Top Free Prestashop Modules and Themes Now Distributed via Subscription in ONE

Prestashop is something in between the power of Magento and the simplicity of Shopify. More than 270,000 eCommerce sites run on PrestaShop. It's the only eCommerce solution that lets you enjoy hundreds of cool features and manage unlimited products and data, all for free. There are more than 310 powerful built-in features which can help you sell more. You can choose from over 50 world-class payment solutions and gateways to accept payments instantly. There is also an impressive choice of high-quality free PrestaShop addons that you can download for an unlimited number of times as part of the ONE subscription service.

PrestaShop is translated into 65 languages - just select a language and translate directly from your back office. You can also localize currencies, units of measure, taxes, and define rules for international orders and shipping.

Please note that most items from TemplateMonster inventory can be found in ONE by TemplateMonster.

By paying once the fee of $229 you will get access to 8,5K digital products.

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Integrated tools for client account creation, return management, and order modification, increase customer satisfaction. You can easily customize the PrestaShop theme by changing fonts and colors with the Live Configurator. Moreover, you can manage your entire online store from your mobile device, thanks to a fully responsive back office. In addition, it has lots of online marketing features.

All these factors make PrestaShop eCommerce a worthwhile choice for setting up your online business.

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At PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace you can choose from more than 2000 templates that will fit your needs.

If you are looking for premium PrestaShop themes, you can find more than 900 high-quality templates at TemplateMonster.

After you have chosen Preston (cute PrestaShop Puffin Mascot) to supervise your store, let’s figure out what tools he may need.

Here’s a list of the things that, initially, are likely to be most necessary for your web store:

  • An instrument for managing products, especially if there are very many items in your store. Your store needs a tool that will help to handle lots of different actions covering many items easily, saving your time for more important work.
  • A method to present your products in the best possible way. Imagine that your business is a clothing store, selling these clothes. Wouldn’t it be awesome to show your customers the entire look instead of showing the separate products? Firstly, the clients will make sure that the items match well with each other. Secondly, this feature will increase the impulse purchase rate.
  • A tool to organize the content. You have to organize the content in the correct way and make the layout look clear and structured. Imagine how great it would be to switch between the layouts in just one click.
  • Means of navigation. If you have several product categories, it’s already a reason to implement complex navigation.
  • A tool for serving something special. Treat your customers to some special deal, it will definitely boost productivity! In addition, it should have an expiration date, and even better - the countdown timer.

Now let’s try to find the solutions which can fulfill all these requirements.

Top 5 Free PrestaShop Modules Added to ONE Subscription

TM Products Manager | TM Products Manager in ONE

  • Purpose: managing products;
  • Applicable for: web stores with a large number of products;
  • Value: a time-saving tool for site administrators.

The module is created for managing online shops, especially shops with a large number of products. Using this module you can easily filter your products and provide your customers with different options. Administer your products with 16 helpful choices of the module and save your time using them. Can be very helpful for managing stores with many products, which have to be revised constantly.


TM Lookbook | TM Lookbook in ONE

  • Purpose: combining products into lookbooks;
  • Applicable for: fashion or interior stores;
  • Value: showing the products in use, increasing impulse purchase rate.

With this module, you can show customers how your products look in use, e.g., furniture in the interior, clothes on models, etc. You can mark each item with hot points, which opens into a pop-up block with a product image, price, name, and link to its page. This functional module enables you to create some awesome lookbooks and link them to collections. In their turn, lookbooks allow visitors to view the products directly on the model. If a product is marked in the lookbook, the module shows the lookbook link on the product page. It will surely attract your customers' attention and provide an outstanding shopping experience.


TM Mega Layout | TM Mega Layout in ONE

  • Purpose: managing website content;
  • Applicable for: each and every PrestaShop website;
  • Value: editing the page layout quickly and easily.

By using the TM Mega Layout module, you can easily create flexible block layouts and switch between them in a flash. This module allows you to create presets for hooks, and display them on your website instead of default positions. You can also modify and activate them at any moment.


TM Mega Menu | TM Mega Menu in ONE

  • Purpose: navigation;
  • Applicable for: each and every PrestaShop website;
  • Value: creating a multi-column and feature-rich menu.

