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TemplateMonster’s Writing Contest Winners Announced

One month ago we've initiated TemplateMonster's writing contest among our reviewers. Within just two weeks we've received hundreds of your honest reviews on our website templates, and we are very grateful for your active involvement. Today, we are delighted to present the final results.

We must admit that it wasn't quite easy to pick 28 winners out of the huge number of applicants. We looked though every review carefully so that not to miss a thing. We analyzed everything that you shared with us, made conclusions on how to enhance our themes and services as well as learnt from your own experience. The information that you shared with us and other TemplateMonster's customers is priceless. So, in order to reward your efforts, we have prepared a set of cool prizes for those reviewers who gave the most explicit answers to our questions.

Looking for the usable data powerpoint themes? There are a number of PPT templates to choose from.

The key criteria that we took into consideration while choosing the top 28 were:

  • extensive information on your personal experience of working with TemplateMonster's themes;
  • honest, detailed feedback about the chosen template;
  • some facts about your own business, since we are eager to know you better;
  • links to your own web design projects and the results of our themes' customization were highly appreciated.

Just as it was promised, we have chosen 28 winners of the contest:

  • 3 users are granted with a 100% discount on any theme from TemplateMonster's gallery;
  • 5 winners get 50% promo-codes on any template;
  • 20 users will become the lucky owners of TemplateMonster's custom decks of poker cards.

So, here is the entire list of the winners of TemplateMonster's writing contest. Click any name from the list to read the review that we have rewarded. So, go ahead and find your name on the list!


Another Absolutely Great Template

I have purchased a lot of templates from I have recently became interested in Woocommerce and Prestashop eCommerce platform templates and started purchasing both platforms from Both template platforms are unique, visually appealing, and easy to work with not to mention all the features and benefits these two platforms offer. I recently purchased the Woocommerce template 53781 to utilize in the development of a clients eCommerce website. The client operates a home decor business and hopes to offer his products online. Truth be told, I love this template myself and have a personal project in mind to use it for if the client decides that they find another template more suitable for their needs. I refer to all friend, family, and associates that are hoping to design a website for whatever purpose as I have had nothing but great experiences with and the templates they offer. I not only develop websites for clients of mine, but also develop websites for my personal website projects with all the templates coming from

Okay, sorry, I have digressed. This Woocommerce template was perfect for the project at hand as it offers many more features and benefits than the client requires allowing the client to grow into the website through future expansion that would allow the client to fully utilize all the different features that this Woocommerce template has to offer. Woocommerce is so easy to work with that I can teach the clients how to use the platform while developing their online profile. In fact, I can verify at least thirty different clients that has purchased templates from based on my referrer for different projects they may have.

Woocommerce and Prestashop are the two top eCommerce website platforms in my opinion and offers the best variety, unique, and visually appealing templates of both platforms when compared with other companies offering templates. In fact, the company offers many more products and services of than their templates which makes the values of your purchase even greater. When all the benefits and value are added up, I would say that Templatemonster easily outperforms the rest. When looking for eCommerce website templates, I automatically go to Woocommerce and Prestashop. In fact, I have several other projects in the pipeline and will be purchasing several additional templates in the very near future. Thank you Templatemonster for making life so much more easier and convenient. You have no idea of how much time (which equals money) Templatemonster have saved me. The company offers a value that you cannot find anywhere else. I will continue to be a loyal customer and will continue to purchase templates from

on Parquet Online Store WooCommerce Theme


Simple, Clean, Easy to Install and Manage

We were recently commissioned by a client to come up with a new design for his outdated website. They sketched some custom designs, but nothing seemed to satisfy him. We did a search on Template Monster and found Gitex WordPress Theme #54794. We were impressed by the professionalism, cleanness, and simplicity of the template. For my client’s particular business, this template seemed to fit like a glove.

The client agreed. He was immediately impressed and stated that the theme was exactly what he had pictured in his mind. As a result, we are left with doing little to no customization on the template – he wants it exactly like it is.

It was important the design was simple and clean and not cluttered. Gitex WordPress Theme #54794, fit the bill to the letter. Plenty of white space and the elements on the page was laid out perfectly for what the client needs. The template had to be responsive, and this template is very impressive when viewed on a tablet or mobile device – one of the best I’ve seen on these mediums.

support independent journalism

We are a small, family-owned web design and development firm but with the amount of projects we get in monthly, simplicity is the key. We don’t have time for a steep learning curve on how to modify or develop a template. Gitex WordPress Theme #54794, is as simple as it gets. In just a few minutes the theme was installed, working perfectly the first time, and ready for content. Any designer remotely familiar with WordPress would not have any problems working with this template.

The bottom line is our client, who sells phone services mainly to non-profit organizations, is entirely pleased with his new look and that makes us look good. He is going to be a good referral for us and we have Template Monster to thank for that. This particular project did not require a lot of resources and the job is being completed in record time.

In short, there is not one thing that I could suggest that would improve this template. The designer covered all the bases and I can’t think of one improvement that is not already a part of this template.

