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What Women Want in Web Design

Have you ever pondered over the distribution of web space according to the gender character? Under the latest marketing studies, online activity has changed its gender breakdown terrifically. Now the number of female users grows from day to day, which proves that their preferences can’t be ignored. That is why we've collected all the must-have points to follow in the creation of web design for women.

According to statistics, women are more active social site users and online buyers compared to their counterparts. Just throw a quick glance at the graphic diagrams below vividly demonstrating the assignment of social and purchasing activity for both genders:

men vs. women online shopping habits

Online business sharks are not going to miss the opportunity to expand the borders of their product market; maybe that’s the reason why women-oriented websites appear on a regular basis. Their success and popularity depend on how deep the designer knows what the targeted audience actually wants. Frankly speaking, it’s not an easy question as a web developer should consider all aspects, i.e.: age, social status, profession, psychology, cultural peculiarities, and so on. Unfortunately, even the above-mentioned points can’t guarantee that you will hit the bull’s eye, as female nature is very changeable. Ladies of similar age and occupation might be attracted by absolutely opposite things, for instance, one can be a glamorous babe, while the other - a bluestocking.

However, we don't believe in dead ends and will surely work out several guidelines of female-oriented design at the end of the entry. So far, let the thesis that pink is more a stereotype than a synonym of femininity become our starting point.

Must-Have Concerns of Web Design for Women

It's rather distressing, but the majority of contemporary women suffer from a permanent lack of time, as they bear numerous responsibilities: job, housekeeping, kids, and husband. So, they won’t overburden themselves trying to penetrate into sophisticated designer’s ideas. Here simplicity and functionality come to the foreground. Fair sex won’t spend time reading long specifications and technical features of some miraculous appliance; they'd rather get to know how it can save money, efforts, and time, that is, how the product can change her life for the better. Quite reasonable, isn't it?

When women purchase various items for children, husband, grandparents, friends, pets, this principle will work well also. Tell the woman how enjoyable the item will be for her family and friends, and she will buy it. The characteristic trait of a woman is that she is oblivious to the blameless reputation of a merchant. If your website is not welcoming and user friendly enough, she will leave it and share her negative experience with others. Normally, female nature is more delicate, so too aggressive design, color scheme and products promotion will hardly stir the desire to browse further. A female user is like a gourmet in the restaurant, she is ready for experiments but they should be esthetically attractive.

At this stage we can arrive at the conclusion that rich useful content, pleasant trustworthy atmosphere and visual appeal are likely to make a woman pop into your website.

It's an interesting observation that websites themselves tend to certain gender. There is a simple explanation to the phenomenon – some of them were developed by women designers. You can guess what gender is your website analyzing the following points (pursuant to the statistics):

  • rounded elements;
  • vertical layouts;
  • personalized typography;
  • prevailing white, yellow, pink and mauve colors;
  • female images are characterizing for female websites.

Web Design for Women Color Schemes

You can get a clear notion of women's favorite colors from these expressive color charts:

color preferences by gender

To summarize everything said above, let’s formulate some main principles of web design able to draw female customers.

  • Enough white space as fair pastel background is relaxing for the eye and doesn’t distract from the essential content.
  • Quality imagery. Professional high-resolution photos add beauty to the design.
  • Easy intuitive navigation quickly leading to the desired product. Contrasting call-to-action buttons also shouldn’t be neglected.
  • Clean and clear design elements create the illusion of purity, freshness and professionalism. Transparency effect helps to add tenderness to the layout.
  • Reserved palette. It’s better to use not more than three colors in order not to confuse the user with extra diversity.
  • Harmonious element placement. Once entering the website a user should know where to look first, the eyes shouldn’t scamper about.

Of course the issue how to design for women still stays open and not so deeply studied, but we hope you will get something useful from the post and maybe even continue the research.

Please feel free to view all creative examples illustrating the best practices of women oriented design.

Feminine - Woman Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

Feminine - Woman Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

Holes - Women Blog Multipurpose Classic Elementor WordPress Theme

Holes - Women Blog Multipurpose Classic Elementor WordPress Theme

Bhakti WordPress Theme

Bhakti WordPress Theme

Moon Flower - Flower Shop WordPress Theme

Moon Flower - Flower Shop WordPress Theme

Fitrue - Sports Store Multipage Clean Shopify Theme

Fitrue - Sports Store Multipage Clean Shopify Theme

Handal - Handbags & Shopping Clothes Shopify Theme

Handal - Handbags & Shopping Clothes Shopify Theme

The Future - Web Design Multipurpose HTML5 Website Template

The Future - Web Design Multipurpose HTML5 Website Template

Femius - Massage Salon Ready-to-Use Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme

Femius - Massage Salon Ready-to-Use Minimal Elementor WordPress Theme

Gemstonic - Jewelry Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Gemstonic - Jewelry Elementor WooCommerce Theme

Belle Fleur - Wedding Landing Elementor WordPress Theme

Belle Fleur - Wedding Landing Elementor WordPress Theme

Laura Women Fashion Blog WordPress theme

Laura Women Fashion Blog

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Camila Adams - Vivid and Responsive Model website

Camila Adams - Model Fashion WordPress theme

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Vloglab - Blog & Magazine

Vloglab WordPress Web Design for Women

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Belle Fleur - Wedding Landing

Belle Fleur - Wedding Landing WordPress theme

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Beautolog - Health Care, Nutrition and Beauty

Beautolog WordPress Web Design for Women

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Anika - Feminine Blog

Anika - Feminine Blog Fashion WordPress theme

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Beautyrel - Relaxing Massage Therapy

Beautyrel - WordPress Web Design for Women

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Falero Wedding Photographer

Falero Web Design for Women

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Feminine - Woman Blog

Feminime WordPress Web Design for Women

Live Demo | Details | Hosting


Audrey Fashion Web Design for Women

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

Сoiffure - Hair Salon Landing Page

Coiffure Web Design for Women

Live Demo | Details | Hosting

In a nutshell, our investigation affirmed us at the estimation that fair sex continues to strengthen its positions not only in business, political scientific and economical spheres, but also plays an important part in the development of virtual space. Apart from professional activity due to historical inside women keep the house and control family budget. Therefore, their tastes and preferences should be taken into account during web design creation, as the investment will definitely turn out to be lucrative.

Web Design for Women FAQ 

Why is it important to follow web design for women trends?

Fashion and trends are things that society sets. If you are developing a business aimed at a specific audience, you need to explore all the fashionable innovations in this niche. It will attract more potential clients, show your professionalism and willingness to keep up with the times. All this is very important for the client because he feels trust in your company, which means he is ready to spend money and hire your services.

How to save money on web design for women development?

There are several ways to develop this design - you can start from scratch or use templates. You will find many pre-made designs in any convenient format on our site - both a ready-made website template and its layout in PSD format. Development from scratch takes a lot of time, human and financial resources. It is beneficial only if you are doing a project for a large company that already has a well-known brand and needs to remain unique in its way. For small or beginner projects, templates are a cost-effective solution.

What should my web design for women have to be successful? 

Before launching your project, carefully research the market and study the needs of your audience. If this is an application or a website, it should be easy to navigate, stylish, adaptable to any screen size. A web resource needs to be lightweight, optimized not to make the client wait for a long loading process. Show your care, attention, and make it clear that you want to achieve success and are investing in your work, as in a brainchild. Stay yourself and do everything with inspiration!

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