are going to introduce you to a pair of wonderful companies, whose products are available in TemplateMonster inventory.

The first one is Hencework - dashboard templates vendor with a high rate of sales and trust. They are from the land of engineers and yogis - India. Look through their work at this products page.

We’ve interviewed our vendors to disclose what’s behind-the-scenes. Here you may check other stories about TemplateMonster vendors. This time we hope you enjoy a closer acquaintance with Hencework.

Top Vendors StoriesTM: Can you give a short resume or a story behind Hencework?

henceworkH: Hencework is co-founded by former colleagues and friends Vrushali Dhavale & Aniruddha Nayak, driven by one single goal that is creative freedom. We are a globally distributed team of talented people who come together to create some of the best web products that people love. We also serve our clients with design and digital services.

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Top Vendors StoriesTM: What features are common for all of your products and what is your forte?

henceworkH: Dashboard templates is our forte. Our templates are developed using modern technologies and are developed keeping developers in mind. Simple and orderly code structure that can be easily picked up by any developer.

As developers often encounter a lot of friction with ready UI material while adding real-time collaboration to their project, our templates take care of all that to make it hassle-free for developers.

Our front-end integrates well with any back-end technology without messing up things.

All our templates come with a solid UI kit that allows developers to actually build stuff, rather than editing pixel distances. Also, we believe our designs are unique and have several extremely useful features that's why people are loving our products.

Our bestseller product is Magilla - The Ultimate Multipurpose Admin Template with remarkable success on the marketplace.

Magilla - The Ultimate Multipurpose Admin Template

magilla admin template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Top Vendors StoriesTM: When did you submit your first product for sale?

henceworkH: We received an email from TemplateMonster to join the marketplace. We submitted our first product in June 2017.

Top Vendors StoriesTM: How long does it usually take to create a template?

henceworkH: It takes approximately one and a half month to create a template.

landing page template

Top Vendors StoriesTM: What is the most complicated stage of template creation?

henceworkH: The most complicated stage is synthesizing usability, flexibility and visual language to create the solid core of a template. It has to be flexible enough to be able to easily customize it. It needs to provide all possible options so that it doesn't have any restrictions for the users.

Top Vendors StoriesTM: What do you like the most about being a vendor of digital products?

henceworkH: It gives us creative freedom at the same time a huge global exposure.

[tweet_box]Being a vendor of digital products, we can work from anywhere in the world that leads us to a happy workforce.[/tweet_box]

Top Vendors StoriesTM: With what products you are planning to amaze your customers in the future?

henceworkH: We are planning to create one big bundle of a product which will have different versions of Jquery, Angular, React and Vue js.

It’s not the end of the story! Meet another TemplateMonster vendor - Themekita and their short introduction. This company is based in a small city in Indonesia, named Banda Aceh.

Top Vendors Stories

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Top Vendors StoriesTM: Please share a short resume and a little story of Themekita?

theme kitaT: My name is Hizrian, usually called Rian. I used to make html template products like dashboards and landing pages.

My product is equipped with features that I made to simplify and speed up the work of developers in developing applications.

The first time I submitted a product in Templatemonster last year (red.: 2018) in August.

Top Vendors StoriesTM: How long does it usually take to create a template?

theme kitaT: To make a template I spent 3 months.

The most difficult is to make a unique and interesting template design and equipped with the required features.

Top Vendors StoriesTM: What do you like the most about being a vendor of digital products?

theme kitaT: What I like most is that I can make money when I sleep or vacation

Top Vendors StoriesTM: With what products you are planning to amaze your customers in the future?

theme kitaT: In the future, I plan to create a dashboard template with a more attractive design and other new features.

Look for our new vendors and new stories soon!

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