TM MegaMenu PrestaShop module can simplify your store navigation with a feature-rich and multi-column menu. When adding the mega menu to your website layout, you can choose from four positions, namely header, left, right, and footer. Aside from product categories and subcategories, you're able to add plenty of elements to its drop-down panel. Namely, product info block, promo banners, manufacturers, badges or any other custom HTML block. It is compatible with the major PrestaShop standards, fully responsive, and provides multilingual and multi-store support. Create complex menus with multilevel layouts, and enrich them with banners and videos with the help of TM MegaMenu module.


TM Deal of the Day | TM Deal of the Day in ONE

  • Purpose: product promotion;
  • Applicable for: each and every PrestaShop website;
  • Value: the increasing rate of an impulse purchase, displaying products on sale.

Using the Deal of the Day module you can add a sense of urgency to your offers and boost your sales. You're able to apply various permanent and time-limited discounts to your products with the help of this module. Moreover, you can add countdown timers to specific items of your store's inventory to increase their attractiveness. This is just the beginning. Your needs will grow with time, so don’t forget that you can always find more premium and free PrestaShop modules here - TM PrestaShop modules.


The Benefits

You can also take a look at the flagship PrestaShop themes offering the highest quality and leading functionality. For example, Eveprest and imPresta are multipurpose responsive PrestaShop themes that will fit any eCommerce project. And the most enjoyable factor is - these themes are already included in the top-notch PrestaShop best free modules mentioned before!

All of them are packaged with the theme, and the price is even lower - you get them with the theme for only $139 instead of $261! A great deal, I would say, but not as great as ONE.

Prestashop Themes for Your Inspiration

Molotok - Power Tools PrestaShop Theme | Molotok in ONE


As you see, even a tools store can be really sexy, which is good for conversion, by the way. However, you can play with your template and make absolutely everything out of it. All PSD files come with the theme and they are fully customizable. What’s even more important, they were optimized to be simple to use both for expert web developers and beginners.

Demo | Details | BlueHost

Jewelry Town PrestaShop Theme | Jewelry Town in ONE


Featured jewels look even more expensive and luxury over the black background. However, you can change the palette of your site interface for the one you like with one click. Theme Color Switcher customization tool lets you keep your site inline with your brand identity.

Demo | Details | BlueHost

Electronics Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme | Electronics in ONE


This minimalist electronics store design with sticky hamburger menu will automatically focus site visitors’ attention on the products it offers. The slider is a great helper in terms of spectacular presentations and saving the layout from clutter. Place your custom slides with promos, new products or whatever you need to highlight there.

Demo | Details | BlueHost

Animally PrestaShop Theme | Animally in ONE


This template is really a good investment. You can save $137 with free PrestaShop Modules that are included in its price. You get TM Mega Menu, TM Media Parallax, and TM Category Image Slider for free when their regular prices are $69, $34 and $34 accordingly.

Demo | Details | BlueHost

Spick and Span PrestaShop Theme | Spick and Span in ONE

prestashop modules

A very interesting interactive design for your fashionable clothing stores. Banners on its home page become visible only when the user hovers over them. The main menu is hidden under the hamburger icon. BTW, the store is supplied with MegaMenu tool. It allows making your site navigation really professional with all categories and subcategories, which won’t let the users get lost among the variety of offers.

Demo | Details | BlueHost

As you can see - all the required inventory is stored in one place at reasonable prices and is of top-notch quality. With the help of these tools, you have all the chances to make an A+ website. No doubt, you will.

5 Best Free PrestaShop Modules For Ecommerce Websites

Private sales involve a simple idea; high-priced products are offered at reduced price. The real secret is such an offer is made to a select group of online shoppers, who have already registered with an ecommerce website. Many online stores are offering private sales to support their basic catalogs. In this piece of writing, you will come across the advantages of private sales and best private sales modules to help ecommerce business owners in setting up such sales.

If you are looking for more PrestaShop addons for your web store, then the following collection will just come in handy. By the way, most of these PrestaShop best free modules are included in the ONE by TemplateMonster.

