Drupal 8: Features That Can Take Your Business To Top-notch

Acquiring great benefits from this open source CMS Drupal is quite easier as the CMS puts together a wide range of functionalities that create a stimulating and attractive website. Drupal’s latest versions, i.e Drupal 8 carries some extra addition and upgrades in addition to the core functionality that will help in bringing the online business boldly forward. This improved version boasts over 200+ improvements that will definitely make the CMS faster, easier and more accessible. Drupal 8 is not only advanced with some updated features but also has the caliber to help businesses increase conversions on their website.

Let’s understand the aspects of Drupal 8 that have contributed to the success of businesses:

Most accessible

When it comes to accessibility, Drupal 8 emerges as the finest yet accessible version designed till date. The CMS comes with extended support for accessibility standards by featuring color contrasts and font size. Drupal 8 has completely been designed keeping the accessibility in mind.

The enthusiastic support of Drupal developers helped to improve contrasts in core themes. This will help all those users who are suffering from color blindness access the website easily and clearly.

Additionally, small changes like font size to the complex ones like WAI-ARIA support in the core have been implemented by Drupal 8. These features will help in creating an easily accessible website. The WAI-ARIA markup ensures that the web pages are semantically correct and ensure smoother navigation. The website loads consistently with user expectations in mind.

By adding semantics to its extended language support, the CMS has contributed a lot to creating accessible multilingual websites.

Standardization with Symfony

Amongst the various upgrades that have been presented by Drupal 8, one of the significant changes is standardization. The introduction of Symfony 2 in Drupal 8 provides an easier and faster development. Drupal has recently replaced the PHP template theme system with Twig which is a part of Symfony 2 framework. Developers who are well-versed with HTML/CSS, Twig allows modifying markup without requiring extensive knowledge of PHP. This, in turn, makes it easier for developers to understand Drupal and help them create more powerful applications. Security is an added advantage that comes with Symfony.

Easy content authoring

Drupal 8 has made it easier for site owners to empower content creators. The updated version of CMS helps content creators quickly add and edit content. The tools available with the CMS are mobile-friendly and makes content editing easy across multiple devices.

CKEditor in Drupal 8 comes with WYSIWYG editor buttons for modifying the text in bold, italic, images, links and so on The editor also supports other features, like, the ability to easily edit image captions.

The new and improved Content creation page in Drupal 8 is another benefit with the upgraded version. This page is aimed at creating a streamlined experience for content authors.

Drupal’s content authoring features are designed keeping the mobile users in mind. The admin toolbar newly created is responsive, expanding and orientates itself on wider screens while collapsing on the smaller ones.

By streamlining the process of content authoring, Drupal 8 makes it easy to deliver content publishing platforms that are tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Mobile-first features


After the launch of Drupal 8, it has emerged as a platform that not only creates websites for your phone or tablet but also for creating mobile applications and responsive websites.

Drupal 8 has been designed with a mobile-first mentality both for users and end-users. When migrating to Drupal 8, the need for an extremely responsive website gets accomplished. Its new theming engine comes with built-in themes that are responsive in nature. All the themes available are responsive and automatically resize elements to accommodate mobile devices.

The theme flexibility option makes it easier to create attractive and functional sites that look great on mobile. Similarly, Drupal 8 provides support for responsive tables so that columns can have low, medium and high priority to get displayed easily on smaller and larger screens.

Using Drupal 8, developers can minimize the front-end footprint of your website to improve performance. In addition to it, Drupal 8 uses lighter-weight alternatives to JavaScript-intensive features that are mobile-friendly.

Multilingual features

With installation possible in more than 94 languages, Drupal comes with out of the box multilingual features. It has a flexible language code mapping system to allow for more flexibility in recognizing language codes.

Translation into regional content and local languages can be easily implemented with Drupal 8’s multilingual feature. This feature is applicable to all forms, fields, and messages.

It gives developers the full authority to create pages with language-based views filtering and block visibility. Additionally, the CMS has 4 different modules for language and translation support.

Ending Notes:

In this ever growing digital landscape, it is important to stay innovative. Drupal 8 with its advanced upgrades helps you bring your business to the digital form. For small to mid sized and large entrepreneurs, Drupal 8 brings unlimited possibilities that keep contributing towards the enhancement of CMS. Its advanced customization and flexibility features offer a greater scope for both marketers, developers, and users.

Drupal 8 has all the capabilities that strengthen the community to create a more standardized PHP framework. Being technically advanced the latest version is even more user-friendly to help businesses stay ahead and strong in the competition.

With the latest release Drupal promises to help businesses with a strong presence. The CMS is more inclined towards bundling functionality rather than just managing configuration. Delivering future-ready websites with Drupal themes is a matter of seconds and can easily be achieved with the assistance of the expert Drupal developer.


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