‘Web Design is Dead’ by Ben Hunt

The book has been written by Ben Hunt, a marketing strategy consultant.

Let us tell you a bit about the author. He has designed and delivered websites professionally since 2004, published hundreds of blog posts and tutorials, written several books, and presented at marketing conferences around the world. In 2010 Ben started to build the Pro Web Design Course, which has developed into the most comprehensive combined training course in web marketing, design, and production on the market. In 2014 he started to work on “Ultimate Web Design”, a radical marketing strategy system that combined the best insights from twenty years of research and practice. In January 2015, while working on his latest book, “Web Design Is Dead” Ben came to realize that the core approach he had developed for Ultimate Web Design was so powerful, and could deliver so much value to businesses, that he decided to make all his material open-source.

Would you like to know why?

Because Open Source is a concept originally developed as a method to build software, using a distributed model that allows the worldwide community to collaborate on a project. The development of complex software systems requires a massive amount of people power. The core idea of Open-Source is that, by giving the world free access to the code base — the core intellectual property — the product will improve faster and be more widely adopted, than it would be using a top-down, proprietary, hierarchical model. The method has proved extremely successful, enabling some of the world’s most popular software products, such as Apache, Mozilla, Linux, and WordPress. The idea of Open-Source has now spread beyond software development. The former CIA spy, Robert David Steele, has taken the concept the furthest in his 2012 book “Open Source Everything Manifesto”, in which he argues for open-sourcing all the world’s intelligence.

To sum up everything said above about open-sourcing, it seems that, whenever you have complex knowledge, technology, or intellectual property, which can benefit from rapid, continual development, you can make a case to take it Open-Source.

But let’s say a couple of words about Ben’s book ‘Web Design is Dead’. An intriguing title, isn’t it?

Ben is sure that the professional web design sector is being torn apart. Where there used to be solid ground, a huge rift is splitting open, caused by our own online publishing technology, which has recently evolved to the point that it is making the traditional web designer role redundant. We strongly recommend you to read this incredible book, it explains the future options for today's web professionals.

Source: Web Design is Dead

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