I have a couple of memberships out there with different theme developers but I’m seriously considering cancelling all of them. Most of the “new templates” they put up (and it is usually only one new template per month), in most cases, I cannot use for every day business sites. I’ve yet to visit Template Monster and not find the template I needed. Why waste your money for templates you can’t use? I’ve learned my lesson. Going to Template Monster first and save myself time and money.

Reggie and Vicki Byrum,

Co-Owners of Pro Image One, LLC and NC Web Pros

on Gitex WordPress Theme


Awesome design, Arranged for professionals, Easy to use

We are an international Oil & Gas company currently have several projects all over the world. Our job is not only to supply the special requirements for refinery plants and drilling offshore, but also we are strongly dealing with global Oil trading and petrochemical products export. As such a reliable worldwide company, we need a website that cover all aspect of our work. Our website visitors are not limited to a specific region as they are from all around the world and surely they are not ordinary people but globally well-known multinational companies.

Recently, we have purchased template #52707 after our website team spent more than two month searching for a website template which had aforementioned features. They had also some meeting with website designers and at the end, through some in-company meetings, we choose the template #52707 as the best available choice.

The design of home page is really awesome and our website team has not any plan to change it much. It has very useful features at home page which our clients could find their required information easily without opening other pages. Its icons is also greatly designed and they’re completely according to our profession. The action of homepage when the mouse move on photos is new and it is aesthetically zooms the catch the visitor’s consciousness.

Menus are adequate for our company as they are according to our fields of services. The design of pages inside each menu are also great, although they can easily change through the admin panel.

The color is well selected as it matched our vision. The contact form has enough features for us. The process of its upload and installation was very easy and quick. Because of the optimized size of template, the home page is load very quickly and it is very important for us that our clients could open our website even with slow internet speed.
As a WordPress template, its admin panel is easy to use and there are many plugins that we can easily download and add them for our future needs.

As a costumer, we are greatly satisfied with the TemplateMonster support team and must thanks the pre-sale team who kindly help us making decisions and guide us with their special offers.

We strongly recommend this template for professional people and also companies, who want perfect design and completely excellent arrangement in addition to the high level of satisfaction at the end. We also recommend purchasing from TemplateMonster for their special 7/24 support.

Domain site:

on Gas And Oil Trading WordPress Theme



Very Good

Hello. I’d like to speak about the theme 40857.

First of all I should say I began using WordPress approximately a year ago. By the way, I never was engaged in site creation before this and virtually had almost no knowledge in this sphere. But one day I needed a site, so I decided to develop it independently and I chose WordPress platform.

I needed a theme about computers repair and I tested a lot of free themes. But each of them had some faults – somewhere I couldn’t put the necessary information as I wanted; somewhere there were theme bugs and it’s displayed incorrectly, somewhere I couldn’t make out in settings. I despaired of success one moment, and even wanted to give up this and turned to some companies, but last moment decided to look at the paid themes. The site ( was among sites where Premium themes were suggested. There were many different themes about my subject matter. and after a long examination I chose the theme 40857 and wasn’t disappointed

The theme turned out to be installed very simple. All the steps are clearly described in the instruction. There is a demo-content as a sql base and it allows creating the site initially the same as type and then customize it as you wish. Besides the customization is very simple, all the pages, menu and the rest are handy to be edited. I also liked the standard pictures, by the way I didn’t changed most of them. I live in Belarus, so my site is in Russian. Purchasing I was sure, that many types would be displayed incorrectly after the theme installation and I had to search in the settings and change types. But to my great surprise – everything was displayed normally. All the types look similar to your site. You can check here:

In general, summarizing, I can say – I’m very satisfied. The theme is very elegant and handy and it works without problems. If I need to create one more site, I’ll seek for its template on your site. Thanks.

on Computer Repair Responsive WordPress Theme


Excellent design and ease of instação

A friend referred me to Template Monster as a reference in quality templates. I had searched many websites to buy templates, but all are very confusing, very bad support and quality not very good. The Template Monster is the only company that has excellent templates for both Joomla, and for OpenCart, which are the two platforms that currently use.

The price and their promotions are always very interesting and I could already enjoy in my last purchase.

I am Business Consultant and Web Designer for over five years and buy the templates have greatly facilitated my life, because the time required for creation was reduced to zero, requiring only make the translation and typing of texts and sometimes exchange a few photos, of which in most cases it is not necessary to change any image.

The templates are so full that I hardly use all pages and is very simple disable in Joomla, for example.

My customers work in the most diverse areas, from trade clothing, paint stores, coffee shops, restaurants, companies providing electronic security services, a ballroom, broom factories, machinery plant and equipment, sales representatives, computer stores and much more.

All my clients are finding incredible sites. With the excellent combination of colors and perfect design.

Some sites that used the templates of Template Monster are:


For ease of creation, they are emerging many new customers and the younger Templates are available to buy better, to save you having to repeat a template for my clients.

