Creating Video Background – HTML CSS Tutorial + Youtube Embed

If you are in web development business, you might have noticed trendy video backgrounds that some websites are using. Would you like to be one of them?

We know, it sounds incredible, but this short, simple video tutorial will teach you how to use video as HTML content backgrounds. Say ‘No!’ to still image backgrounds. Storytelling is what you need for success. People love tales, especially the amusing video ones. So, it’s your time to tell a completely new one in really impressive, beautiful and intelligible way. Make your visitors stay onsite longer and watch the essential information more attentively. Make them grasp all your messages.

The tutorial will also demonstrate how to use Youtube videos as the video background to loop under your page content. A useful knowledge, isn’t it? It is simple to layer or stack HTML elements so you can apply CSS settings to make video play directly under HTML content.

Adam Khoury shared this useful video for those who want to follow the latest web design trends, but is not very experienced in coding.

The first example of the tutorial shows how to use video that streams directly from your own website server.

The second example is for those of you who want to use Youtube video that will stream as content background.

The secret is in two short abstracts of code. Would you like to know it? Then, press the ‘Play’ button on the embedded video below and the whole show will start for you alone.

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