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Can web designers use premade graphic elements and templates?

If your answer is “yes,” please scroll down, we have a new fantastic design bundle available for you!

If you say “no,” let’s talk for a while.

I’ve heard many people complain about “lazy” web designers who download elements and themes instead of creating them with their hands. This always made me wonder:

Does anyone’s identity as a web artist have to suffer from being productive?
We all agree that creating specific minor designs can take a ridiculously long time if you don’t have much experience with this particular element.

So, is drawing everything from scratch ALWAYS worth the time? Do you have to invest so much effort in ALL the minor details of your projects? And who’s going to pay your bills while you are doing this?

There are no ready answers to these questions. But I would love to read your thoughts on this in the comments, though. Please, tell me what you think!

If you asked me, I would say that designers always need to backup to be sure that a hard deadline or a very demanding client will not catch them empty-handed.

I also believe that any digital artist can use as many tools and assets in his/her everyday work as he chooses. Given that the stuff they use was made by pros, of course.

Other significant concerns about using premade graphics elements and website templates are:

  • It can be hard to understand and customize an item made by someone else
  • They are not completely original
  • Unless you spend time on them, they are not tuned to the needs of your customers
  • Someone might think that you are a terrible designer

I think we are done with the last argument, let’s look at the first three.

Yes, it takes time to customize a theme, but wouldn’t it take more time to create it yourself? I’m not talking about junky products made by amateurs, but rather about premium design assets crafted by professionals.

Yes, if you buy premade fonts or illustrations, you can be sure that someone among 3.58 billion Internet users will be using it too. That’s too bad.

And the last one. Of course, ready-made elements will not automatically fit the desires of your customers. But you are the only person who knows what your clients want (hopefully, you do), so you can find a compromise between their wishes and available tools.

Given all that, what are the benefits of using graphic design bundles and themes?

I have a fantastic real-life example.

Ultimate Design Bundle is Available for Sale!

It is a bundle of bundles, full of beautiful and functional stuff:

Buy Now!

Now, if you know anything at all about TemplateMonster, you would agree that our products rock. The themes, fonts, illustrations, and other graphic design stuff we offer are of premium quality.

And the next best thing - the price. How much would you give for all these items? I did the math for you; they are worth $1123.

And we are giving them away for $29.

Like really, 29 bucks.

How often do you buy something with a 97% discount?

I can only imagine how many websites, wireframes, mockups, or any other visuals for marketing and social media one can make with this bundle. Choose a GNU General Publi License v3.0, and find out!

Ultimate Design Bundle

So, back to our question:

Why should you use graphic design bundles and themes?

The main benefits are:

  • the profits you earn when you create great products for clients
  • the profits you earn when you use the time you’ve saved to complete more projects

We call that productivity.

And you won’t find so many crazy-beautiful elements packed together anywhere else. I mean, for 29 bucks.

If you are new to TemplateMonster or have never used premade design elements in your work, this is the perfect place to start! Our products are clean and functional. You don’t need to be a web design guru to use them and get your first clients.


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