I’ve contacted support because I thought something was wrong, but the resolution has always been very simple and fast.

I am very satisfied with the Template Monster and always will use the company to create the sites for me and my clients.

On: Toys Store OpenCart Template


Very nice template - exactly what we needed

We are a web developing company GRANDIOSOFT from Slovakia / Europe. We develop elegant and unique websites and online stores with classic desktop design as well as with responsive design for mobile devices.

We were looking for a nice template for our client. Our client had some important requirements, such as:

- the design should have a picture of an aeroplane
- the main colors should be white and blue - like the colors of the bright sky
- it must be a modern layout, and should be of course responsive - it means it must be well displayed on all mobile devices

Our client was very satisfied with the selected template - Private Airline Joomla Template. They really liked the main big photo in the top of the banner. Of course they were very satisfied with the structure of the homepage, as well as with the subpages of the template. Also the social icons in the footer are very well solved.
At this step of the project we are not sure about the domain name, so unfortunately we cannot share a link of this website.

We think the design is good as it is, it fullfills all the requirements of our client. I'm sure that all the visitors of this new website will like this nice and modern graphics.

During the implementation of this template we didn't have any difficulties - all the files and graphic elements were in the zip file, which we could download from our user account on templatemonster. I'm sure if we need any help, the customer service of templatemonster will help us. I have very good experiences with people from templatemonster. I had contacted them several times in the past, and they always helped to solve our questions. This is one of the reasons why we buy designs from them. Of course the other main reason is that they provide high quality templates 🙂

Our overall satisfaction with TemplateMonster is: excellent - 5 out of 5 stars
We are looking forward to further cooperation

Ing G.

on Private Airline Joomla Template


Helping a new business get online

Having worked in IT for a number of years as a developer, system / server administrator and service manager I changed to an altogether career around 2 years ago. However, I still have to drive and passion when it comes to helping individuals and small businesses with their IT needs so I recently setup my own small business as a sideline. My main goal is to provide a personal service to my clients, ensuring they get the best value for their money. While I’ve always had a flare for writing code I’ve never really had the creativity to produce my own designs. This is where TemplateMonster comes in.

Having used them for a few projects in the past I’ve found the selection of templates fantastic and the cost is pretty reasonable too. Once downloaded I am able to quickly get it working within my preferred environment (currently Visual Studio Community). I can then tweek it to suit my own needs before building in the client’content.

I specifically chose this template to use for a new upstart business called Crystal Clear Event Management Ltd. I wanted a nice clean interface which wasn’t too cluttered. The clients themselves haven’t seen the template as they are giving me the freedom to build their website how I see fit. This is why I wanted something that looks professional which will reflect how they will work with their clients. With the number of different devices that people use to access the internet these days I want to ensure that the site is going to look as professional on all of them. This template uses bootstrap to handle the different screen sizes. This is something new to me as it’s been a while since I developed a website. As the template is already designed for multiple screen sizes the company will be happy their clients will be able to view the site in all it’s glory no matter what device they use. Overall, I find TemplateMonster very quick and easy to use. I lost one of my templates which I bought some time ago through hard drive failure. A quick email to support and they authorised me to re-download it, no questions asked.

on Management Company Responsive Website Template


Gold for me - Happy client

I recently bought this template 52412, I bought it for a construction company. This template is Gold for me what do I need more a construction template for a construction company. I have a lot of factors when I choose a template the first thing I look is for the template to be clean and simple. It’s very important for the persons that visit the website and have a clean image so they can stay more at the website and at the end get in contact and so the company can make new contracts and new constructions The second reason I choose this template is for the way that the main page is presented. My client loved the small images bellow the big beautiful slider so he can there put a construction and bellow the company’s logo that do the construction with him. Below this there are round images my client told me that the round images are perfect to put work in progress there because as you know when you build something for example a building around the building there is chaos you don’t want the client to see that chaos so you can easy cut it with round images. So it’s perfect for the company to present the work in progress that has. The third and important reason I choose the template is for the beauty. This template is very beautiful. I can say now that i hear all the times from my clients the oh sound, they make it when they something that they really love and this is the sound in this case that my client did and with the oh sound gave me the satisfaction the he is happy. Everyone knows what means happy client. I what to talk about me a little. I am a web designer and I make websites for living. I don’t know any think about coding, html, css. But thanks to template monster I can provide for my family. I can tell you a lot for choosing a template from template monster they really work very good but the most important reason to trust template monster is the support they provide. It is more than support it works 24 h to 24 and they solve all of your problems. This is power in your hands and all of you should really try to feel the experience of the support they have. So anyone can make templates but little support them in the right way so I choose template monster. This was the important reason that I choose this and not only this all the templates I get. Template monster gives you the power to make your clients happy and this is all that matters. You should try jut get a template from them. Thanks a lot from Greece, keep on the good work

on Construction Agency Joomla Template



Review of Agriculture Business WordPress Theme #45717

I am freelance web designer. But I am doing this website for my brother’s new start up company – an Organic fertilizer marketeer. I have done few websites already using template Monster themes. So I didn’t have to think much before choosing one from here.

