Family Business: Behind the TemplateMonster Scenes

If you’ve heard of the oldest template provider TemplateMonster if you’ve come across thousands of TemplateMonster templates. If you happen to be one of the TemplateMonster customers who enjoy the design of the themes and a 24/7 life chat support which is always there… there’s one thing you should know.

TemplateMonster hasn’t always been this way

What was it like at the very dawn back in 2004?

Who was that guy to come up with an idea to establish a web design company?

Who attacked the wellness of growing company, how did it almost go to dust and how it got back in a saddle?

These and many other questions you will find in the TemplateMonster book.

In this book, you’ll meet the people behind the design, marketing, and live chat.

From this book, you’ll know which core values TemplateMonster uses in order to stay that nuclear.

From this book, you will learn the inspirational rises and devastating falls of the oldest design company, which has been with you for the last 15 years.

Previously you've known an external image of TemplateMonster.

Now you can see the internal world of it.

Download this ebook, which is always there for you, no matter what project you are going to create and what skill level you are at.

Oksana Preda

I like putting things in order and sorting stuff to make it easier to find something useful. That's why I like creating template listings. Besides that, I do researches on different interesting topics on web design and seek topics that could inspire readers. LinkedIn

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