What is WooCommerce for the Online Shopping Industry

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce plugin for the WordPress CMS. The main purpose of WooCommerce is to connect customers with online shops. The process of purchasing the products & services needs to be clear and transparent. WooCommerce needs to satisfy the needs of the purchasers. This professional software solution has a set of tools that can perform this task on the highest quality level. It will give the consumer an exceptional shopping experience. Nowadays, thousands of business owners create e-commerce websites using the WooCommerce solution. It’s the best choice for those people that want to generate a good income while selling their products & services.

Consumers can download the best themes for their online stores using the TemplateMonster platform. This is a number one place for those people who want to take a closer look at what is WooCommerce on real-life premium themes. We’re living in those times when many people value their time and prefer to download first-rate web assets from valuable web resources. They can help to build a fast and reliable WooCommerce website that will generate a solid monthly income for the owners.

How Can Consumers Use WooCommerce?

As it was mentioned before, WooCommerce is a functional plugin for WordPress CMS. The users need to have a WP online resource to start using this efficient e-commerce solution. This is the exact answer to what is WooCommerce. Now, you need to install a brand new WP website. It will allow starting using all advantages of this effective e-commerce plugin. Here’s a list with the most important steps while preparing a new website to go live:

Consumers need to purchase hosting & domain names

Choosing an effective hosting is a tricky task nowadays. The point is that there are two many companies that offer this type of web service. It’s highly important for the website to have an effective web hosting provider. Our company experts did research and picked the best hosting providers for all WordPress online resources. Consider checking this small list before choosing a web hosting provider for e-commerce website.

Install WordPress

The next step will be to install WordPress on your website. Everything will be easy if you have some skills and knowledge. Anyway, it’s more recommended to let your web hosting company do this task. Many hosting providers offer such a service to their consumers.

Install WooCommerce Plugin

The third point will be installing a new WooCommerce plugin on the e-commerce website. This can easily be made through the admin panel. You’ll need to do a few clicks, and your WooCommerce store will be almost ready to use.

Add functionality to the new e-commerce store

It’s the last thing that admins need to do. Now, business owners need to add some functionality to their new WooCommerce store. They can do this by installing some additional plugins from the official WordPress repository.

Why WooCommerce Takes the Leading Positions in the e-Commerce Industry

Nowadays, there are many e-commerce solutions for creating profitable online stores. WooCommerce takes the leading place in this list. It has an impressive set of professional tools that will be useful for every business owner. Let’s take a closer look at what is WooCommerce while analyzing the advantages it gives to the website admins. It’s handy for any business owner that wants to sell products or services online. WooCommerce gives the customers a lot of helpful benefits. Please, analyze this list very carefully before creating a project using this helpful technical solution:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization.

This is an essential plugin that has the highest level of SEO optimization. It works perfectly with all modern search engines. WooCommerce has a perfect level of “out of the box” SEO optimization. Moreover, this e-commerce solution makes it simple for the user to do personal customizations during search engine optimization.

2. WooCommerce is free

WooCommerce is free.

It’s an absolutely free WP plugin built for creating profitable online stores. People can easily use it for creating personal web projects in the e-commerce industry. This handy plugin was created for the WordPress CMS. According to the research, WP is installed on 25% of the world’s websites. This fact provides powerful support for the WooCommerce plugin because its the part of the most popular CMS in the world.

3. A Set of Helpful Features

Set of Helpful Features.

WooCommerce is built perfectly for the comfort of business owners. It has all possible features that can satisfy the needs of every website admin. This popular e-commerce solution helps businesses to sell anything from digital to physical products. WooCommerce can boast unlimited customization options, built-in blogging opportunities, various filtering and ratings of customers’ products, etc.

4. WooCommerce Is Easily Customizable

Easily Customizable.

According to the customers’ reviews, this feature is one of their favorite. WooCommerce consumers like it when it’s very easy to change the appearance of the online store. Everything is possible thanks to the wide range of first-rate WordPress templates. TemplateMonster is an awesome place to check for some efficient templates and other premium web assets that can help to create a profitable online store.

5. Your Online Store Belongs Is a Private Property

Your Online Store Belongs Is a Private Property.

There are many people that use third-party platforms for selling products to their customers. It might be ok for those who don’t have enough money to create a personal website. Anyway, we recommend everybody to create a personal website and work on their own terms while selling products & services. This will give the customer more confidence about proper online store functioning.

6. Impressive Quantity of Official Extensions

Official Extensions.

There are many official extensions with various purposes. Those extensions can help the users with accounting, analytics, shipping, payments, and marketing. WooCommerce has more than 400 helpful extensions that are supported by its development team.

7. Informational Analytics

Informational Analytics.

It’s an obvious thing that helpful analytics can help businesses to achieve success. Analyzing proper data is vitally important while developing every kind of business. WooCommerce has a set of tools that can deliver to business owners high-quality analytics. It’s intuitive and very simple to work with. It can offer the admin proper data that can help to improve the business quality.

8. Simplifies the Business Processes

Business Processes.

It’s one of the most popular e-commerce solutions on the market. It has millions of customers all over the world. That’s because it simplifies the business processes with the help of powerfull built-in tools.

9. Security Is a Priority

Security Is a Priority.

The team works with a bunch of online security experts. Their aim is to offer the business owners the highest level of security while using WooCommerce products. It motivates the team to update their software products frequently. The users can receive those security updates with a couple of clicks.

