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TemplateMonster’s Themes Are the #1 Choice of Small Upstart Companies

TemplateMonster is back with a new episode of its customers' case studies. This time we will find out how a small upstart company of two partners, with no previous experience of working with website templates, managed to set their site up and running in less than 3 month. Wonder how can one be just as successful? Welcome to their story.

As we have repeatedly indicated earlier, TemplateMonster's themes are intended for the users of all skill levels. The following success story of our client is a great proof to the fact that a ready-made theme can we tweaked even by a newbie. Read the following story and see it for yourself.


Name: John Stone
Occupation: small upstart company
Location: US
Audience: anyone who loves to fish

TemplateMonster: Tell us a couple of words about your company. Where are you located? How big is your team? For how many years have you been in your industry?
John Stone: We are an extremely small upstart company - two partners - who have invented, patented, and trademarked a new fish cleaning system called - TWO WAY Fillet™. K&J Ourdoor Products, LLC is located in Overland Park Kansas, we began working on concept in 2010. After making a working prototype we began the research into getting a patent and trademark, submitted to US Patent Office and received both. Once that was done we began discussions with manufacturers and now are in the process of making our molds for injection molding.

TemplateMonster: Do you commonly use ready-made website templates in your work or prefer custom-made designs more?
John Stone: Since this is the first commercially available product, the answer to this question is interesting - we have not had any previous experience with website templates. In an effort to be ready for retail sale, we began exploring building a webstore in 2014. This current template we are now using is actually our third template. The first one I don't remember where we found it, but was way too complicated for us internally to use, so we contacted a company to help us build one. After 6 months, we discovered that this did not have a "storefront" look and although we had some good content, we once again scrapped this design and began looking. A good friend recommended TemplateMonster and after talking with a TM Rep on the phone, was given three template suggestions we should consider. One of these actually had a fishing theme and after examining this template we purchased and began entering our data. We find this template easy to use, meets our needs, looks like a store, has all kinds of flexibility for adding plug-ins and we are able to build this internally.


Here is the theme that they picked for the site - Fishing Kit WooCommerce Theme



And here is the site -


TemplateMonster: How much time did it take you to create a website based on that theme?
John Stone: Our website was up and running in less than 2-3 months, but our product has taken us longer than this to get to market. In addition, if we had a person who was devoted to the creation of the website, it may have taken less time. Also if that person had any experience and knew what they were doing the time would be shortened. As it was, I, with no experience, was able to make this happen.

TemplateMonster: How much did it cost you to get your site up and running?
John Stone: I have not paid myself any wage so far since we have not sold any product. The initial purchase price of our template was less than $100. Our cost of using an outside vendor was several hundred dollars before we dropped them.

TemplateMonster: How long have you been with TemplateMonster? How can you evaluate the results of our collaboration? What do you enjoy the most? What should be changed/enhanced?
John Stone: We began using our current template in 2015, about a year now. TemplateMonster has provided us with a Store Front that is easy to use as reported by potential customers, vendors, and clients who have used the site to place pre orders and investigative our history prior to business visits. We report that people have told us the sight looks professional and is easy to use. Personally we find it is also easy to edit - the menu tools are easy to navigate and self explanatory.

TemplateMonster: What is your audience? What niche do you target? Do you target foreign markets or prefer working with customers from your country only?
John Stone: Our audience is anyone who loves to fish, their spouses and friends. A subset of anglers that specifically love to fish but also clean their catch for delicious meals. Initially we will target the US Market until we get our feet on the ground.

TemplateMonster: How do you attract new customers and keep them coming back?
John Stone: We do use the SEO tool plugin, being mindful of key words. However, being a retail company we are working trade shows, fishing resorts, fishing stores and marinas. With our web site on our business cards we encourage everyone to go on line and read more about our company.

Are you eager to share your own experience of working with ready-made website themes from TemplateMonster that you want to tell about to the web community? You are more than welcome. Just email [email protected] and we'll be happy to publish your success story at MonsterPost.

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