After having decided to do one, I went through almost all available templates with Template monster. This particular theme was really attractive to me. It already had all the images that I was looking for to add in the website. I am really amazed at it.

I don’t have to mention that how easy it is to create websites with Template Monster WordPress themes. As usual the installation was a breeze. Cherry Framework made things easy as far as the customization is concerned.

The coolest part is these themes really look gorgeous when you view it other devices. It really saves my time, I never have to worry about the responsive element. So I can get the nod from clients very easily. I did not have to show too many designs every time.

Moreover Cherry Framework has a SEO module built-in to take care of your site’s SEO needs. How cool it is? This is one of the best features available.

Support from Template Monster is always fantastic. You will never be disappointed.

I highly recommend themes from template Monster since it is meant for both novice and an advanced developer as well.

Thanks for having given the opportunity to express my views.

Here is the website url :

On: Agriculture Business WordPress Theme


A great design for the novice user!

First consideration I made when I bought this template was the fact that it was made specifically for mobile phones, which is my business. The second thing that went through my mind was the layout, and since I’m a person that is all about user interface and user experience, the layout of this template fits exactly that bill. Thirdly, the use of colors immediately stood out to me. I know these could be changed, but it’s a bonus when the job is already done for you and it looks great.

Plus, I do not have any technical skills in terms of web designing or developing, therefore, it is essential to me that this website is made ready for use.

I plan to use this for selling mobile phone accessories, so the design structure of this website is perfect as it displays the phones in categorical sense, which makes it easy for my customers to browse the website, again, user experience comes into play.

I am very satisfied with this template because to me it seems to be one of a kind from many other templates I browsed through. I’m sure my customers will also enjoy it as much as I do.

Although I find this template to be near flawless, I would suggest to the creator to make the text slightly larger, particularly in the sub-menus. They are a little hard to read and even possibly slightly distracting from the design itself, however, that is just a minor issue and it can be easily edited, so no biggie.

Before purchasing, I used live chat on Template Monster, and they were helpful as usual. I must say, there is not one time that I do not use live chat on this website when buying my templates. Their customer service is just impeccable and they are always available when you need them.

The domain link is

On: Responsive Mobile Store Magento Theme


Great services and wonderful templates

Hi everyone,

i recently purchased the Grocery Web Shop WooCommerce Theme for a project i’m involved to. It’s an e-commerce about biological, vegan, gluten free and natural italian food. We are going to sell all over Italy, Europe and maybe in the future rest of the world. The site will be located at url.

The project was started by a freelance webdesigner that work with Joomla, but suddenly he gave up and left the site incomplete.

My stuff and i love WordPress, so the three most important technical issues in choosing the right template for this site was:

  • it must be responsive;
  • it has to be compatible with WPML plugin for multilingual functionality;
  • it has to be compatible with WooCommerce plugin;

So i suggest to my stuff to search a template on Template Monster, and after less than half an hour we find the perfect template for us.

What we love about this template is the logical section organization, either in the homepage as in the shop and product detail pages. It show everything in a clean and useful way, simplifying the process of purchasing and product selection.

The template communicate joy and freshness thanks to the clever use of colors, green and orange, very important factor for our customer satisfaction.

The template comes with fully detailed documentation and the installation is really a 2-steps process.

This is my first purchased at TemplateMonster but from now on it will be the first place where i will search for a WordPress template.

Until now there were no reason to contact tech support.

I highly recommend to all TemplateMonster services and products, ’cause they are one of the best, if not THE best.

Best regards.

On: Grocery Web Shop WooCommerce Theme


I recently selected a photography template which I reworked for an awesome fitness trainer. She wanted a site that would be dynamic and portray her personality and images to their best advantage.
I chose a template that dynamically scaled many of her images to fill the browser window.

The template had ample white space that allowed me to tell her story with impact and became a clean gallery for the many stunning images of her exercise positions and the settings in which she held he outdoor classes.

The simple fadeInUp or fadeInLeft etc. along with the main image slider was just the right amount of animation the keep it looking like more than just a static web site.

We created a logo for her that was based on a silhouette of one of her squat positions called the pistol and overlaid it on a background of paint spatters. We were able to position the PNG logo so that it sat right on top of the main slider images and as the viewer scrolled down through the site the transparency of the logo overlapped the various sections of the page.

The client is ecstatic about the site and and we’re currently uploading it to our live server. The domain is “”

This is the third project in which I used a TemplateMonster template and in every case the clients have been very happy.

I find these templates well designed and allow for a high degree of customization. I typically use DreamWeaver for this work and almost everything has been a snap. TemplateMonster’s technical support has been right there if I needed any assistance and got me answers promptly.

I’m an industrial and technology designer with many years experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TemplateMonster to my piers. The use of customizable templates makes the whole development process much shorter and easier for clients, to grasp.

I will use TemplateMonster again for sure.

