TemplateMonster Launches One-Click Payment [Contest Inside]

Are you eager to skip a multi-step checkout? TemplateMonster has some brilliant news for you. We’ve minimized the entire shopping process to a single click. Pick the product you like, make a click, and it’s all yours at once. Learn more about the one-click payment method below.

1-click payment becomes available to you after buying the first item at our marketplace. Next time you enter it, you’ll see a buy button with the last 4 digits of the card you used before. Just click it, and you’ll get an instant access to the website templates you like.

With one-click buy technology, your shopping experience will become faster than ever. No more time waste on constant entering passwords and payment details. You are not a robot after all. Leave all the machine-oriented work to us, and enjoy a swift checkout at our marketplace.

What Experts Think about One-Click Payment Method

A lot of usability experts believe that one-click payment is the future of eCommerce.

usability experts

According to Bobbi Leach, a CEO of FuturePay, this method can reduce cart abandonment rates. And it will drive more revenue in its turn. Here’s his quote from the interview.

I think you’ll start to see retailers moving away from the “Insert Credit Card Information Here” model. It’s cumbersome and becoming increasingly outdated in a mobilized world. Shoppers will abandon purchases in the cart because of the time it takes to complete the process and the hassle of using a card while on-the-go. One-click purchasing allows retailers to capture more sales and increases customer satisfaction.

usability expertsNexto, a Polish online kiosk, also implemented one-click payments. Its project manager, Piotr Golebiowski, says the company aimed at return customers with such an initiative. They didn’t want to force returners to go through the entire shopping process all the time. Instead, they decided to speed it up, and one-click payments turned out a solution.

Registered customers, who return to our online shop, are the most valuable ones and we wanted to make it easier for them to buy goods. If they have any interest in a specific product, all they have to do is a single click and presto! – the payment is done. This means that they have access to the purchased goods after only a few seconds.

Piotr also revealed customers’ feedback on the launch of 1-click buy technology.

This service is new for us, so we treat it as a kind of pilot program. But we’ve already received really positive feedback. Especially from customers who live abroad and already know this kind of payment method from Western services. They’re very satisfied with the fact that all they need to do is to enter card data during the first purchase and every next one will be faster.

How One-Click Payment Method Performs

Some figures in the IT world have already tested the one-click payment method. What they got is a pretty good increase in sales.

usability expertsWayne Mulligan, a co-founder of Crowdability, shared results of their testing on Quora. The test involved selling a pricey educational course of $1K+ in a single-item checkout. Eventually, there was a 15% growth in one-click ordering.

That might not sound like a lot, but extrapolate that out over the course of a year and thousands of orders hitting your system and you'll see why the ROI math played out quite well for us.

Adyen, a provider of payment services, also revealed a few case studies in its white paper.

In the first case study, a casual gaming company A / B tested 1,000+ customers during a month. It directed 50% of its transactions to the one-click payment system, whereas the other 50% underwent a standard process. As a result, one-click payments generated 25% more incremental sales than standard ones.

Another case study involved a large ticketing operator. It implemented one-click and one-touch technologies for desktops and mobile devices respectively. In half a year, they saw a 55% growth in incremental sales. Of course, there were different factors to have caused such a result. But the company’s officials believe 1-click ordering technology played the major role. No doubt, it was especially helpful for last-minute buyers.

Take Part in an Easy Contest

As you can see, different companies have different rates. How do you think TemplateMonster sales will grow due to one-click payments? Today, we offer you to take part in an easy contest. Mention the percentage of the expected sales growth at TM in the comments. That’s all. He who gives the answer closest to the truth will win a bottle of high-class booze from our company.

TemplateMonster contest

How good are you at guesswork? Try out your predictive power in our contest.

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