Advantages of Private Sales

An ecommerce store offers branded items at unbeatable prices to selected customers.

Customers feel privileged while being part of a secret group.

  • Customers feel standing apart from the crowd while receiving special attention.
  • Just limited stock is offered in private sales, which make them successful among target customers’ group.
  • Private sales help increasing the clientele.
  • As these sales are based on sponsorship, so having a customer account is must to avail such offers. It helps increasing the customers’ accounts with the ecommerce website.
  • Private sales increase the site traffic, enabling site owners to promote products effectively.

Now, come to PrestaShop private sales plug-in that help PrestaShop store owners to increase their site traffic and registered members’ count.

Private Sales Module By FME

top sales modules for prestashop

This PrestaShop private sales plugin give a special feeling to your customers. Using this plugin, you can

  • Create private sales from scratch
  • Announce any new private sales
  • Win over more leads
  • Experience increased sales
  • Increase loyal clientele

It costs €100. You can improve customers’ rewards and run a loyalty system to appeal them. It involves a simple method including the following steps:

  • Create a private sale
  • Attach category to private sale
  • Grant access to the customers

Main Features

  • You can create private sales in no time.
  • You can set the schedule of your choice to run private sales.
  • As login is required to avail the offer, so the ecommerce site will receive more leads.
  • You can target specific users in private sales.
  • There is option of private sale subscription.
  • Private sales appear in customers’ accounts.
  • The module supports group permissions.
  • It displays any upcoming sales.
  • It is up to the store owner to limit the upcoming and active offers.
  • Private sales and subscribe buttons can be shown to non-logged in users.
  • The extension involves easy management from back office.

Private Sale PrestaShop By COEOS.Pro

top sales modules for prestashop

This private sales module allows to running private sales with easy to customize page layout. Background images are provided along with the module; however, you can use your own. It is compatible with Google’s AdWords. It costs €99.

Main Features

  • You can add a background video in full screen and can pick the background color.
  • You can manually authorize registrants.
  • After registration, the customers are directed to home page.
  • It gives permission to view the page type.
  • It allows using simple or customized background image.
  • You can customize the form size, like the color, font, border, etc.
  • You can hide the extension in just one click.
  • It supports multi-stores.

Private Sales PrestaShop By Modulehub

top sales modules for prestashop

This PrestaShop Private salse plugin is for PrestaShop v1.5 compatible. It allows creating private sales in just 1 minute and you are ready to offer any stock items. It costs $137.82

Main Features

  • A block appearing on the ecommerce site shows the private sales and customers can see the list on clicking the block.
  • Customers have to get registered to see the private sales. Guest visitors can see the tab, but the content is not shown.
  • The module helps building customer loyalty.
  • It helps attracting new customers.
  • It helps selling old stock.
  • You can set name, description, category, group, image, and schedule of the private sales.

Private Shop V1.4.3 By Presto-Changeo

best prestashop sales plugins

This PrestaShop private sales module helps hiding the sale from non-registered users. Being the storeowner, you can approve new registrations manually. On the other hand, you can also send a verification account link to the customers. It costs $50.

Main Features

  • You can turn your whole shop or few pages into private sales.
  • It is up to you whether you want to hide the shop or just the product prices.
  • Login is must to view the private sales details.
  • You can select the redirect destination for the logged in customers.
  • You can set the background color.
  • You can approve or reject new customers before they login.
  • You can run an email verification system.
  • You can use the theme of your choice and go for whatever customization you want.

Private Shop Authorized Clients Only By Etiendas

best prestashop sales plugins

It is another best plugin to support private sales PrestaShop. It costs $46.90.

Main Features

  • You can authorize customers to avail private sale offers.
  • Customers can go to shop catalog to order products.
  • The shop appears in PrestaShop catalog mode.
  • A prospect sends account request to the shop manager, who reviews the account and sends back a custom email.
  • You can approve new customer account.
  • The module supports multi-store.
  • You can run private sale on your existing retail shop.

Pick the best module for your ecommerce site and start running private sales. It is an effective approach to win over more clients, earn brand loyalty, and experience more sales. What do you say about such sales or the plugins mentioned above? Want to add more? Share in the comments below!