On: Photographer Portfolio Responsive Website Template


Wegy is a very versatile template

Wegy is a very flexible template, we will use it for an educational site, for children under 10 years old. We know that children are more likely to use tablets and smartphones and Wegy looks great there.

The look is clean, allows to show what is needed in a simple way. We were happy to see the trade mark as a background symbol while the page is loading, the photo gallery included is really nice, the big and wide menu is fantastic, and all for the same price. (not mentioned the virtuemart store !!!)

I have some experience with joomla, so it wasn’t difficult to set it up, Wegy has a lot of positions, so now and in the future all information will have it’s place.

KUSIKUY is a quechua (peruvian language) word that means “be happy”, and that is the goal through dance, yoga exercises, and play activities.

This site is for a client, two entrepreneur girls that have time working in kindergarten. They want to have small groups of children, having fun while learning and exercising. It was first sight love, when they saw this template.

This site is under construction, and the url is

The package comes with a full functional site installer, it is the easiest way to have the template working, but it needs more space and time. May be useful to have a basic functional package, for example without the virtuemart option. To set it up manually can be a bit difficult.

Until now there were no need to contact the support team.

TemplateMonster is a leader place to find a template with high quality, you can test it previusly at the demo option. And what you see is what you get, no need to buy extra modules not included in the demo.

On: Wegy Joomla Template


Best Charity template there is with great support and service

Hello, Normally I’m a designer/webdeveloper at a company but today I’m a volunteer for a charity organisation. I’d heard a very sad story from a mom who had such a hard time with the birth of her twins… They were going through a hell (because of several events) and she doesn’t want that other peoples must walk the same way… For this people she wanted to start this organization. The story led me to the heart so I decided that I wanted to help her.

Together we’ve spoken about the organization and how I could help her with the website. She told me what they wanted to have and I adviced her to look at TemplateMonster for a design. She looked and told me this template was exactly what she wanted so I’ve arranged it.

The template offers us a very professional look, positions for sponsors, position for highlighting donation, nice way to display stories of other people and more.

On the moment we’re building a great website for the organisation and hope we can serve much people with it.

Before I had ordered this template I’ve contact the TemplateMonster support and Marketing department (They know) with some questions and they’ve helped me very much. We so appreciate it and will rate them with the highest rank we can give!

The only thing I can say about TemplateMonster and the products is: Great company, much humanity, great products and best service and support!

I will always come back for purchase products. Go further on this way!

On: Orphanage Donations Joomla Template


Absolutely fabulous template

I am a freelance web designer and I always trust template monster to give me a start with my work. The support and help they give you is instant and always very helpful if you should encounter a problem.

The code is very well written and very easy to work with if you are indeed experienced and need to play with the code implement new code and make changes. For inexperienced web site makers the templates give a finished site that can just have content swapped in and out if you need to and the benefit for the less experienced and old pros alike is that all the source material is included allowing you to swap images in and out at the right size and you are left with very few difficulties.

The templates are always very well laid out and well designed with sharp colour and great image display making your site and content look amazing. I finished a site the other day and my client commented that his friends had said his site looked so good and professional it made his company look like it was massive global type giant.
The templates always give you loads of options that make the site interesting to look through and provide nice interactivity to keep people interested, from accordions, galleries, tabbed content, sliders and of course smooth scroll and parallax effects.
The content is always varied and gives you lots of opportunities to compile well laid out lists and boxed or structured content to show off your services and company information.
It's easy to integrate other plug-ins and code if you need to and the code is so easy to work with that with some experience you can create your own additional layouts to go with it as the grid system used is very easy to modify to suit your needs.

Overall great value and an invaluable service for me. I work on my own and am happy to be very busy and having template monster available to give me my starting point saves me a huge pile of time in development. I used this particular template here;

on Industrial Business Website Template


Great Picture + Menu Based Website

Gulliver is a theme that has many options for displaying photography and has great template page and posts included in the theme, as well as many options for photo layout. I chose this theme because of the strong picture-based layout, attractive, legible and bold typography, and clean presentation of the pages.

I am a graphic and web designer at an advertising agency, and I put together many websites for our clients. I look for an easy to use template because I have to get through the websites rather quickly. I have coding skills but try not to customize too much, I try to use templates that already have all the elements that the client is looking for. Gulliver was a great choice for this because I moved through the website rather quickly, without having to get into the code too much, because of the content-placement ease of the theme.

I used this theme for a restaurant menu, and the client is an Italian deli. The client is very satisfied with the way the theme shows off the store and their products and menu selections. It is a very clean and organized site.

Here is the site:

I would improve this theme by including a “quick guide” to editing the appearance and a review of the shortcodes that are available, but overall I am happy with the backend options for editing the site.

I received great and informed service when I contacted support. I had questions on how to edit the theme and content and I found it is almost all editable in the “cherry options” editor. The service was friendly and direct.

I would recommend this template to anyone that needs to make a picture based website that is attractive and clean.

on Gulliver WordPress Theme


Very Dynamic and yet Simple Template

The reason I’m giving this theme a 4 star review is because of a number of factors which I would like to outline under a few important headings.