10. Flexible and Inexpensive

Flexible and Inexpensive.

Nowadays, there are many e-commerce platforms for creating online stores. WooCommerce is extremely affordable and cost-effective in comparison to all those platforms. Business owners that spent a solid amount of time when they pick to try to build their online shop from scratch. That’s why all businesses that want to save some time & money pick WooCommerce. It’s flexible and has a very reasonable price.

What Popular Themes Offers WooCommerce to the Customers?

There is numerous quantity of WooCommerce themes that are worth to be checked. Our company experts prepared a list of the most popular WooCommerce themes. Please, consider checking this list. It may help with choosing a proper theme for your next e-commerce project.

Foodz - Sushi, Pizza, Food Delivery Services WooCommerce Theme

Foodz - Sushi, Pizza, Food Delivery Services WooCommerce Theme.

View Demo | Download | Hosting

Foodz is an awesome template designed for restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, and food delivery websites. It has a lot of important features that will improve the quality of your food business. Those customizing options include simple food order creation, easy navigation, attention-grabbing design, and many other helpful characteristics:


  • Responsive design;
  • Simple demo import;
  • User-friendly with a high level of usability;
  • Solid SEO optimization;
  • Social networks integrations;
  • Gootenberg support;
  • 4 categories of the header layout;
  • Multiple vector icons collections;
  • Translation ready, etc.

Lexicon Art & Gallery Shop WooCommerce Template

Lexicon Art & Gallery Shop WooCommerce Template.

View Demo | Download | Hosting

This is a flexible & modern template that has a variety of useful characteristics. Lexicon template offers elegant typography, easy navigation, subtle transition, and many other useful features. Web Designers created this beautiful e-commerce theme, especially for big & multi-store online resources. Lexicon template has a set of special tools that can help to generate good income from the online e-commerce resource. Our experts prepared some essential features of this WooCommerce theme:


  • Solid SEO optimization;
  • Elegant responsive design;
  • Multiple currency & languages support;
  • Blog feature integration;
  • Google fonts support;
  • Mobile optimization;
  • Responsive design;
  • Multi browsers support, etc;

Upline - Online Store for Selling Furniture WooCommerce Templates

Upline - Online Store for Selling Furniture WooCommerce Templates.

View Demo | Download | Hosting

Upline is a stylish template built for use with furniture selling online stores. It can satisfy the necessities of all types of business owners. This WooCommerce theme was created especially for mega stores, furniture, cosmetics, books, toys, and beauty stores. This effective template can be used for various stores with any kind of product. Upline is a theme with responsive web design. Websites with these themes work flawlessly on any kind of screen and device. Our experts prepared a checklist of the main characteristics of this beautiful theme:


  • Easy to customize;
  • Google fonts support;
  • Multiple color options;
  • Solid SEO Optimization;
  • A variety of portfolio layouts;
  • Multiple languages support;
  • Perfect WooCommerce integration;
  • Valid XHTML & CSS markup;
  • Responsive & retina ready;
  • Support of all popular browsers;
  • No core modifications;

Teahouse - Spice Shop WooComerse Template

Teahouse - Spice Shop WooCommerce Theme.

Download | Hosting

Teahouse is an elegant template that was designed for any kind of business thanks to multifunctional & user-friendly design. This beautiful template is fully responsive with all modern screens & devices. Uses cases of this elegant template are oriented on organic farm industry & natural food. The beautiful design of this template makes online shops look perfect on any user’s screen and device. Our company experts prepared the most important features of this elegant and user-friendly WooCommerce template. Please, take your time and consider checking a list of its characteristics:


  • Strong SEO optimization;
  • Retina ready & fully responsive;
  • Multiple custom widgets;
  • Blog section integration;
  • All popular browsers support;
  • Mobile-optimization;
  • A variety of gallery features;
  • Multiple languages support;
  • Google fonts support, etc.

Etechno - Electronic Gadgets Multipurpose Template

Etechno - Electronic Gadgets Multipurpose Template.

Demo | Download | Hosting

This is a flexible & modern template that was designed to satisfy business purposes. It was created by professional developers with a whole set of interesting features. Etechno is fully responsive, user-friendly, has beautiful typography and navigation. This attention-grabbing WooCommerce template was created for electronics, digital, modern gadgets, home appliances, and accessories online stores. We prepared a checklist with the most important characteristics of this theme. Please, consider checking this list before creating your next e-commerce web project:


  • Responsive;
  • Solid SEO optimization;
  • Multiple languages & currencies support;
  • Compatible with all popular browsers;
  • Google fonts support;
  • Wide choice of custom widgets;
  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3 support;
  • Blog feature integration;
  • Diversity of gallery options, etc

Best eCommerce Design Trends to Use with WooCommerce Online Store

This video tutorial has essential information that is connected with the best e-commerce design trends. Please, consider checking this important video guide. It will help while preparing your new WooCommerce project to go live. This video can inspire web designers to create their trends while working on the online store web design. Your designs will look perfect if you decide to apply the tips and tricks from this video guide. Using these tips will give you more experience as a web designer

Final Thoughts about WooCommerce Plugin

We hope that now you can answer what is WooCommerce. This is a plugin for creating profitable online stores based on WordPress CMS. This powerful e-commerce solution is free to use. It can easily help business owners to create beautiful & money-making online stores. In addition, this effective plugin is supported by WordPress development team. This is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. WooCommerce offers easy-to-customize and flexible online stores that can satisfy business needs of any modern online store.

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