Free PrestaShop Modules to Fill in Your Web Development Toolchest

PrestaShop is a great e<u+0421>ommerce platform, but it’s very unlikely that anyone starting a new business will be happy with the very basic modules selection. Most of the PrestaShop modules on the market are paid products, because of the great functionalities they can add to your shop, and help you sell more. However, there are some free PrestaShop modules as well, which can equally enhance the basic functionalities, with the advantage of not having to spend a single penny for it.</u+0421>

This blog post was written by our guest writer Fabio Porta, an experinced freelance web developer and designer specialising in PrestShop. Also he runs an informational blog about Prestashop.

Now let’s have a look at 10 best free PrestaShop Modules currently available. All of the listed modules are compatible with both PrestaShop 1.5 and PrestaShop 1.6.

Prestashop Ask a question Free Module

This Free Prestashop Addon allows your customers to ask you any question about a specific product, without having to register. You will also have the possibility to choose if you want to publish the question with relative answer, which makes this module, in fact, nothing less powerful than a full-fledged FAQ plugin.

Free Download

* * *

Some other Prestashop best free modules you might be interested in

5 Best PrestaShop Private Sales Modules For Ecommerce Websites

Free Prestashop Twitter Widget

Social media are a key factor in business success. With this free module, you can display a Twitter Timeline on your site, with plenty of options. You can configure all of the customizable aspects of the Twitter Widget, including colors, size, which elements to display, and number of tweets, as well as hooking it to either column, or the footer.

Free Download

* * *

Facebook Open Graph for PrestaShop

Do you want your products shared on Facebook or Pinterest to look nicer, instead of having the image chosen randomly in the page? You can use this free Module to add richness to shared content, so that it will not only be nicer to see for your potential audience, but also be more relevant to Search Engines.

Free Download

* * *

Free CSS Editor for PrestaShop

With this module you can adjust background colors, font-sizes, fonts, just about any thing visually on your PrestaShop store can be accomplished with CSS. You will have a powerful visual editor with syntax highlighting, so that you can easily add and modify your own styles.

Free Download

* * *

PrestaShop AddThis Module

This module is really simple. You just need to login to your AddThis (the popular sharing buttons service) account, grab any of the sharing codes, be it buttons, smart layers or welcome bar, and paste it in the module. You can then choose on which pages you want to display smart layers and welcome bar. Thanks to AddThis, you will benefit from plenty of analytics about social activity on your PrestaShop Store.

Free Download

* * *

Super abandoned cart

It’s a best practice to send emails and follow up with those customers who left your site right during a purchase. With this module, you can set up plenty of options to target abandoned carts, such as vouchers to create, templates for emails, and organize everything into several campaigns.

Free Download

* * *

Free blog for PrestaShop – Smart Blog</h3

If you feel like you’re not satisfied with the standard CMS system, but want a full Blog System for PrestaShop instead, then Smart Blog is the module you want. Constantly updated and great support in the forum community, it includes all of the features you will need: categories, comments, tags, a search system, popular posts, and more.

Free Download

* * *

PrestaShop Opcache Module

If you are not running Opcache with PrestaShop, you seriously need to look into having it installed on your server. If you do not know what Opcache is, it is part of PHP 5.5 that stores your compiled files in memory for faster execution. Generally, sites that run Opcache cut their loading time in half.

Free Download

* * *

Sliders Everywhere for PrestaShop

As the name suggests, with Sliders Everywhere you can add sliders, banners and galleries wherever you want in your PrestaShop store. You can customize colors, contents, and even add shortcodes to each of them, uniquely for every page. And of course, all sliders are responsive.

Free Download

* * *

Prestashop Newsletters Free

By default, the built-in Newsletter Module PrestaShop has does not let you send anything. This is the only Free PrestaShop module that lets you setup, customize and send Newsletters from the back office, without having to rely on third parties. It also works on older PrestShop version, such as 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4.

Free Download

* * *

That's it for now. If you're feeling that some really awesome extension is missing, you're free to drop it in the comments below we'll gladly add it to this compilation. Have a nice day 🙂

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