Simplicity: The theme is super easy to use. I have over 15 years experience as a web designer but i am getting away from complicated coding and getting into templates because it allows me to concentrate on design and functionality.

Value for money: This theme allows me to actually install and style a website for a fraction of the price.

Cherry Framework: The Cherry framework was a new thing for me, but within a number of hours I got used to it. i plan on using it form now on in templates as it’s got lots of really nice functions. The short codes allow me to put in lots of different very attractive content and styles in with no coding. I find that the theme is like having a whole set of top class plugins already installed. Really everything you will ever need. I didn’t have to install any third party plugins. This saves a huge amount of time as that takes forever when searching for plugins to work.

Great images: What I really like about this theme is that there were some fantastic images that shipped with the theme. My final site had nothing to do with babysitting… but I was developing a site for a Psychotherapist. I still found a lot of the images worth using. They fit in really well with the colour scheme of the theme.

Template Monster Support: The Chat feature is really great for asking questions about bits and pieces within the theme. Allows me to get the most form the theme.

I plan on basing all of my websites on the cherry framework themes on Template Monster going forward.

On: Babysitter Directory WordPress Theme


This is my 4th template that i purchase from Template Monster

I am a business owner..I sell many different type of product such as shoes,watches,t-shirt and so on.

Recently i purchase a themes from Template Monster as above here to sell watches.I choose a t-shirt themes which is simple and well organize as above,cause I beleive that themes from Template Monster will be very flexible and easy to customize,the themes u see it is sell T–shirt in demo,u also can think our of the box,customize it and create own content it can sell anything you want..

This is my url here which use themes I

I believe if the design is great, I can customize all the content of the themes. For me,most important is the design of the themes. This is what i very satisfied in template monster. All the themes is very beautiful.

In the process to make the website,I face some problem.I cant manage to upload it in my hosting.I immediately contact the tech support in Template monster,and is totally a real person there to provide solution to solve my problem.This is the reason why I always choose Template monster.Their support is always ready 24/7 there,and very easy to find the “chat” in their website,is always there.So,this is very good to me.I very like this service which is easy contactable instead of waiting for ticket reply,it make me solve the problem very uickly and save a lot of time.

For me,I really very satisfy for the themes i puchase recently is easy to install and customize,and also the customer support that always contactable which I love the most.And they always update us a old customer that purchase before some discount,this I really happy,cause it actually save me alot which I purchase frequently.

I still have a lot to sell, Template monster will be my 1st choice.I still planning to purchased 1 more themes.

Good day and thank you Template monster

On: T-Shirt Shop WooCommerce Theme


The Monster Template

Hi reviewers and consumers,

first of all let me thank you for the opportunity to post a small review on the monster template #52635 which I am going to use for domain registration purposes in one of the projects of my data science consultancy. The template is based on HTML 5 technology and consists of several dropdown menus, a search field, banners, subscription and order forms, which is ideal for the purpose of domain registration.

The colors and styles of the template didn’t match those I initially expected. However, as one part of my daily work in my own company, we adjust, reconfigure and change template styles and functionality, so this was not a problem, since additionally the template was offered with large discount.

I am a (Data) Scientist and Junior Consultant, mainly working on optimization problems and development of mathematical models for scientific applications. I can really tell that all templates from TemplateMonster I’ve been working with so far were really surprisingly easy to handle and straight forward to customize to any desired structure, style and color codings.

If there is one way to improve the templates, I think there should be better documentation. However, to my opinion the support is exceptionally good so that this is not necessarily required.

It must be clearly stated that TemplateMonster’s templates are very good in quality, but certainly do not exhibit exceptional individuality as they are. However, using the provided template structures as starting point for template development provides a nice and relatively cheap way for both developers and customers to create and handle with unique, exceptional and handsome templates.


on Domain Registration Website Template


Obrus WordPress Theme

We purchased the Obrus WordPress Theme to use for a new website I was developing for a client. The three most important factors that I had to consider when choosing a template were:

  1. That it was a responsive template so works on all devices with no issues.
  2. That the template was straight forward to navigate for both us and our client when the website was complete.
  3. That the template had all the necessary pages and sections for us to add all the information that we needed to put on the website.

We are a web design agency that mainly uses WordPress as a platform for all of the websites in which we create as we love all the features and plug ins that wordpress has to offer. Most importantly we like how the content management system that comes with wordpress allows our clients to be able to easily add and remove content in a straight forward manner and in their own time as and when they need to.

We have used the template for our clients property finder business. The business does extensive research on behalf of their clients and previews properties that are available and they then arrange accompanied client viewings, the viewings continue at convenient times until the right property is found. They source properties which are fully, and quietly, marketed through estate agents, developers and private owners. The business has a long standing relationship with those within the industry, which can offer them exclusivity on potential availability.

We gave them a choice of templates and they chose this one. We have then tailored the template to meet their needs and their business and it has worked well.

We have used the template for which is now live and it works exactly how we have wanted it to do.

At this time we don’t feel that we have any suggestions for any improvements to the template we have downloaded or any suggestions for the service side of things either. Other than that we received many emails stating that we hadn’t downloaded the template when in fact we had done, this lead to a bit of confusion as to whether we had or not, but the problem was sorted out between us.

on Obrus WordPress Theme


A Tech store with my on twist

I run a couple of e-commerce stores and was now planing to open a new one with “things I would like to shop” as an starting point. None of my previous stores had the right feeling to it so I went for a template hunt! Oscommerce is a great CMS to build your shop around as a web designer. Its easy to understand and customers codewise and there is a lot of free contributions and a great community.

Templatemonster has, I believe, the biggest and best collection of themes for OSC on the web and I found exactly the starting point I was looking for.

The great thing about OSC is that its very easy make the template your own. The template I desided to start with(Video Store OsCommerce Template #53585) was the perfect base to build on.

My site is at this point far from done but you could take a look at the progress at this url: this point the url is redirected(web alias) to my developer site. Look in the source code for the url if you need the mainsite with the source files.

The support that templatemonster is providing is outstanding! And I cant stretch this enough. Not only do they offer support regarding there themes(as they should) but you can also get great support regaring the core that there themes are built on(osc im my case). This is absolutely nothing to be taken for granted, but something that I have had great benefit from.

I will not hesitate a second when I looking for a e-commerce template next time. With outstanding support and a big collection of template to choose from I don’t think there is a real competitor.

Compared with themeforest(envato) for example, where I also is a customer, templatemonster was a big step forward.


On: Video Store OsCommerce Template


A good choice for relaxed and fast food web designers

Everytime I think choosing a template from another producer, a name is stopping me. It is TemplateMonster! Top reasons of choosing this brand: Cherry Framework + Responsive Design (Real time + Life time) support.

A new plan is ready for any individual case. I am a web design freelancer since 2010, but I know about e-commerce and web since 2005. Also I know coding in some OOP languages, like C++, Microsoft Languages, PHP and using WordPress platform as a fast food solution for my general clients.

I used this for a Auto Car Parts Factory. At 1st they asked me for web site design, after I told price they looked for another contractor. They returned to me after 5 months because I suggested them this good looking template. They couldn't find relaible web designer. I think the job plan that I wrote, made more attraction and reliablity when I used TemplateMonster. This is our client’s URL: that now (when I wrote this review on March-2016) still in progress.

I suggest TemplateMonster because of their confident support. You will have no stress while they are ready anytime you click on Support Chat link. In this template after I myself added RTL, there was a problem in display slides. My friend fixed it without need technical support, because it has well structured coding. I was member of 4 multi theme WordPress Theme Vendor sites, since Nov-2015 I canceled two of them. I Still use for my special designs.

In this case I rate 100 (from total 100)

on Car Parts Store WooCommerce Theme


Versatile and easy to customize

Our client, who is in the facility management industry, was looking for a responsive one-page design with parallax effects. Among the templates we recommended, #53108 got his attention because of its well organized and clean look.

The sticky menu also played a role in his decision. Even though the colors were far from our client’s corporate identity, he had no problem imagining “his” colours and logo on the elegant grey background, and so the choice was made. Changing the colours and logo was easy enough to implement (as in most other templates I have worked with).

However, as the project developed, we were faced with much more demanding changes. Our client changed his mind and decided to go for a multi-page site instead of the one-page layout he had initially chosen. So we had to turn the main menu into a normal menu instead of a bookmark one, and “transplant” bits of contents from the first page to a large number of inside pages. In the end, all this was less work than could be expected. The template was easy to work with, its css files and images well organized in order to be quickly found and modified. Other changes which became necessary, such as changing the position of the logo and centering the main menu, were a breeze.

I can only recommend this template, even though we have made massive changes it has still the character and initial feel of the original, and the ease of use it provided saved us from having to go back and start from scratch when our client’s preferences changed.

The website will be published on , however it is not live yet, will be by mid December.


on Air Conditioning Manufacturer Website Template


Review of Science Responsive WordPress Theme #54002

I love this template! It is different from the average template in that it displays a series of three full-screen images (photos) that rotate. It meant that I had to get very high resolution images, but they look great. I think this was the most important factor for me in choosing it. I also liked that the sample topic (Engineering the Future) was similar to the website I was creating on space exploration and rocket launches. Although I realize that likely isn’t a factor to consider when choosing a template, it just made it more fun.

I don’t have the technical skills in designing websites, but my friend who is an expert website designer is helping me set it up. I paid the $75 for it. If I didn’t have that expert help, I would have definitely bought the $157.

I also found your website easy to use in looking over all the template possibilities. My website designer/friend told me I needed to make sure I chose a template that was iPhone/Smartphone/tablet/etc-friendly so it would look good there as well as being rated higher for Google and other Search Engine Optimizations. She told me to choose – WordPress Themes (since I wanted one with a blog), then Responsive and Cherry Framework.

I already have a host for my site that I am paying $10/month for, so I know your $154 is a good deal.

I haven’t contacted your support, but I bet it is good.

We are still working on my website, but so far we haven’t seen any issues that need improvement. If we do, we will contact you.

Thanks so much to you (& my website designer friend) for making my website design an inspiring experience!

Cheers for Template Monster

On: Science Responsive WordPress Theme


George Koukas - Software Engineer

I recently purchased template 47608. I chose this template because it had all the features that suits to my client’s needs.

The theme was very easy to be configured and lots of plugins were available so I could modified the template to completely suit my client’s requirements.

It was very easy for me to complete the purchase, download the template and install it in my web server.

Also Template Monster is a firm that I’m very pleased and I trust it. In past I have bought some themes for me (free lancer) or my company and I did not ever have problems. On the contrary when I needed support from Template Monster, the support service was very quick, accurate and gave me solution. In one word excellent!

So a key factor for me to keep purchase themes from Template Monster is the excellent support. Also the quality and professional appearance of the template was a deciding factor for my selection.

I would recommend (and I have already done this to several colleagues) template monster to anyone that wants to setup a professional website!

Finally, I have not installed the theme yet, but I’m going to install it in following URL in next few days. Right now there is the old site that also I have developed it in past.

Thank you in advance,
George Koukas

On: Car Repair Drupal Template



I recently bought another Moto CMS HTML template, this should be my 7th. As always, this type of templates offers me 3 important things:

  1. Affordable Price
  2. Non technical or programming skills
  3. Saving Time.

As a graphic designer I got specialized on printing designs, even digital designs, but there´s always a rule, you can´t be good at two opposing things, in this case Design and Programming, and I went for the first one.

This kind of templates you can install them very easy, just with drag and drop, maybe the first one could be tricky, but after learning how its super easy, and that´s just for the installation. Im form Mexico and spanish if my first language as you can notice by now, but the installations and admin panel can be used in different languages.

This time my client was a SPA, lucky me there was a Spa Template, so that means less work, there are many options to choose from, and choosing the right one can save you a lot of time, and about graphic design jobs, it´s all about time.

So, my client was more than satisfied, he was very amazed that I finish the site in less than 3 days, the full site with all the info and photos. Because I choose a Spa Template for a Spa business it was possible. You can check the site at

It also happened to me that some of the widgets or apps didn´t work properly, because of third parties issues, like google maps, but there´s always some one to assist you, anytime, with lots of support materials such as, tutorials, graphics, videos etc. everything is always updated and working properly.

Even I wish TemplateMonster had more options, like directories with categories, I love to buy from them, support and quality is the best, some times is priceless.

I give them 9.9 out of 10. I´ll keep buying with TemplateMonster.

On: Spa Accessories Moto CMS HTML Template


Excellent design and ease of installation

We are a web agency, we work in customizing themes of template monsters, always seek the best theme to start the idea that our client is to achieve, then adapt and customize the theme to stay with the face of our client’s company.

The choice of theme we try to find niche market of aspects of our client along with it try to see attractive points of their own theme structure which are beautiful and well today because the issues evolve over time and it is always important to stay up to date the visual part.

Working on this has been easy because as I had various attributes related to the food and my current client is a chef, the adaptation was little, only apply the visual identity of the client’s brand.

The site is not yet in the air and not yet finalized for lack complete textual parts souls who our customer is developing, so I will not be able to give a preview to you, but I assure you it was a very good job.

The theme itself was easy to install and customize, we can implement it all alone without the support of template monsters, but of course, whenever they need are 10 in service and problem solving.

Finally, buy many topics every month and the template monsters makes me more and more satisfied with their job, my congratulations.

Here is the url: . We are still working on it.


On: Pasta and Ravioli Company WordPress Theme


Amazing Support and Beautiful Template

I recently purchased this template. I choose this template as it had all the features I needed plus more.

There are also lots of plugins available so I can modify the template to completely suit my requirements. The support system is super helpful and anything you need to modify to suit your needs is a 24/7 chat away.

Easy to install and super easy to purchase and download. This template loaded to my hosting with ease.

The quality and professional appearance of the template was a deciding factor in choosing template, Template monster is always the pick for me.

I contacted the service a few times along the build and everything was sorted within minutes, even something i couldn’t do myself they helped.

I would recommend template monster to anyone who was thinking of starting a website although some experience might be required to set it up or least the ability to follow instructions provided.

I am a private SEO and Marketing company that occasionally builds websites for clients and this template just made everything so much easier.

If you would like to see the result of the template modified with all its color changes and everything modified to what i needed please visit the site at

Thanks Template Monster.

On: Fashion Icon WordPress Theme (sold out)


These were all of our winners. Just in case your review wasn't mentioned above, do not get upset. We reward all of our reviewers with reasonable discounts for their next purchase.

This is not the last contest initiated by TemplateMonster. Follow our updates and stay tuned!

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